Guest Post: Kameron Chatman

 What To Expect Out Of Kameron Chatman The Michigan Wolverines will have a lot of new faces out on the floor this year, and they will also be forced to play quite a bit to help compete for a Big Ten championship. In total, the team will have 7 freshmen competing for playing time and trying to show what they are capable of at the college level. No one knows for sure who will be the most valuable first-year player, but most are banking on Kameron Chatman to stand out early.

 Standing at 6’7” tall, Chapman has the size and athleticism to be a standout at the forward position almost right away. He was a top 50 recruit out of Oregon, and he is hoping to play the same type of role as Glenn Robinson III played a season ago. When the team went over to Italy, Chatman was able to show right away that he has some leadership qualities out on the floor. He was able to put up a lot of shots, and he was the scoring leader among freshmen in those games. He has mostly played under control, although he has had some freshman mistakes that he is hoping to work through as the season moves along. In the John Beilein system, shooting three-point shots come pretty naturally. Chatman has shown so far that he is pretty proficient from deep.

What makes the coaching staff a little bit worried is the fact that he is not getting to the line as much as a guy his size should. Once he adds a little bit of muscle and feels more confident at this level, he should be able to get to the line for some easy points. Anyone who plays fantasy basketball at the college level should definitely be looking at Chatman as a guy who could be one of the most impressive freshman players in the Big Ten. Not only does he have the skill to be a solid contributor right away, but he also will be given the opportunity basically out of necessity for a young Michigan squad.

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