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I grew up in Greenville Michigan. A smallish town north east of Grand Rapids. My childhood was pretty normal. Shooting hoops, running around with friends and my Dad screaming at the TV over Michigan football games and basketball games. 

My dad’s passion would even scare me at times. During the infamous Fab Five time out, he threw his beloved weather radio that gave him 24/7 weather reports. It smashed into the wall into a bunch of pieces. My mom yelled at my dad for scaring me, but I saw it in the old man’s eyes. I saw his deep love for Michigan and the fire that burns in all us as fans. Even after a kick to my father’s dong by Chris Webber, he was still there the next season holding that little weather radio. All that was left was circuit board and a small speaker that was dangling by some wires. 
Still one of my favorite dad stories. He fails to remember much of it.

I was really into movies, Nintendo and Bulls basketball. Even got the fever for the WWF. I really had too many hobbies.

I of course started root and love Michigan after watching a few years of my dads out bursts. Got my first Jersey during the Howard years. I really took it to the next level during the Fab years. I bought authentic jerseys and shorts. Wore black shocks and thought Jimmy King would be a top 5 pick.

The first Michigan football team that I loved from top to bottom was the 1997 team. It was really the first year I watched games one to the rose bowl and hung on every second of every game. I picked a hell of a year to become more then just a seasonal fan.

During High School I played Basketball all four years and had a girl friend who got me season tickets to Michigan games since her sister was a alum. I paid a whooping $120 for them and our seats were on the 35 yard line and row 22... ugh. During High school I made almost every game. I remember shaking Tommy Amakers hand and asking him to return us to glory. I may have cursed him. Also remember talking with Victor Hobson before most games. The dude was huge... and super nice.

I applied to Michigan my Jr year. I was denied. I didn't expect to get in on my 3.0 and only sports extras. I did have some false hope and was pretty bummed. I got accepted to WMU and went there for all the wrong reasons. I went because of friends who were going and my girl friend who was going to Michigan. All I had to do was shoot across the state. I for whatever reason ignored the fact that their video production degree was almost non existent. I should have went to Ferris or CMU where the programs are outstanding. Well long story short, my GF broke up with me in the first month. I then quit school after my frosh year since I couldn't take Kalamazoo any longer or the school. I went back home and grabbed two jobs at Meijer and Blockbuster. I pondered my next move for the year and then another year... and another. I just couldn't get back to school. I sorta fell out of love with video production but still enjoyed web developing which I never thought there was much money in so never bothered making it a career choice.

I then met my wife while playing Socom 2.... Yeah you read that right. She was in WV so I would drive down there and meet her. We clicked right away and ended up getting married 5 years later and now have a 4 month old son who I adore. My family life is perfect and would never change it. My wife now goes to school for rad Tech and will be done in 2 years. Shes my best friend.


I found a job consoling Sex Offenders in a program aimed at getting them out. It was pretty intense and put a lot of strain on me. I moved to 3rds and slept most my nights away while still holding a job some how. I found the job hopeless since I thought sex offenders can't get better. It was pointless. So I quit on a Thursday and started looking for a new job. It was dumb since I had rent,car loan and bills to pay but couldn't stand it anymore. I had been applying to a kids home(for a few months) where abused and neglected were housed while they waited to either be fostered or turn 18. The day I quit my job I got a call from them. It was super dumb luck. I interviewed the next day and was called on the way home and offered a job. Even without a degree which they require. So I some how fell ass backwards into a job that requires a degree I would never try and get and console young teens on 3rd and in the mornings. I really love it. I see these kids become better people and move to go to college and get away from bad situations and family. Its been life changing.

That pretty much brings you up to speed.

Midnight Maize
I had been bumming around on Mgoboard for a while. My handle was Shredder since I found it... ahh different. The Shredder also made it easy to make his helmet to look Michigan esk. It also stood out.

I was pretty fond of the new "live blog" software that was being used during Michigan games on Mgoblog. I thought why not start a blog for Michigan night owls who wanna talk sports or Michigan whatever. So I created Midnight Maize. I almost called it "Maize at Midnight" but didn't like the "at". At first it was pretty lonely. I had zero traffic and not many people would drop in. If you look at the first 30 live blogs or so you would notice how the idea wasn't going so well. I am not a very good writer so I figured live blogs would keep activity up. I was wrong until....

 The board got into a up roar around the time Brain went to a Auburn game and marvled over their giant HD board. WHY DOESN'T MICHIGAN HAVE ONE?!?!? So I MS Painted the future of the Big House. It was a giant hit. It drove people to the blog. I now had some users at night chit chatting with me on topics from Michigan football to Mgojens love life. I then made a MS paint about how Denard raced David Cone for the number "16". That was a big hit and even more users came. Brian was nice enough to post on his main page the art that I was making and it fueled my traffic. People wanted more so the site became a place of chatting and MS paints. It seems be the basis of the site. Once and while you might get a good Michigan blog post but I don't have much skill in writing.. Just screwing around skill.

I have had issues all summer with my internet at work and now it is totally gone. So the live blogs have stopped. I hope to find a way around this. Due to this and my love for the Bulls I started a bulls blog and it took time away from MM. This of course lead to a drop in site traffic so with the season coming up I thought MM could use a face lift and add a few new features. We will see if we can't get this thing rolling again.

Random Shredder Facts
Fav Food: Pizza
Fav kids cartoon: The real ghostbusters or Thundercats
I drove a Black 98 GTP which I miss and now drive a Blue Vibe..
I keep everything. I still have all my champion jerseys from the 90s. I even have all my child hood toys. I am working on parting with things. Not sure how that will work out.
Favorite Sport figures: Michael Jordan, Bret Hart, Derrick Rose, Braylon Edwards
Fav book: Hitman: My real life in the world of cartoon wrestling
Fav ninja turtle: Ralph

Midnight Maize FAQ

Q: Do you do any other art besides MS Paint?
A:Besides drawing pictures for my son and painting a old Michigan helmet.. No

Q:Whats with all the Movie references?
A: I love movies. So much that I could never list all my favorites. They make the paints more "fun".

Q: Do you love Lost?
A: Yes with all my heart

Q: When do you have live blogs?
A: 12:00am Est.

Q: How long?
A: As long as people wanna stay around.

Q : Do you post reader MS paints or Art?
A: YES! love seeing other Michigan based art from readers. Just send to my Email.

I do offer advertising. Contact me if interested.
Email: midnightmaize@gmail.com
Twitter: @midnightmaize 

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