Midnight Maize and University of Michigan Strike Jersey Deal.

Well after last weeks post on Mgoblog that features Webb stating there would be "new jersey's" coming this season.

and Brian expecting MM to come up with some mock threads(the kind you wear, not post in).

I expect the paint crew will have mockups of potential new jerseys ("it's a cross between the Wild's third jerseys and Barcelona!") in short order. Then we have only to wait to see how tearfully accurate our sarcastic exaggerations are. Come, Armageddon, come.

I started to work on something feverishly. Then Webb(tweet taken down) came back with some awful news that almost put my work to a halt. Brian posted this..


Mr.Webb let it be know that he meant a different kind of material would be used in the jersey's. Not a all new design. Well I figured whats the point of finishing them up? But something inside said to keep going. So I finished them and something else told me to send them to University of Michigan and see if they would drop there adidas deal. I knew it was a long shot but after days of work I figured what the hell.. So I did. I got a response in a few days.

Yo Shredder,
This is your main man! Brando! We love the new jersey concept for the away jersey. We are willing to offer you a multi hundred dollar deal to use your design and for Midnight Maize to be the official provider for all UM athletic's. The only thing we request changed in the jersey is that we have XFL/70s style names plates on the back's under the numbers. Please reply in a fast manor and our people will contact your people(you).

Let us know man,
The A(athletic)D(Dude)
David Brandon

So I agreed to the change and thus we have these beauties....

These will be on sale sometime in July. Order now!!!! Order Now!!

7 Response to "Midnight Maize and University of Michigan Strike Jersey Deal."

  1. Anonymous says:


    Anonymous says:

    This is fucking stupid and a waste of bandwidth. Not even remotely funny or creative to suggest it. Take this shit over to Moo U... you're a load that should have been swallowed.

    Anonymous says:

    wow multi hundred dollars!? i'd take your idea to state

    TheLastProphet says:

    Show yourselves you Anonymous bastards!

    SCS100 says:

    I guess it is safe to assume that the first three posters will not be placing jersey orders.

    Anonymous says:

    WOW.... horrendous! God help you all. Earth may crash into the center of the sun if those jerseys ever see the light of day in Ann Arbor. I would rather have the team come out in scarlet.

    Anonymous says:

    > I would rather have the team come out in
    > scarlet.

    Not too far fetched given the number of assholes who sold their tix to people from the Worst State Ever last fall and thus turned the Big House into a home game for tOSU.

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