The Fire Rises

Its been a sad season for MM. No MS Paints.. No nothing. 1st shift plus child makes it almost impossible. I want to apologize to my 4 readers who pay attention to the blog. The season hasn't really inspired anything... for me to want to ms paint. Saying that I have watched every play this season and still stand behind this team.

The fire has risen for sure around Hoke's neck and this team. It just been a complete mess and putting AL aside, I have a terrible feeling that the leadership on this team isn't very good or the locker is so split with lots of younger guys that they just don't get along. I can't see how a team who likes each other could play so terrible. I've been on teams that had talent but didn't get along and the results were similar. I can only hope the guys grow in the locker room and get it together for 2014.

Now Al. I really never call for people to be fired since I know they want to win and have families(I didn't even call to fire Rich) but Al has got to go. Its just poison now. Play action on 2 and 12 is just the tip of the iceberg. Not giving your QB a chance to check out of 11 dudes in the box because there is 2 seconds on the play call just shows me you have a lack of competence. I could go on.

Al will be gone. Brandon IMO won't give Hoke even the chance to keep him. Brandon knows football and he knows the things he sees are just embarrassing. From the rushing numbers to the offensive looking like a deer in the head lights.Its over. Al Borges will be fired.

Saying that... As for today.

"Michigan will destroy Columbus and then, when it is done and Columbus is ashes, then you have my permission to die Ohio"

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