Midnight Maize 301

Midnight Maize 300

If this were a Spartan blog then this would be a a big deal but I am no Sparty and don't chant crap from bad movies.... Just good ones.

Midnight Maize 299

Won't make it tonight.

Just to much work to do at...well work.

My new schedule now

Adjust accordingly.

Midnight Maize 299

Midnight Maize 298

Midnight Maize 297 Spring has Sprung!

I has the net!

Net is back at work. Just in time for the spring game. The first one will be Saturday night. Everyone bring a dish to pass. We will start the live blog at 12am Est. Be there(or here..)!

Topic: Business Ethics

Alright Its gonna be the Spring Game. I lied.

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