Novak slays 300 Spartans

It's a pretty dumb title but Michigan State fans seem to love that dumb movie and use it all the time now(dumb arena sounds: SPARTANS WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION? AWWWWOOOOOOO AWWWWWWWOOOOOO!). I always wonder what they would do if that movie was never made. They might use that extra time making fun of Novak more than they do now. From RCMB Post Novak owning MSU:

I seriously can't remember wanting to punch someone in the face as much as I do this little twerp.

He's a cheap shot artist who undercuts people, a flopper and a constant whiner to officials

The fact we are losing to these clowns is embarrassing. Novak is a joke. That program is a joke.

That's just the tip of the ice burg of the hatred that the MSU fans and that disgrace of board have for Novak. You would have figured after Novak burns you for six three pointers and a win at BC you might give the kid his due. You might wanna give him some respect. He hustled more than your whole team put together. He showed more heart all night than any Spartan could muster. Every Big Ten coach would want this kid on their team. Even the almighty Izzo.

Last year after Michigan got ran off the court in Lansing I said Michigan brings Nurf swords to this fight while MSU brings real swords.

This year we were the team to bring the real swords. Novak didn't back down and neither did this team. Watching the young guys for MSU and watching the young guys for Michigan gave me good confidence for Michigan going forward. Outside of Appling the other young kids look scared on the court while Michigan's feel right at home. I think Izzos tough cold coaching can hold some freshman back from having good first years. Even the 2nd year man Nix still looks a bit scared out on the court. If I had my choice between Nix or Horford... I take Horford every time. Michigan looks fresh with a bright future while MSU looks lost. I am not saying MSU won't be good going forward but Michigan is inching closer to them. 

In fact many of MSU players look like they are just sick of playing at MSU. Summers spends most his nights sitting on the three point line refusing to drive to the basket and tuning out Izzo while Devon Roe looks like the same player he was when he got there. Lucas maybe the only guy thats left of the elders who wanna keep pushing on. The latest to be kicked from the team Korie Lucious looked to do his own thing most the time and said screw everyone else. They all seem to think they are first round NBA guys and they are not. 

Michigan will move on to play Iowa and I hope win but you never know with this young team and Novak will continue to push this team to get better while Michigan State will play under the pressure with maybe playing in a NIT this year(OMG the world might end!) but I think in the end they will do enough to make it into the field of 68. Say what you want about Novak and the rest of the fellas out of A2 but they just kicked your ass for the better part of 40 mins. Maybe you will respect our guys next time. 

Update: Michigan beat Iowa and Novak continues to be hot. OSU next.... eehh
Update II: MSU beats Indiana by a hair. MSU is lucky a small white dude from Indiana dribbled out 20 secs of clock to only end up getting pancaked by Green for a loss. 

Midnight Maize 281

Midnight Maize 280

You were just Novaked!

mgoblog needs me no more

Well mgoblog will finally be back to normal. The Malware is gone and it is safe for everyone to go visit again. I just wanna thank mgoblog for letting me take over(or me just doing it with out asking). I know I may have come up short but I gave it my best shot. Brain's job is not easy, of course working in your underwear and not shaving or cutting your hair for months at time would be an awesome perk but he really puts a ton of hard work in to bring you the best Michigan site on the web. I couldn't keep up the last two days. The Hello post did me in but I did find it fun giving out Midnight Maize stars for a recruit. I might revisit that since my eye for football talent is great(horrible).

I didn't even have to deal with all the shenanigans of the Mgoboard. I am sure that's a whole another job in its self. If Mgoblog ever goes down again with an ITD after having a late night with some strange ass than I will be there to pick up the slack. And to give you the best 2nd rate(or 3rd or 4th) mgoblog coverage on the net.

Again Thank You.

The Shredder

P.S Cat pictures for good measure.
P.P.S Brian I hope you don't hate me.

Midnight Maize 279

Day 2 of mgoblog project help v1.0 Hello: Russell Bellomy

Oh god the dreaded Hello post. I was hoping Brian would have Mgoblog up and humming by now. He brings the best info of the three recruiting sites to one page. I googled stalked this kid for an hour and still don't know if he prefer 360 or PS3. I guess the recruiting sites don't tell you that kind of crap. Anyway Lets all welcome Ronald Bellomy!

As you can see Ronald has a wide variety of ratings. He is a fast and shifty QB but is projected as a wide receiver at the nex... wait I already fucked this up. Wrong Bellomy.... Not only did I get the wrong prospect but I even spelled his last name wrong. It is "Bellamy". Geezus... Hey Brian anytime the Malware machines stop winning you need to come back take this great responsibility from me. So scratch that Bellamy or Bellomy. 

So the real Bellomy please stand up....
As you can see Midnight Maize gave him six stars. This a pure evaluation from myself and I know nothing about mechanics or foot work...or even know how to throw a football. So take my insight with the smallest grain of salt. He appears enjoy tossing Nurf footballs, The ones that make the whistle noise. He has good size and looks Texasish. He moves around in the pocket well. Seems to be very aware and has a "live" arm as important people would say. His accuracy is also pretty good at this point from what I can tell. He earned all 6 stars from MM but needs ditch the nurf football for a real football in order to move up to our best 11 stars or to even move up to a 7th star. Bottom line is that this kid is a great grab from Purdue and I am guessing that Joe Tiller has smoke coming out of his ears. 

I think thats about it... Oh and those other sites where people pay say he is a 3 star across the board. Scout says he is the 39th QB in the class. Rivals has him at 6'3 and 178lbs while scout has him at the same besides coming in at 185lbs. 

Film? Oh yes Film. 

He is the one with the circle around him.... He shows some nice wheels. Rivals has him coming in at a 4.63 40 time. I think Cook does some sort of fake rating. I call a bit of Bull Shit on his 40 or "fake". He is closer to a 4.67 I am guessing. Just from my eye test. I noticed 4 tenths.  

Upshot for the rest of the class? Defense,Defense and dudes who kill for fun and tackle. 

How does he fit? Ahh after Devin rules the world for two years Russell has a great chance to step in as a RS JR to take on the thrown as Hokes first QB not recruited by RR and company. We basically traded Russ here for Sousa and I think that's a pretty damn good trade. He will be red shirted this year and will sit until Devin passes on the thrown. Hopefully the world won't end in 2012 or he will never get his shot. 

Now that wasn't so bad. Was it Brian esk HELLO? Hell no. Not even close. But MM has safe Internet sex so its clean(for now)and safe to be here. Brian will have mgoblog up soon I hope. I can't keep killing his product. It takes too much talent that I don't have. Oh and we end with.... Tattoo Cats of course!.... When do I get to do a muppet post? Oh never since thats for the season.. bummer. Wait does Brian have cute pics of cats with funny sayings or people with tattoos of cats on them? I think tattoo..... Oh well 

Midnight Maize 278

MGOBLOG has Malware. Midnight Maize takes over!

Now that Mgoblog has been eaten by "malware" there is a new world order in Michigan blogging. Midnight Maize will now take over for mgoblog until they send Brian into the mgomatrix to give his life to save mgoblog from malware Smiths. So lets start off with.... ahhh

unverified voracity

So Michigan is gonna sign more LBs and CB so the angry corner back god will have to get very angry to make a dent in Michigan's secondary. I don't even know the recruits names who Hoke might bring in.... Man, Brian would know. So far this gig is pretty hard... ahh they have some nice stars... One is from Ohio. Lets hope to god none of them commit today. I don't think I can handle a HELLO Post. When mgoblog was taken over by Malware so was TomVH. We have Tom Selleck but he doesn't know anything about recruiting... Oh man people are gonna chap my ass if I don't get a Hello post up if some kid commits to Michigan today... Shit man.

Ahhh how can I take up space.... hmmm Ahh here is a youtube  of the players talking about Brady Hoke. Talking about touching kids? I think not!

What else? Ahh links! So the the Detnews talks about Brandon keeping a low profile during the coaching search or the "do not want to coach" search. Touch the Banner talks up our new kicker. Mgovideo now has a bunch of awesome youtubes.

Now what do I talk about?..... CHARTS! ahh yes! Brian always has all these numbers,raw data and charts! I need to number crunch! Thats what people like to see. Alright here is a look at Michigan's defense under... Greg Robonson's beach ball... ahhh defense was scored on depending on the temp.... As you can see the when it was 95 degrees(WMU game) Michigan allowed 28 points. Wait did WMU even score 28 points?

This chart shows gas used in traveling from away game to away game. Michigan may need to be more green in the future.... It may attract more recruits... Wait no this is a greenhouse emissions chart. Damn. Brian hurry up. I can't handle this!

How does he type so damn much? With great wit and length? How can I end this? oh.... yes...

Yes I did it wrong. I can't run mgoblog or even take over for it while it fights Internet porn viruses. He better have mgoblog fixed by mid day or I might have to do the Michigan vs Mississippi State UFR! My God....

Midnight Maize 275

Midnight Maize 274

Tate's Twitter Conference

Tate Forcier held a Twitter conference last night around midnight. It included all these random spits of info and deep thoughts.

QBForce QB Force
Why do we all wait until we are at our lowest point to seek God’s help?

QBForce QB Force
I’ve been kicked, pushed, knocked down, publicly berated, belittled, emasculated and more.

QBForce QB Force
There are plenty of legitimate reasons to give up or feel the victim.

QBForce QB Force
I had to reach rock bottom in order to see the light, and for that, I am thankful.

QBForce QB Force
It was not until then, I realized that it was my lack of accountability and maturity and not to pass blame.

QBForce QB Force
I do hope all my young fans forgive me and benefit from my lessons that I have learned.

QBForce QB Force
Don’t wait to ask God into your life as he will help you see things clearer.

QBForce QB Force
In summary, I believe, I will become a better student and a person of stronger character from these experiences at Michigan.

QBForce QB Force
I had fun celebrating with the fans.

QBForce QB Force
I even competed hard while injured as a true freshman through the last (8) games in 2009, but I always played the game giving it my all.

QBForce QB Force
I am proud to have been part of Michigan Football history and will always cherish the memory.

QBForce QB Force
The last few weeks I worked extremely hard to catch back up.

QBForce QB Force
I really wanted to stay. I was not giving up on Michigan, but in the end, it was made clear they had given up on me.

QBForce QB Force
With that being said, its time for me to go.
Wow, didnt know you could turn twitter into some midnight bizarre press conference. Not sure if he wasn't aware of the word limit Twitter has but it was awkward to say the least. I guess this is it for Tate at Michigan. Seems like the saga is finally over. I love Tate for all he did in 2009 and for all the great MS Paint ideas he gave me over the last few years(even signed some art). But his biggest fan MGOJen said it best in the Tate thread over at MgoBlog.

I've posted several times about Tate being my favorite player. I fell in love with his moxy shortly after witnessing Forcier to Mathews. I met him on fan day 2010 and got a picture with him as he signed my #5 jersey. I told him how much I admire him and how I'm so happy he's a Wolverine.

I was deeply disappointed in his behavior at the UCONN game and then quite impressed with what appeared to be his personal transformation. The comeback he staged during the Iowa game, though ultimately falling short, brought me literally to tears. In my eyes he had made mistakes but redeemed himself and was still able to stage his late-game heroics-- the team was better for it.

After the news broke shortly before the Gator Bowl that he was being sent home and possibly no longer on the team, I was no longer hurt or sympathetic but disgusted. While I loved Tate and believed he had amazing talent, I had had absolutely enough. I felt betrayed that he had just days earlier sat down to an interview explaining how far he's come, how much he's learned and how dedicated he is to this team.

These Twitter comments further elucidate how Tate Forcier is not about Michigan or this team but about Tate Forcier. Even if Michigan had decided to cut ties with him, there's a classy way to leave: silently. After he was sent home before the Gator Bowl, I literally took my cherished #5 autograph jersey off of my wall and hid it in a downstairs closet. I haven't retrieved it since because I'm truly upset at how things have turned out. The tremendous hope and potential contained in that laser pass to Mathews has tarnished, but only because of decisions Forcier himself has made. I don't know the whole story, but with public outbursts like this Twitter mess, I truly don't believe he deserves to be a Wolverine. I'm past being sad and disappointed; I think I'm finally over it.
Thats about as perfect as anyone can sum it up and thats coming from a die hard Tate fan. I feel that was always his problem. Tate was always looking out for Tate. I feel like he tries to say the right things and act the right way but in the end its just an image he is trying to build and failed at. Like I said I will always be thankful for the moment you gave Michigan and I hope you grow up and find what you are looking for but at this point when you say "Michigan Gave up on me". I know you still don't get it. Good luck 5.

Tate Forcier greatest MS Paints from Midnight Maize.

Midnight Maize 273

Would you like to be my Neighbor?

What going on in your local Michigan blogging neighborhood?

-I was asked my thoughts on the Brady Hoke hire. You can find it here at College football Zealots.
-I also did a interview for Opposing View. Gave my thoughts on how the season went down. You can find that here.

-Yak Face or Yak Attack got some impressions from the B10 coaches on how they felt about the Brady Hoke Hire.

-Mags touches on why in hell would Denard change positions?

-Nice little Brady Hoke write up by Die Hard Sports.

-In Rod we Trust must move forward.... 

-Mvictors discusses Clans, not those kind of clans...

-The Little Hokeamanaics finds their way to Twitter. Even used this blogs 24 inch python of a MS Paint for his avatar. THATS GREAT BROTHER!

Midnight Maize 272

Midnight Maize 271

The Weekend Medley

Just a round up of my weekend activities. Strikes and Gutters you know. Roll it out!

JV Girls Basketball is a joke. It's a huge joke with two class C schools who clearly don't practice. I dragged my wife out to the middle of no where to watch me ref this sport the girls tried to play called basketball. If I was gonna be tortured than she was gonna be tortured too. It was beyond bad. The one PG on the away team would travel every time which lead to a travel being called on almost every play. You try and only call the obvious ones since you don't wanna be there all night but out of 50 travels I think we called 35 of them. Of course we had about 25 jump balls. After every REB the ball would ping ball around on a bunch of hands and fall to one of the girls by random like a game Plinko, than followed by a jump ball. Neither teams ran plays. Not even sure it was worth the money, despite the free hot dog and pop corn.

Bulls and Michigan both played at 8pm. I had to choose what to DVR and what to watch. I can't stand switching back and forth. So since the Bulls were playing the Heat I went with Derrick Rose and The Bulls. I am glad I did...

The Bulls had to beat the Heat with Lebron being a baby and sitting on the bench dressed in a $5,000 suit crying about a tweaked ankle. All the pressure was on them to beat the Heat. Derrick Rose and Booz did not disappoint. The Bulls lead the game for much of it but the Heat would go on small runs by hitting good timing 3s to keep it close. Bosh was knocked out at the start of the 4th when the Bulls back up center Asik dove on the floor for a loose ball and rolled up Bosh's ankle. Bosh after the game like a true baby  and lazy ass had these glorious quotes.
"C'mon, that is how guys get hurt, that is how serious injuries happen," Bosh said.

"You've got to watch people's legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job."

"We all want to be healthy and that is very important," said Bosh, who had 11 of his 17 points in the third quarter before the injury. "If it is by some body's leg, don't dive for the ball, it's too close."

 Bosh stop being such a little bitch. Go collect your paycheck. You are the reason the NBA gets a bad rep.  In the end it was Rose and Wade who ended up dueling down to the wire, those are the things that make the NBA great. Rose would come down with his trade mark speed and power for a and one at the hoop. Next Wade would come back with a tough three. Kyle Korver hit a huge three that gave the Bulls a win in the end for a great Bulls win.

Michigan Basketball brought zero energy. IU looked like they were all hopped up on Mt.Dew while Michigan was sleep walking. Thank god I DVR so I could fast fwd through the million IU FTs. Michigan just looked lazy and tired. I put 75% of that on the coaches. Gotta get the team ready to play. Must match the IU energy. They just didn't. Morris had some nice stats but for most the game he looked like a sophomore. Michigan struggles at time since they don't have a good swing man who can get to the hoop. Only Morris can get and make anything happen at the rim. The rest of the wings are jump shooters who haven't shot that well for the better part of 2 years(ok just Stu and Novak). Morgan played alright but still get his fair share of dumb fouls. It was just a very bad effort after playing OSU and Kansas. Just forgot this one and move on.

Sunday was our couples baby shower. That went very well. I am now watching my wife put together a pack and play which is fun. I will have a live blog tonight at 12am est.

The next 3 days

I will be off until Monday night so no Live Blogs until than. If a Midnight Maize alum wants to put one up this weekend please feel free. I have been working a lot as of late so a extended weekend will do me some good. I will be back to some good ol posting come Monday too. Everyone enjoy the weekend.

Midnight Maize 270

Midnight Maize 269

Midnight Maize 268

1997 Team Endorses Brady Hoke Chatter

I don't have many "sources" or any "back channels" but I do have one connection who is besties with a former 97 defensive player. This player went on to say that Dave Brandon has contacted many of the 97 players about Hoke. This player also said that everyone has pretty much told Brandon that Hoke should be the guy and has the passion and desire to make Michigan great again. When asked about what they thought of Miles, many said he has been away from the program for so long that they can't see him having the same impact(I disagree) and that his age is concerning(I agree). Not all felt that way about Miles but the majority. Nothing very surprising but figured I pass it along. I don't think this really has a lot of effect on the coaching search but it's a natural step for Brandon to get as much info as possible about Hoke from former players.

Midnight Maize 267

Midnight Maize 266 IT WORKS!

Will the Hokeamaniac run wild?!?!?!

Are you ready to become a Hokeamaniacs?!?!?! Well you might not have a choice. Heavy rumors keep swirling that Hoke is a serious threat to take the job if Rich Rod is let go. How do I feel about this? "Meh"... It's not sexy or impressive. I do know he will do good things with our defense which is a huge giant hot mess. But can he recruit? If Rich turns 3 star kids into studs than does Hoke turn 2 star kids in alright players(I am basing that on nothing, don't listen to me)?

He said he would coach us for free so thats a great deal for Michigan. Even if the free part was true people will not be happy. It maybe the lone saving thing that keeps him away from A2. There are some alums that don't want Hoke here. Its no secret he hasn't done much. Winning a Mac title doesn't mean you should coach at Michigan. Would Michigan even know his name if he didn't coach here in the 90? I doubt it. So who will win the three way royal rumble for the University of Michigan world championship coaches belt? Will it be The Hokeamaniac? Rich the "Rod"? Or the fan favorite Jim the "Hard"... baugh?

The next 24 hours should be huge roller coaster of terrible rumors,my sources say....,mislead news and every name from John Harbaugh to Jon Gruden which leads me to believe that its now a new rule to mention Jon Gruden when any job opens.
Hey the Grand Rapids Rampage job has opened....
Yeah I hear Jon Gruden is in the running..Might get the job.
So yeah I will be sleeping during most of it.. So enjoy and remember....


Midnight Maize 265

Midnight Maize 264

The Mess Inside


We’ve all felt the mess inside


Michigan wrapped up their 2010/2011 football season with a horrible loss to a middle of the pack SEC team. They gave up 52 points to Mississippi St. Never in my life have I been so embarrassed to be a Michigan fan. Not after Appy St., not after Toledo, not after the Buckeyes steam rolled us in RICH RODRIGUEZ’S 3rd year. I love Rich Rodriguez. I am not at all ashamed to admit this. I love the young men he’s brought to Ann Arbor to play football. I love the way he’s continued to stand tall, even after taking shot after shot from national and local media, and from former Michigan players.

The whole Rich Rod era of Michigan football has changed me in a lot of ways. For so many years as I was growing up and learning how to be a man, Michigan Football was bigger then life. They were the team that you could always count on to go out and give you a decent performance, no they wouldn’t win every game they played, but they would be competitive. I viewed all the athletes on the field and the coaches on the sidelines as super heroes. Sometimes growing up isn’t as much fun as you think.

Fast forward to the end of 2007, Bill Martin had just announced that Rich Rodriguez would being taking over Michigan’s coach the following season. Rodriguez was the hottest coach in college football, he had guided WVU to a 33-5 mark including 2 BCS bowl wins over the previous 3 years (I’m to lazy to look these numbers up, I think they are correct but if they’re not, please don’t shoot me). Most of us including yours truly, were ecstatic that a “modern offense” was coming to Ann Arbor. We all thought with the level that Michigan recruits at, all the talent on the roster now, there is nothing that will stop us from winning 10 straight national championships. Holy shit, looking back at that now, I feel like a complete moron.

After 3-9, 5-7, and now a 7-6 season, Michigan is once again facing a time of change. This time it isn’t that our fearless leader is stepping down, but that our fearless leader is being kicked out on his ass. I have been the most unwavering supporter of Rich Rodriguez this side of the blogosphere, but I have reached  the end of the road. I am so fucking sick and tired of getting stomped by the likes of MSU, OSU, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Mississippi St. I am sick of it. All I want is to be competitive again, I don’t care how we get there, as long as we get there. We don’t need to win 35 Big Ten titles in a row, or win 14 National Championships in a row. Just go out there and play OSU really hard for 60 minutes and don’t get beat by 30. Is that asking too much? Apparently right now it is.

Rich Rod, I loved you from the moment you steeped foot in Ann Arbor, and I will root for you no matter where you end up next,  but the time has come to head in a different direction. Whether that direction brings Jim Harbaugh, Brady Hoke, or Pat Fitzgerald to us has yet to be seen. Some things are meant to be, and unfortunately for us this wasn’t one of them. Good luck in your next endeavor Coach Rod, you will always have the support of Dark Blue.



This pretty much sums up the last 3 years.

Bulldog Barf

Not even sure what that is. Suppose to be a Bulldog but it could be a ugly cow too... Does it really matter at this point?

I always watch the Michigan game live. Even after working a full 3rd shift. I fight through the no sleep and the thought of a terrible next night at work where I battle to stay awake. The thought of me missing it just bothers me but I come home Saturday morning from work around 9am and my wife asked if she should wake her king to watch his Michigan Wolverines go to battle in the crocodile bowl. I thought about it all night. I had a sinking feeling that the curse on Rich had to have one last laugh. Why kill myself I thought. I had that bad of a feeling. I said "naw just DVR it and I'll watch it when I get up...." Like it was the Lions or something. She was shocked. Shes asked again...I snap... YES I AM SURE. 

I begin to sleep. I slept hard since I didnt wake once to annoying Cats,Dogs,Sun,Wife,Door bells,Phones or UPS men. Thats how my sleep is usually derailed. I woke and it was pitch black. I woke in a panic, as if I were late for work. I didn't know what day it was and was all confused. Oh and couldn't move my hand since I slept on it funny and had no feeling in it. I rushed out to the living area where I found my wife watching the Rose Bowl. 

I asked if the game was on the DVR. She said yeah of course. I begin to watch the game but I notice something funny right off the bat as Denard takes off for one of few great plays he had. My wife kept her focus on the computer, like it didn't matter. She is a hardcore fan who enjoys yelling at the tv with me. I asked her not to watch for this very reason. She told me she wouldn't. Than Michigan scores and I clap. She does nothing. These events start to add up in my head as the first quarter keeps going and UM looks pretty good. She is still just sitting on the computer as if UM isn't playing. It finally clicks in my head. THEY GET DEVOURED BY THE BULLDOGS AND BARFED UP. They are about to be blown out. I ask... Why haven't you cared to watch the game? "Oh I am just busy on here" I said you are never busy during a game. They get their asses kicked don't they? She looked around. I sigh and look down. She goes on to say that she had to watch MSU get blown off the face of the earth and in the middle of that she saw a 4th quarter update. 

I watched the rest of the game looking like a lost little boy in a Wal-Mart. It was just how the curse of Rodriguez wanted to go out. In style. A 52-14 thumping. Making us look like a team that had no clue. We had seniors running out late for goal line 3rd downs, Cam Gordan running around the back field lost yelling mayday!Mayday! as pass zips by him for a TD,blocked punts. The list goes on. The only thing that came out of it was that our stud future QB could save his red shirt. I talked about this in my last post. The gods,demons and whoever don't see Rich as a good fit. They will just keep making it uglier and uglier until the deed is done.

The deed will be done next week and we can put this all behind us. I love Rich for the man he has been through this whole mess. Many would have cracked but it's time to move on and pull this plug. He tried his best but the odds haven't been in his corner the whole time. His careless approach to the defense will be his demise. It's sad since the offense was fun to watch before the Wisc game. As of late it's been just as big of a mess. I am guessing Brandon will try and bring in Jim Harbaugh. Another change... Denards "no response" says more transfers. I am not in love with starting over but at this point the curse says so.. It gotta happen. We can't take this anymore. At least we know Harbaugh will not brush off the defense. If it isn't Harbaugh than doom. I see no one better out there right now. I hear the dude from Mike & Mike name come up but he hasn't done much in his time at Ball State and whales vagina state. Not good enough for me. 

All I know is that our team looks and plays like complete Dog Barf. The Bulldog wouldn't even eat the barf back up again and bulldogs love their own fresh barf.... Thats how bad this situation tastes. God speed until the end of the curse... It ends in a few moons. 

Midnight Maize 263

Live Bowl Tonight...errr mean Blog.

12am est. Live Blog here.
-Why did we win?
-Why did we lose?
-Doom tomorrow?
-Glory tomorrow? 
-Rich Rods last stand?
-Why god have we been punished? 

Please come and join us as we either lick our wounds and look to the future or bask in the sun of victory.

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