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Rehash: Hate of the Month

My Buddy Ryan Millard use to do a "Hate of the Month" on an older blog we had and the Mark May one was very good and was always good for a laugh. I would love for him to do more but that would take... you know..effort on his part. Ryan peaked as a blogger and went out on top you could say... Enjoy.

Disclaimer: This was wrote on Sep 29th 2008 before Dave Wannstedt had Pitt winning football games and so now Ryan is sucking on Dave Wannstedt's wang for doubting him.

Welcome to Ryan Millard's first hate of the month. Mark May I don't even know you and I hate ya guts! What can be said bad about a guy such as Mark May. He was quite the football player in his day. Played @ Pitt and for the Washington Redskins. He is also in the College Football Hall of Fame.

Did you know that in his Junior and Senior seasons @ Pitt he didn't give up 1 sack. Also, he was a 1st round draft pick and a 1 time Pro Bowler. But it's not his skills on the field that have me ready to bitch slap those Lens Crafters gay looking glasses off his face. It's his constant shitty analysis of college football and how certain teams or going to match up for the games ahead. Does this guy even have a fucking clue? I mean he is a former O-lineman and we know how smart they are. It's like he does no research and espn tells him "ah just wing it, go with your gut." I don't think he's ever picked a winner of a game even at halftime. Not to mention he sucks on Dave Wannstedt's wang and is always picking his Pitt Panthers. Yeah Dave Wannstedt's a good coach. Maybe for a class C high school in Idaho. The guy has never won anywhere. How do you keep getting jobs without producing a winning record. Man I gotta get a hold of his agent. Oh thats right you are friends with Jimmy Johnson, that explains it. So if you know a guy who wins a Super Bowl you just get hired anywhere.

Must be nice. And how come Dave never smiles, for God's sake he looks like he listens to Emo or something. But anyways back on Mark Gay oops! I mean May. I just love how he hates the Big Ten and says they are a sub par conference. Yeah Mark cause the Big east is really on a tare aren't they? Shit Pitt almost lost to Iowa 21-20. Iowa is one of the worst teams in the Big Ten. Not to mention they lost to Bowling Green HA! LOL! Good lord Pitt's toughest opponents this year are University of Southern Florida and West Virginia. We've already seen WVU collapse twice. So don't give that strength of schedule crap. And one more thing Mark. Leave Lou Holtz alone! He's an old man for crying out loud, he could die any minute. I'm not a big fan of Lou either but every time to old coot says something May rolls his eyes or knocks him down. Act with some class you fat imitation of Will Smith.

I hope one of these days Lou takes his oxygen off, gets out of his wheelchair and bitch slaps you so hard his 105 year old hand falls off. Well maybe Lou slurs so much in his face that every night Mark gets a Lou Hotlz shower of saliva. It's probably mostly made up of Ensure and Fibercon. Way to go Lou! Well I've said what I needed to, man I feel better don't you? This has been a hate-a-tori-um of fun can't wait till next time. Until then Mark May gargles my man chowder and I hate ya guts!

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US Soccer Has Completely Lost It

So, just when we all thought that Jürgen Klinsmann was poised to take over the United States National Team when Bob Bradley's contract expired, this happened: @ussoccer: U.S. Soccer has agreed to a contract extension with #USMNT head coach Bob Bradley through the end of 2014. I cannot describe my hatred of this better than The Other Brain did in his response: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Look, Bob Bradley is not a bad coach. He managed to advance us out of the group stage and into the knockout round. Is this a bad result? No. Should it be expected every time from now on. Hopefully. Should we get farther than this? Yes. Can we do it with Bob Bradley as our coach? Absolutely not. Let's review how the 2010 World Cup went for the USMNT. Game 1 vs. England featured the luckiest draw possible, as Green let in the worst goal of the tournament via a howler and the USA drew with England. Slovenia featured some of the worst officiating any of us has ever seen, and the US drew with Slovenia 2-2. Algeria featured a last ditch attack that saw Landon Donovan become a hero in this country as the US escaped Algeria and the group with a 1-0 win. Then what happened? The US crashed and burned vs. Ghana, losing 2-1 a.e.t. While grumbling about Bradley's ineptitude involving selecting starting lineups had been quashed after the group stage, it came back in full force after the Ghana fiasco. Starting Clark may very well have cost the US the Ghana game. Starting Findley and Clark may have been some of the dumbest moves of the tournament.

Now compare Klinsmann to Bradley. Jürgen Klinsmann played in Europe from 1981-1997 for notable sides such as Inter Milan, Bayern Munich,and Tottenham Hotspur. He won the World Cup in 1990 as a player with West Germany, and guided them to a 3rd place finish in 2006 as a manager, when they were not predicted to do well at all. He then became manager of Bayern in 2008, posting a record of 16-7-6 in the Bundesliga, which is not really that great for a club of Bayern's caliber, and was sacked roughly 3/4 of the way through the season. Even though his tenure at Bayern was cut short and was disappointing, he still has much more experience and isn't as likely to make as questionable decisions as Bradley has. Even more important, Klinsmann is an outsider who knows how to play against the best countries in the world. He has a proven track record of success in the international scene and could have expanded soccer even more in the US.

In short, US Soccer has really messed up and screwed up a great opportunity to expand soccer in this country over the coming years and develop a better team. Now we must all hope that Bob Bradley suddenly realizes how to create a starting lineup and not leave us all kicking ourselves after yet another blunder. And hey, I can think of one bright side to us keeping Bradley: We didn't hire Raymond Domenech, and Bradley doesn't select his lineups based on astrology. Oh, and we aren't in a whole world of trouble like the French Football Federation is. At least we have that going for us. /rant

I apologize for distracting you from the new season. We now return you to originally scheduled programming.

EDIT: I would like to point out that some idiot on posted 6 reasons why this is the right choice. The article can be found here. In response, I would like to point out the following things. 1. It is DIE Mannschaft, not DER. Please, if you're going to use team nicknames, GET THEM RIGHT. Also, his claim about turning the German team into fancypants is just idiotic. Look where it got them this time! 2. He's done it before. So? There have been several other coaches that have done it before, and two of them flamed out badly, Domenech, and Bruce Arena, who led the disastrous 2006 campaign in Germany. Yes, it could work, but most of the time it doesn't. And let's face it, the US needs a new coach. 3. Come back and honestly tell me that CONCACAF is a daunting environment for qualifying. Sure, and while we're at it, UEFA would be a cakewalk for the USA to qualify. The only team that gives us trouble every time is Mexico. Next. 4. If he understood his material, he wouldn't have started Clark or Findley more than one game. Also, I'm pretty sure I've seen teams demolish others on style. For reference, go watch a Barcelona game. 5. Yes, we've gotten results under Bradley. We also got results under Bruce Arena in 2002, and look how that worked the next time around. 6. Congratulations, this may be the only point I can't argue, but just because he meshes well with his players doesn't mean he can coach as well as others. I will now begin the campaign for Klinsmann in 2018!

The Leaders and Best Even in Afghanistan



MICH in the Middle east

This is going to be short and sweet. This picture was taken at Bagram Army Base in Afghanistan, where my younger brother is currently stationed. How Rad is it, that the maize and blue flies even over there? GO BLUE ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!! Adam we here at MM love and appreciate everything you do. Thank you for keeping it real.

Will the Real Slim Running Back please stand up? V. 2.0

A Running Back look from a March post, lets review how this has shook out.

Who will be our starting running back come UCONN? Michigan has a stable of young and capable running backs who could break out. We could have a running back by committee but that's sorta boring in my eyes. I love you B.Minor but we haven't had that stud Michigan RB since Mike Hart. Minor could have been but he was hurt too much and being made of glass isn't a Michigan running back trait. I think for Michigan to have the season we all want them to have, someone needs to break out of the pack as that stud Michigan back. Lets take a look...

Michael Shaw

Shaw now a Jr has had his highlights(08 Minn game) and low lights(passed on the depth chart by V.Smith). I like Shaw a lot. More then most. Some fans have written him off in favor of V.Smith and Fitzgerald Toussaint. I on the other hand think Shaw can become that stud we have wanted since Mike Hart. I love his power for how small he is. He seems to explode into holes,LB and everything else. He may lack a bit of vision but I am hoping by year three he can make strides in this area. A big part will be if Tate can improve his zone reads and get Michael Shaw the ball at the right times. You also gotta love Shaw's passion as you can see how much he hates to loose(He was the kid on the bench tore up after Iowa). Don't give up on Michael Shaw everyone.. He may surprise you.

Shaw as of today is listed as the number one back with Smith. I expect him to do well if given enough carries to get going. I think he is a RB who needs to get a rhythm going. Denard and Shaw in the back field is a serious home run threat but with Shaw's history it's also a serious negative yardage threat as well. I am sure we will see both Shaw and Smith in many sets so this could be very interesting to see who gets the carries.

Vincent Smith

The true frosh showed a lot of guts last year and played well in the OSU game. Here's the catch going into 2010. He got injured. He will be coming back from a torn ACL. It could stunt his growth going into year two. On the flip side, how could you not love Smith? He is most like Mike Hart. He's got great vision and can move the chains. He also pass blocks very well and catches out of the back field like a champ. He was one of the few to show up in the Wisky game. Smith is the slowest of the RBs. He may even be slower then Mike Hart but... He's a RB who just moves the chains. I will take that any day over the home run threat. It will be interesting to see how he bounces back from his injury. He maybe the number one come UCONN.

V.Smith didn't lose much of any ground from being out all spring. Guys like Mike Cox could not hop Smith with him being out. He is a great grind it out type of RB. I can't see him busting a 60 yard TD but he will move the sticks for you which is more important in the big picture(as Mike Hart). He also shows a great skill of catching out of the back field which Mike Shaw might lack. V.Smith is the "OR" right now with Michael Shaw so we will be seeing a lot of both of them come this Saturday. They are really a great combo since one is a speedster and Smith is the grind man. If one fumbles they will have Mike Cox waiting in the wings.

Mike Cox

Mike is that wild card that I like. He maybe our next banger if given a chance. He has shown a lot in little chances. Sure most have been vs The Washington Generals football team but I expect him to get a fair chance to be in the mix. I hope Mike gets a fair chance because he could turn out to be better then we all know. If his RB gig doesn't turn out he can always turn to his modeling.

Mike Cox has a great blend of Speed and Power but has he learned the play book and cleaned up the mental mistakes? As of today Mike is listed 2nd on the depth chart. He should get chances this Saturday to prove that he may be worth starting. Mike still seems to be the dark horse or wild card of the group. It wouldn't be surprising if he became the man but it wouldn't be surprising if he sunk of the depth chart either. He's got the tools but does he have the brawn?

Fitzgerald Toussaint

If Mike Cox is a wild card then what is Fitz? Right now he is a practice hype machine. Some have said "FITZ WILL BE THE STARTER BY GAME FOUR OMG!!". There has been so much crap to come out of UM practices over the years that I don't buy it until I see it. He has yet to take a game snap and some have placed him as our number one back. I am a show me person. Running backs coach Fred Jackson who hypes someone every year has done that with Fitz.

“He’s a good player,” Jackson said. “I’ve seen enough. I didn’t have my blinders on.”
Alright maybe this isn't a ton of hype but many people on the boards have added to his hype. I know he can be good and I hope he is but I just wanna see it.

With lots of internet rumblings and the super Fred Jackson hype of being "Mike Hart but faster". Fitz has more hype than most RBs get before taking a snap. Hype doesn't matter if you can't stay healthy. Right now that hype is stuck at the 4th spot on the depth chart. A lot may have to do with his health and being banged up. Some saying he may not even play vs UCONN. This is pretty concerning since he seems to be injury prone just like Mike Hart. It would be interesting to see if Fitz would have been the number one back if healthy. We may find out in a few weeks when he will be finally healthy. He better hope that another back hasn't ran away with the job. Poster FormerWolv even said Fitz was the clear number one back. We will see how true it is once he is healthy.

New Kids
As for the new kids Austin White and Stephen Hopkins. I don't see them getting snaps unless one comes out of no where and shows some great stuff in the spring and fall.

Austin White is off the team(holds back mean things to say). Hopkins still getting praise and could see a snap here or there. He could be our 2010 goal line back but we will see. He is sitting at 4th or 5th right now so he is a spot duty guy if others don't hold their own.

Predictions from my squawking
So who is the our starting back come fall and vs UCONN? If I had to guess right now I say Shaw shows and does enough to be that starter come game one. It won't be by much and will have to show a lot to keep his starting job for the first three games.

I hate to say this but I told you so... I told you so. Shaw starts with V.Smith and both could be yanked for Cox if either don't produce or turn the ball over. Shaw doesn't have many fans so this is great shot to show what he can do. Without Rage or Gesundheit in his way anymore he will be given a chance to showcase his skills. UM will be pounding the rock on Saturday, lets hope someone steps up and produces.

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MidKnights of the Round Table 5



1. Would you rather have Michigan and Ohio State in the same division or separate divisions, and what would you do with The Game assuming that Michigan and Ohio State are in separate divisions?

SCS100: Same, just because there’s no threat of the game being moved from its current date, and that way there will be no chance for a rematch. It may be ideal, but it won’t happen often. Nebraska appears to be on the way back to glory, Iowa and Wisconsin are always a threat, and Penn State could disrupt things on the other side. Factor in all of that, plus State possibly actually winning one season, and you’d have a mess trying to create a rematch. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but follow the SEC model. They managed to keep most of their rivalries (and all of the important ones) in the same division. There’s no reason the Big 10 can’t strive for this.

If the game is actually moved, I’d probably do it the second to last game. Yes, it may seem dumb in the end, but it is still in November and it is as close as one can get to what we have now. Besides, the TV Networks can then not panic about having the same game twice in a row and be happy that they got what they want. Honestly, there is no good place for the game to be moved, and I just hope that they leave it where it is.

Seth9: Michigan and Ohio State should absolutely be in the same division. I don't think that splitting the teams and using protected rivals would necessarily weaken the rivalry, but it would take away from The Game. In my opinion, some traditions should not be messed with and The Game is one of them. By splitting Michigan and Ohio State, it inherently weakens the tradition. If Michigan and Ohio State are split, keeping The Game at the end of the season ceases to be a viable option because of the strong likelihood of one or both teams playing in the Big Ten Championship game the next week, making The Game somewhat less important for at least one of the teams. As The Game would no longer be at the end of the year, an important tradition would be lost. As a substitute, I would make the teams open their conference schedules against each other, so as to make The Game a way to set the tone for the year. Also, if we lose Ohio State as our end-of-year game, I'd try to put Notre Dame in that spot, because Michigan State isn't a strong enough program to end the year with, in my opinion.

Shredder: Have them in separate divisions and have them play the last game of the year. I don't see the big deal. There will probably be a handful of times that they will play each other back to back. UM has a way to go to be at the top of the big 10 again and the big 10 will only get better with Nebraska joining so the odds of UM and OSU playing back to back is pretty low. It's always a possibility with any teams who play each other the last week assuming they are the top two teams that they could play again. I really don't get too fired about this topic since it's so out of the fans hands.

Dark Blue: I want Michigan and Ohio State in the same division. I think Jim Delaney and the rest of the Big Ten owe it to us to keep it that way. If they move the teams to separate divisions then I think you still play the game the last day of the regular season. So what the two teams may have to play the following week. I think most people (and by most people I mean me) would welcome a rematch. Truthfully I don’t really care when the game is played because even if we play OSU in the middle of October, its still OSU and our kids will be up for it.

2. Which team is most likely to upend Ohio State and become the Big 10 champion?

SCS100: Both Iowa and Wisconsin have the potential to pull off the upset, but I’ll say Iowa. They nearly pulled off the upset last year in the Shoe and that was without Stanzi as their QB. Stanzi may not be the most consistent of QB’s, but he can get the job done, which is all that matters in the end. Iowa also has Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State at home, which makes their schedule a little more bearable. Wisaconsin does not play Penn State and has Ohio State at home, but that trip to Iowa could end up derailing their chances if OSU doesn’t do them in the week before.

Seth9: Wisconsin, as they are probably the strongest team top to bottom outside of OSU. While Iowa probably has a better defense, I give Wisconsin the edge because they have a stronger and more consistent offense than Iowa with interception-prone Stanzi.

Shredder: That's pretty easy. Wisc is gonna be tough for anyone to stop including OSU. I think they lost no one on either side of the ball and have a giant rock biter at running back. Seems that Wisc does have a rep for not living up to their pre-season hype from years past but this team is a real threat to keep OSU from the Big Ten title and a NC game and oh the good news? We play both back to back.... Yay!

Dark Blue: I have 3 teams that could make some noise in the Big Ten this year. The first is Wisconsin, they have those 573 lb offensive lineman, a half ass competent quarterback, and what should be a decent defense. This will be a very good football team. The second is Iowa, Iowa returns that All American (figuratively speaking not literally) Rick Stanzi. Iowa also has a very good defense and should give team fits. However Michigan almost beat this team last year so I don’t know if they are quite as good as people give them credit for being. The last team I have that could possible win the Big Ten is Northwestern. All of the Northwestern love at the WLA led me to doing some research on the Wildcats. This is a team that doesn’t have to play Michigan or Ohio State this year, return a bunch of talent on both sides of the ball, and have pwnd Iowa the last few years. I think Northwestern could make a shit ton of noise.

3. Which team is currently the most overrated in the conference according to preseason polls?

SCS100:  Penn State. Breaking in a new QB could prove disastrous, especially if they switch QB’s halfway through the season for whatever reason. They won’t be horrible, but I don’t expect them to be as much of a contender as they have been made out to be.

Seth9:  I would have to go with Iowa, as they have a very weak offense that makes me question whether they are a top 10 team. That, combined with their tremendous luck last year (the close call with Northern Iowa looms in my memory), makes me think that they are probably the most overrated team in the Big Ten. They could finish where they're at now, but I personally think they'll be in the 15-20 range at seasons end.

Shredder: This is another easy one for me. It's gotta be Penn State. They finally don't have a house hold name in the LBing core and the QBs look like UM 08(alright not that bad but still). I have been saying for sometime I can see them really falling on their face and winning only 6-7 games. Which isn't a awful season but not what PSU fans and the team is expecting. Joepa's health is about as great as the QBs at the moment and thats not good. Should be a huge issue for them all year.

Dark Blue: Penn State bottom line. Penn St. reminds a bit of Michigan in 2008. I’m not saying Penn St. will be terrible but I think being ranked in the preseason top 25 of ludicrous. QB that has never played a down, is usually not a good thing.

4. Does Boise State have a shot at playing in the BCS Title Game?

SCS100:  Yes, but that is assuming that either Alabama or Ohio State don’t go undefeated. If Boise State defeats Virginia Tech and either Bama or OSU slip up, Boise could very well end up in the title game. However, I predict that Bama and OSU meet in the MNC with undefeated records, while Virginia Tech manages to knock off Boise in the opener, thereby eliminating Boise from contention.

Seth9: Boise State definitely has a shot. Their strong opening position in the human polls gives them a clear shot at finishing in the Top 2, especially if fewer than two other teams finish undefeated. They also might survive the computer polls with two games against preseason Top 25 teams (Virginia Tech and Oregon State) and a WAC schedule that isn't completely terrible with games against Nevada and Fresno State.

Shredder: Yes as long as they win out. You start 3rd in the polls you have a great chance. If Bama and OSU run the table than no. But I dont see that happening. Bama has a hard as they come schedule and OSU gonna have to run through the B10 with out a hiccup.

Dark Blue: Hell yeah Boise St has a shot at making the BCS Title Game, and anyone who doesn’t think so is nuts. They will need some help to get there, but this is a team that people no longer consider Cinderella. If they manage to beat VT and Oregon St, and then go undefeated the rest of the year I think they deserve to play in the BCS Title Game just as much as anyone else does.

5. Which out of conference rivalry is the most important (after M/OSU naturally)?

SCS100:  There are several good rivalries in college football such as the World’s Largest Cocktail Party (Georgia vs. Florida), the Iron Bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama), and the other Game (Stanford vs. Cal), but I would say that the most important (and best) outside of The Game is Texas and Oklahoma. The Red River Shootout is the date circled on both Texas’ and Oklahoma’s calendars every year and that won’t change. It usually determines which team will represent the Big 12 South in the championship game (and the Big 12 for that matter). Add in the Texas State Fair and the entire atmosphere is one giant party. It has a great location, an exciting game, and is nothing to be sneezed at.

Seth9: The most important rivalry is probably Texas-Oklahoma, in terms of its annual impact on the National Championship picture, as the winner of the game often wins the Big 12. This gets the narrow edge over the arguably more intense Alabama-Auburn game, which is comparatively less important in the SEC, due to the parity of the league. Also, an honorable mention should go to perhaps the most intense rivalry in the country, namely Army-Navy.

Shredder: Calvin vs Hope, as the Grand Rapids News 13 anchor Juillet Drages said "it's the biggest rivalry in the state of Michigan". ..

Dark Blue: I love the Army-Navy rivalry. These serviceman who are brothers in battle, for this one day in the beginning of December are bitter enemies on the field. It is a time honored tradition and I honestly wished more people gave a shit about this game. A close second for me is Texas-Oklahoma, these two teams have given us some memorable games over the course of the last decade. 

6. Name your conference winners from the 6 major conferences plus the Mountain West.

SCS100: Big 10: Ohio State Big 12: Nebraska (Plays Texas in the Big 12 Championship) Pac 10: Stanford ACC: Virginia Tech (Plays Boston College in the ACC Championship) SEC: Alabama (plays Florida in the SEC Championship) Big East: UCONN Mountain West: TCU

Seth9: ACC: North Carolina - Their defense may well be the best in the country and the conference isn't really that strong.
Big 12: Oklahoma - I give them the edge over Texas as they look to have the better offense, with Texas losing McCoy and Shipley.

Big East: Pittsburgh - They had a strong team last year and return a lot of key pieces.

Big Ten: Ohio State - Their offense is stronger than any other Big Ten team and their defense looks to be good as usual.

Mountain West: TCU - They return a bunch of players from last year's outstanding team.

Pac 10: Oregon - Even without Masoli, they return the strongest core in what looks to be a rather weak Pac 10.

SEC: Alabama - Despite losing a ton of defensive starters, the Nick Saban oversigning machine should be able to replace them and the offense will likely improve with a ton of returning starters. They get the edge over Florida, who will suffer slightly as they transition to life after Tebow.

Shredder: ACC:Miami  Big10:Wisc  Big East:Pitt  SEC:Gators  Big 12:Texas  Pac 10:Standford  MWC:TCU

Dark Blue: ACC: Virginia Tech Big Ten: MICH Big East: Pitt SEC: Florida Big 12: Nebraska Pac 10: Oregon MWC: TCU

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What Doesn’t Kill You….


Michigan’s journey towards the land of greatness kicks off in about 10 days. It has been a hard road these last two years. Michigan has suffered its worst stretch ever. We have seen countless injuries, terrible losses, self imposed sanctions, it has been 6 years since we last beat Ohio State. This is a road that no one ever wants to travel down, but friends remember that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Coming into the 2010 football season, fans had modest expectations, 7 wins seemed to be the common theme. Then Troy Woolfolk fucked up his ankle, Justin Turner and Austin White decided Michigan that Michigan wasn’t the right place for them, and Tate Forcier showed up not having put in the work that was expected of him. The OMG DOOM crowd took over, and although I disagree with their sentiment, I understand it completely. However before I digress down this slippery slope of DOOM, don’t we as fans have a duty support our team, and hope for perfection? Isn’t that okay to do? This has nothing to do with drinking the Kool-Aid, and everything to do with being a passionate fan.

A while ago I predicted 9 wins for MICH this year. I am changing that prediction right now, to a 13-0 season, finishing by beating Boise State for the National Championship. If Michigan falls short of this goal, obviously I will be sad. Yet I will be so proud of these young men, who every Saturday will strap on that famous Winged Helmet and go out there and give 110%. These are 18-22 year old kids, they deserve our support and our unbridled optimism.  This team will shock and amaze people, I promise you that.

One man does not make Michigan Football. One guy is not worth 3 or 4 additional wins.  Bo Schembechler taught us that.


It is all about the Team. This young, talented Michigan football team has dealt with an awful lot of adversity these last couple of years, but let us not forget, what does not kill us makes us stronger. All of this adversity has turned these young men, into football machines. They will be stronger, faster, and more prepared than anyone they face this year, or for the rest of their lives for that matter. We should all be proud of these young men, they do this institution that we all love so much proud.

So I predict 13 wins. 13 of them, if you’re not on board with this I don’t want to talk. If we do not make this lofty goal, I will be disappointed but more than that I will be proud that these men took the field wearing that Winged Helmet and giving it their all each and every week.


football_team U of Michigan


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Fan Day 2010

The wife,brother and I headed to the Big House for fan day. We got there at 11:30am and the line for Denard was long. We were at the the fence of the entrance. Little did we know that it was the Denard only line and the O-line. I thought QB line meant all QBs and O-line. Well around 12:30 I figured I would go track down a team poster and found a even longer line going out just past the fence at the other entrance. I thought this has to be the Rich Rod line. I heard some rumbling by some people in the lines that this was a Forcier and Deven Gardner line. Than a staff event confirmed this. So I moved over to the Forcier/Gardner line to get my Punch Out art signed. I was a lot farther back than I was in the Denard line. My wife and brother stayed in the Denard line so we could grab both.

The staff guy said that the cut off maybe around our part of the line. I would lose it if I waited two plus hours and was cut off. Well after being in line since 12:30pm, I finally made it to Tate Forcier and Devin Garnder around 2:45pm. My wife met Denard and the o-line around 2:30 and ran over to the WR line since she is a Roy Roundtree fan. Once I got through the QB line I saw my wife and brother waiting on the WR line. I than ran over to the closest shortest line which was the LBs. Some D-bag kid(20-21) told me he was the cut off. I said well if someone who works at the BH kicks me out than so be it but I'll wait. Of course I met all linebackers and got them to sign my poster and Roh signed my photo of him.

Tate Forcier

Tate was very nice, he even recognized my work and show Devin who was setting next to him to check it out. It was pretty flattering but I know I have Mgoblog to thank more to that than Midnight Maize. I noticed he was really flying through the people before me but when he was with me he took his time signing my art and made it nice and big.

Devin Gardner

Devin was really having a good time. He was flexing for pictures and laughing with fans. This was at almost 3:00 pm after a long day already. He's got a great personality. When I came up he said "Finally my jersey!" He asked "dude where should I sign this thing?" I picked out the spot and he even wrote "GO BLUE" next to the auto which was awesome. I planned on having it framed once I get his name on the back.

Denard Robinson

My wife and brother said he was very nice and smiled the whole time. I can't really say much since I wasn't there.

Kevin Koger

Kevin was very nice and bald. His head is massive . Webb also was nice and signed my poster.

Wide Receivers

My wife and brother were the first cut off by staff.... She flipped since she waited there about 30 mins. She begged to just let her and my brother pass but staff wouldnt allow it. She said the staff got the WR out early at around 2:50pm which sucked since she thought she would be up to them with in 5 mins and make it.


All were great, I could tell the older guys like Obi and Jonas were tired. Roh was still very nice and was happy to see a photo of him. And yes his Eye Brows are even more magical in person. They stayed until 3:10 signing extra autos which was nice.

Random thoughts

-I thought being there at 11:30am would allow me to get the QBs pretty quick but I was way wrong.
-Many said it was the busiest Fan Day ever, which says how many people support this team and RR.
-Wal-Mart Wolverines were out in full force. God bless them.
-Wish I could have made it down to the field.
-It would be nice if all the QBs were in the same spot but I get why they do it.
-Some kid had Denard sign his cell phone.
-If it's possible to not have fans pose for pictures with player that would speed things up soooo much.
-A lady in front of my wife in the Denard line had him sign a picture of "Jake Long".... She said thats all she could find at Mden. Which I find funny.
-Wasn't hot, thank god.
-My feet hurt today.
-Next year I will get WR,RB and D-Line

A few random pictures

    My Bro with Denard.


Back home after a long day in lines. Chili is happy his master his home.

Countdown to Kickoff Day 14 & 13

Midnight Maize 194

Owing to the content of last night's liveblog, it is no longer available. Sorry.

Tasty Tidbits from Todays Scrimmage

JC ended up getting into todays scrimmage and was feeding me a few tidbits so I am here to pass them on. Enjoy they are tasty...

-Will Hagerup was booming punts. Kickers missing

-Fitz making guys miss, Cox looks real good.

-Austin White IS THERE. Was mistaken but JC heard he did ask to return to the team.

-Odoms,Dileo and Gallon fielding punts.

-Denard started, passing looking sharp. Devin also playing with the 1s and looks legit.

-Defense looks fast.

-Tate had some nice moments.

-Shaw had a huge TD run

-Corners are OK... I would take OK at the moment.

-Froshs playing nervous.

-Exact quote from JC "They're mixing it up(all qbs getting 1 time). Devin looks like a starter for real."

-Marvin picked off Devin

-JC is drooling over Devin the most. His man crush is evident

MidKnights of the Round Table 4


1.Give us your current RB depth chart and why?

SCS: 1. Toussaint 2. Smith 3. Cox (Shaw eliminated until grades clear up) Based on reports, Toussaint seems to be running with the ones, while I think Smith might just be a bit rusty from recovery. This could change in a minute, so who knows.
Hulk: RBs.   1. Shaw   2. Fitz   3. Cox   4  Smith  5. Hopkins
JC: 1A - Fitz Toussaint
1B - Vincent Smith
1C - Mike Cox
1D- Michael Shaw
Really.. it's such a close race right now. Different guys make plays every other day. They've been giving Fitz more reps with the 1's because he looks like he's ready to take over, but not quite. Vince Smith is recovering well and is more trustworthy than the others. It's going to be a fun one!
Shredder:  1.Cox- Good blend of speed and size. Hope he has figured out the mental part by now. 
    2.Shaw-Would be one but didnt take care of his school, this is a make or break year for Shaw.
    3.Fitz or V.Smith- Fitz needs to prove it in real game time for me to name him the starter and for whatever reason I see Smith as more
of a 3rd down back.
Dark Blue: 1. Shaw, barring any classroom setbacks, I think he’s the guy. 2. Vincent Smith, gave us a glimpse of what he could do late last year. If his knee is good to go, he will be a major contributor. 3. Fitz, I have no idea if it can translate into a real game, but he has been impressive so far this fall. 4. Cox, I wish he would be the starter. Cox hits the hole hard will be a great internet meme. 5. Hopkins, I expect him to get quite a bit of work down around the goal line.

2. % Tate makes it four year at UM?

SCS: 50%. This could honestly go either way, so I'll just do the correct math and say 50% yes and 50% no.
Hulk:  41.439486%
JC: I think he will. After the bad helmet news, Tate has been practicing well and is working hard.
Shredder:  55% I hate to say this but there is a chance his ego flames him out. Its something he needs to get in check. Not sure if thats what hurt him in the off season or just being lazy but if you wanna be the man of this team than you need to show it.
Dark Blue: I think he’ll stay all 4 years, He’s going to contribute on this team so why not. I’m going to say 99.98%.

3. If we end up playing Alabama in Dallas at Jerry Jones Stadium or you cool with this?
SCS: Yes, beats playing some Baby Seal U in the Stadium. Plus, it gives us a chance to prove our mettle against a team that has been extremely dominant recently. I'd much rather watch a great game on TV than go to one where no one truly cares about it unless we inexplicably suck.
Hulk:  We could play Alabama on the fucking moon and it would still be cool. Actually, a game on the moon would be bomb ass dick.
JC: Hell yeah. Hopefully we have a badass offense and a solid defense by then. Or Nick Saban is gone.
Shredder:  Yeah being in Dallas is a bummer but still puts in Michigan football in the "now". Its a great step in the right direction with doing this young recruits wanna see. This can only help. I just hope we can make a good game of it and RR is around to see it. I havent heard much on it in the last few days so maybe its more up in the air than what we think?
Dark Blue: Hell yes I am. What could be better than kicking Bama’s ass in front a bunch of Texans. This would be a huge game, not only because it pits two historically great programs against one another, but also for recruiting reasons. Make it happen David Brandon!!

4.Favorite current MMer who doesn't write for the blog(live blog users)?

SCS: Tie between TLP and CMR, who both bring a lot of humor to the liveblogs. Plus, it's nice having someone (CMR) consistently around to help me run the liveblogs most nights that's not named Shredder or Seth (sorry guys, you both write so I can't pick you). TLP brings enough wit and intricacy into the film business that it's impossible to leave him off.
Hulk: ToB or CMR
JC: Hulk? He's a good guy who I have give shit to all the time.
Shredder:  Thats a hard question. I love all my friends. CMR is pretty entertaining, Fly and sec20 always have good things to say. TOB brings great tidbits of news when he does come. OSD is from Tatooine which makes him a sand creature.  We have some great rookies in Vader and MEZMAN. I dunno... I like them all.
Dark Blue: This is a tough question, I love when the WLA come to visit, and lately Sebie has been spending quite a bit of time with us. That crazy Canadian makes me lol. I like TLP, he’s got one hell of a creative side, and like me, he can take typos and run with them. I like almost everyone else who comes to visit us, even you Irish.

5. What will be the final score of the UConn game
SCS: 38-21. I expect it to be a bit closer than most are giving UCONN credit for, but anything is possible

Hulk:  31- 20 Michigan
JC: Michigan 31, Uconn 20.
Shredder:  I have a feeling its gonna be a high scoring game. Both defense's lack a lot at this point. UM 31 UConn 24
Dark Blue: 937-12. I anticipate a high scoring game and I think the final score will probably be Michigan 49 UConn 21. GO BLUE

6. To expand on the first question give me your starting line up, for both the offense and defense, for the UConn game.

SCS: O: QB: Robinson RB: Toussaint: C: Molk OT: Hugye, Dorrenstein OG: Schilling, Omameh  WR: Stonum Hemingway SR: Roundtree SR: Odoms
D: DE: Black, Martin, RVB LB: Mouton, Moundros, and Roh S: Kovacs, Robinson, Gordon CB: Woolfolk (in light of the Woolfolk injury starting CB has been changed to Cullen Christian), Floyd (Assuming we start out in a 3-3-5 setup)
Hulk:  QB: Denard   RB: Shaw   WR: Stonum, Hemmingway   SR: Odoms, Roundtree   OL: Lewan, Schilling, Molk, Omameh, Huyge
      NT: Martin      DT: Banks      DE: RVB     LB/DE: Roh      Mike: Ezeh    Will: Mouton       Bandit: Kovacs  Spur: Jones    Free: Cam Gordon             CB: Woolfolk (Cullen Christian) and Floyd     NB: CC
JC: QB - Robinson, RB - Toussaint, WR - Roundtree, WR - Stonum, SR - Odoms TE -
LT - Lewan LG - Schilling C - Molk RG - Omameh RT - Dorrestein
DE - Banks NT - Martin DE - Van Bergen
LB - Mouton LB - Ezeh LB - Roh
CB - Floyd S - Kovacs FS - Gordon S- Robinson CB - Christian
Shredder: I am sorry, it's 5:30am and I barley typed out question 1-5. So I will have to use my one time pass. I'm so tired, I just want my bed. 
Dark Blue: QB Nard Dawg, RB Shaw WR Stonum WR. Hemmingway SR Roundtree SR Odoms LT Lewan LG Schilling C Molk RG Omameh RT Huyge
D Line RVB Martin Banks
LBs Mouton Ezeh and Roh
Secondary Cullen Christain, JT Floyd, KOVACS, Cam Gordon, and Jones

Midnight Maize 193

Countdown to Kickoff Day 15

Midnight Maize 192

Countdown to Kickoff Day 17 & 16

Midnight Maize 191

Michigan Hating God part 1

This was the latest from our Michigan hating god. As of late he has been our CB Michigan hating god. I can't express how deep the stuff... or shit we are in now. Some will say I am hitting the panic button but so what? This is the worst possible thing that could have happened before the season started. Not one injury could have been worse. I hope to god we can either score 40 points a game or our frosh play out of their minds. Its gonna take one of the two to save this team and Rich's job.

The Michigan hating god shows no mercy. It's been one thing after another. I have never seen a string of bad luck like Michigan has come across in the last three years. I have thrown out there that the Michigan hating god maybe not behind this but the Adidas curse. I swear almost every sponsored Adidas team took a nose dive at some point. Ask Notre Dame and Nebraska.

I will go back and high light some of the late few Michigan Hating Gods acts of kindness in the next few weeks. MS Paints? Yes we will have full MS Paints to show what our God in action. I hope to god(hehe) this season isn't over before it got going (that maybe a bit much). All I know is that the ND game just got a lot harder to win.

Midnight Maize 190

Take Your OMG DOOM and Shove It.

Today we learned that perhaps our most important defender, one Troy “TWolf” Woolfolk, was injured in practice and could possibly be out for the season. The general reaction on the MgoMessageBoard was OMG DOOM. While I completely agree that this is a terrible injury, and people have every right to be upset, I don’t think its the end of the world. Here’s why:

First JT Floyd and Cullen Christian (who I assume will be the other starter) have not had significant playing time. Floyd played a little bit last year, and did not perform very well. Christian is a true freshman. Why should I be encouraged by this? We have no idea if these kids are the real deal or busts. They may very well be busts, but they could be Leon Hall and Charles Woodson V2.0. We don’t know and because we don’t know there is no reason to jump off of the cliff.

Second one guy does not make a defense. I don’t give a flying fuck how important you thought Woolfolk was to this Defense, there is ten other guys playing out there with him. I know nothing about last years defense gives people optimism for this year, but think of it this way. We return 8 starters, well 7 if you don’t count Woolfolk, these guys have all had a year to get more comfortable with this defense. Why can’t they be better, even with true freshman starting in the secondary?

Thirdly drink the fucking kool-aid, be optimistic. This is what the preseason is for. Talk shit to all of your friends who are fans of rival schools, let them know MICH is coming for them. Maybe we go 6-6 this year, but think about how good this team will be next year, with actual depth in the secondary. Everything happens for a reason, and maybe these kids grow into something special.



Countdown to Kickoff Day 18

Midnight Maize 189

Countdown to Kickoff Day 19

Countdown to Kickoff Day 20

Midnight Maize 188

Countdown to Kickoff Day 21

Since Shredder doesn't have this up yet, here it is:

Midnight Maize 187

Countdown to Kickoff Day 22

MidKnights of the Round Table 3

1.This question is regarding special teams? Who does the kicking for MICH? Both kickoffs and Field Goals. Who punts? Who returns kickoffs and punts?

Seth9: Kicker: Brendan Gibbons. I figure that the scholarship kicker is the most likely guy to come through. That said, this is wide open.

Punter: Will Hagerup. He's performed well in practice and he may challenge for kickoffs as well.

KR: Darryl Stonum will be the primary guy here, given his performance last season. The second position is a tossup. I'd probably give it to Odoms, although anything really could happen here. Jeremy Gallon and Michael Shaw are also plausible candidates.

PR: Jeremy Gallon. I give this spot to Gallon over Dileo lightly, as it appears that Dileo was recruited for this job. That said, Gallon's athletic talent probably gives him the edge.

SCS100: Gibbons will probably end up doing the kicking duties. Anyone who saw the Spring Game will know that our kicking game was just horrendous in every aspect. Kicking could very well affect the outcome of several games this year if it does not improve. As for punting, Hagerup is pretty much a lock to start, especially with reports of his prowess in Newsterbaan. As for returns, Odoms will probably handle punts if he doesn't get hurt. If he does, look for Dileo to take over. As for kickoffs, Stonum should return most, with Dileo potentially helping.

Shredder: Punting is easy, Hanger up there Will... Kick off and field goals could be shaky at best this year. I guess Gibbons would have to be the man. Nothing could be worse than the year we couldn't kick at all(02? 03? 04?). Returning punts could be a tryout for the first three to four games between Gallon,Odoms and Hemingway. I can see Gallon coming out of this as our punt returner just because Odoms can struggle with making the catch and Hemingway is a bit stiff. Hemingway and Odoms both have had their moments at returners and both have struggled too.

Hulk: Lets start out easy. If Will Hagerup isn't the starting punter, we are pretty much stuck up shit creek without a paddle.

Kickoff returns could be interesting. We know one will be Stonum. Then there are a whole slew of slot ninjas/ RBs that could contribute. Last year it was Carlos Brown back there alongside Stonum. This year I think we'll see either Terrence Robinson or Jermey Gallon.

Punt returns have been interesting the past few years. We went from being elated that our D stepped up and got us the ball to "DAMMIT HOLD ONTO THE DAMN BALL!" I think we could realisticly have two punt returners depending on the situation. I see Hemmingway going out there to just make sure he catches it and then Odoms or Gallon when we need a big return. It would help a ton if either Gallon or Robinson can become solid when it comes to fielding punts and no putting it on the ground.

All that leaves is kicking. Brendan Gibbons has the leg to be the kickoff guy. Now when it comes to field goals, WOTS is he isn't very consistant. Michigan has lived with no name walkons kicking for the last few years with pretty good success. I'm going to say Gibbons gets the nod for long field goals and one of the walk-ons step up during camp and takes the PAT/field goal job.

JC:  As far as field goals are concerned we're not sure. But from early summer reports and fall practice so far, Hagerup is the guy at punter, and maybe kickoffs. Kid has a monster leg (stronger than Zoltan?). Stonum will be one of the kick returners, and it looks like Jeremy Gallon or Drew Dileo could see time at punt returner. They haven't done enough special teams to know yet.

Dark Blue: Punting will by done by Will Hangerup this fine young gentleman has the makings of Zoltan 2.0. Kicking is going to be done imhe by Gibbons, I didn't think the placekicking unit looked that bad in the Spring Game. Kick Returns will be done by the combo of Darryl "Sweetpants" Stonum, and Odoms would be my guess. Stonum is on his way to breaking some kick off return records. Punt Returns don't really matter to me as long as they HOLD ON TO THE GODDAMN BALL. Also Drew Dileo will make an impact here.

2.How will the "M" in the student section look with the new renovations?

Seth9: It will look the same. The renovations should have a minimal visual effect on the student section in general and that effect will be felt in the upper rows, away from the 'M'.

SCS100: It will look the same as last year; the press box just won't be there.

Shredder: Ahhh Good? I can't really expand on this question so I will talk about how overrated PSU is... Lost some O-line talent due to the draft and graduation. Lost their stud QB and even the Defense has taken a step back in terms of talent yet they are still expected to compete this season. One thing they do have are WRs. Maybe the best unit in the B10 but will Newsome be able to connect with them is the question. After seeing their spring game I would say no. He just isn't ready. Us Michigan fans know how much pain a frosh QB can bring to a season(we also know how much joy. See Henne). We also know Walk on QBs can lack a lot which is PSUs other option. Unless one of the two Frosh Qbs can get the starting gig it's gonna be a long year for PSU imo. Even Royster is one of my favorite running backs in the Big Ten just because he reminds me a bit of Mike Hart but he can't do it alone. I see them struggling this year and may only grab 6-7 wins. If I am right I will revisit this... If not... I won't ever speak of it again. Oh and the student section M will look alright... to... good I say.

Hulk: Uh Fabulous?

JC: Awesome.

Dark Blue: It will look rad as shit.

3.How will the LB play be this year, with GERG coaching them? Do they improve?

Seth9:  The linebackers should improve without Hopson, but they're performance over the past couple years has been atrocious and it's an open question as to how they'll perform. I'm hoping for adequate play out of the position, which will constitute improvement. I should note that I'm only talking about the interior linebackers, as Craig Roh will likely continue to improve off his freshman performance at his hybrid DE/OLB position.

SCS100: It can't be much worse than last year, and since Hopson is gone, I would expect it to improve. Obi not having an injured back should help as well.

Shredder: They really can't get worse. TEs should licking their ugly meat chops from last years play. But I do feel Greg is a proven coach. He turned Brown into a compete player and a draft pick. Obi and Mouton have the goods. The question is do they have the brains? They have to get better and I think they will. Like I said, they can't be much worse. I expect Demons and Roh to get even better and the LBing group might be the most underrated part of this team.

Hulk: One word. Improved. GERG is inheriting a pretty talented and experienced group. Obi and Jonas have 2 years in the same system finally, and there is a few guys that can finally push them from the bench in Fitzgerald and Demens. Competition breeds excellence. GERG made Stevie Mothafuckin' Brown into a NFL player, we can hope he does the same for Obi/Jonas right? Right?

JC: Methinks one Jonas Mouton improves and is beyond functional. Obi Ezeh will be better but still split playing time with the beast that is Kenny Demens.

Dark Blue: In a complete homerism statement I expect Michigan to have one of the better linebacking corps in the Big Ten. They will be a much improved unit.Roh, Mouton and Ezeh are geared up to dominate, anything less than total domination will be UNACCEPTABLE.

4.Will a fullback score a TD this year? Will a tight end(lol) catch a pass?

Seth9: Fullback: Moundros is going to LB, so no, a fullback will not score a touchdown this year.

Tight End: We actually are pretty good at this position between Kevin Koger and Martell Webb. I wouldn't be surprised to see them featured extensively, particularly if Koger can be consistent, since we lost Greg Matthews at wideout and a good possession target will be useful.

SCS100: Fullback, no. Moundros is pretty much the only fullback on the team, and he's practically switched to linebacker. Tight Ends will catch passes, and if you need persuading, go watch highlights of the Western game for Koger's one handed grab.

Shredder: Yes I say they put Moundros in at FB during the UMASS game and give him a TD on the goal line. TEs were catching a passes during the first 4 games of last season. Once they started dropping the ball, they stopped seeing the ball. I expect Kroger and Webb to bounce back and have a solid season. They just need to play more consistent.

Hulk: I believe so. I actually like the fullbacks on the roster. Both Moundros and McColgan are physical guys. They should be able to blow open some holes when we decide to go with our I set and even out of our 2  back spread set. I think both these guys might get a TD on carries from the ass-crack of the goal-line.

JC: I don't know if a fullback will, but Stephen Hopkins will, he's damn close to one. And yes, Tight Ends will catch passes. In fact, more than last year. For all the people claiming RR doesn't want them - well, this will prove them wrong.

Dark Blue: Yes Moundros will score a touchdown probably against UMass. What better way to reward the newly elected team captain, then for him to bowl over some poor FCS linebacker. As far as tight ends go, I think that this will be the year the Koger solidifies his place as the next great U of M tight end. I expect him to catch quite a few passes this year.

5.Is Big Will Campbell to fat?

Seth9: He's 333 pounds, so I'm going to reluctantly say yes.

SCS100: Yes, but not too much. Just needs to get inshape and he should be fine. Gabe Watson was huge when he was here, and did fine (minus the work ethic issues).

Shredder: Coming in a whopping 333lbs I think he might be. This concerns me a bit since I don't want to see Campbell and Watson in the same sentence. He has all the tools. He just needs to work at it. I would like to see him at 320. 13lb shouldnt be too hard for him to loose. He could be a force and UM best shot at the next high draft pick but he's got work to do. No more 1am Jacks forzen pizzas. Thats my job.

Hulk: Is there such a thing? Oh wait, Charlie Weis.

No I don't think Thor is too fat. He more than any other player has had his body transformed since meeting EEEEEEEEEE Barwis. He has lost a lost of bad weight and has packed on the pounds in the form of good, lean, muscular weight. He has some work to do conditioning wise, but I expect to see him at nose before the end of the season, enabling Mike Martin to Fuck.Shit.Up at the 3 Tech DT.

JC: Hell no. Without being too much like Jen.. have you seen the dude's facebook pictures? He's far from fat.

Dark Blue:Well I've recently received reports that him and Justin Turner were kicked out of Old Country Buffets recently for eating too much. Have you seen Campbell though? He is one fine looking young man, so no I do not think he's too fat.

6.Name 3 keys to U of M success this year? I know we've done this one, but hey waht the hell.

Seth9: 1) Cameron Gordon needs to be competent at Free Safety. We're lacking in experience and depth in the secondary, and as we painfully witnessed last year, poor play from the deep safety is a death sentence when you need someone to mop up.

2) We need Denard or Tate (or both) to take a leap forward this year and be able to run a consistent, balanced attack. This means that Denard needs to show that he can throw accurately during a game and Tate needs to avoid turning the ball over. We have the necessary pieces for a great offense if one of them can step up, which you would think will happen since they're no longer freshmen.

3) Ezeh and Mouton cannot suck again this year. Beating a number of good teams on our schedule (UConn, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State) requires that we at least be able to stop the run (of course, Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State may well boast good passing attacks this year, but they traditionally favor running the ball). If our linebackers are terrible again, opposing offenses will have no trouble exploiting our defense like they did last season.

SCS100: 1. Turnover ratio needs to be positive. 2. Kicking situation needs to resolve itself (we need to not suck). 3. Make sure our secondary doesn't suck this year.

Shredder: 1.Any Running back  2.Any QB 3.Any LB. Someone in all those groups needs to step up.

Hulk: 1. Staying injury free. I think we are a pretty good team when we only look at starters/contributors. When we go down the depth chart at some positions (CB, S) we get into alot of unknown/youth. Please stay healthy.

2. Turnovers. Name of the game is limiting and creating turnovers. It's really hard to lose games when you are consistantly forcing more turnovers than you give up.

3. LB play. Its time for Obi and Jonas to step up and be leaders on a defense that desperatly needs it. We will have alot of young guys trying to figure out this whole playing secondary in the college ranks thing, and the last thing they need to be doing is worrying about the SR LBs not doing their job. It should be up to Obi and Jonas to help  them, not hinder them.

JC: 1. Better play out of quarterbacks. 2. Stopping the run and being a more legitimate 3rd down defense. 3. Letting DB loose on the mgo faithful.

Dark Blue: 1. Limiting turnovers is huge, this is a team that probably wins 7 games last year, if not for the horrendous ball security. If this improves we should be successful this year. 2. Improved QB play is key, so many times last year we saw Tate make bad reads on the Zone Read Option. This must improve, and I think it will. 3. Someone in the secondary must step up and become a leader, if this happens, and I think it already has with Woolfolk, good things are on the horizon.

7.How many people will be treated for heat related disorders vs. UConn due to the no water bottle policy? What will Brain Cook throw at idiots?

Seth9: This is overblown. It's irritating that we can't bring in water bottles and it'll suck during September, but when you consider that people regularly bring in alcohol, I doubt that it'll be too difficult to sneak in water bottles. Besides, getting up at half time or showing up early and getting some water to bring up to your seat isn't the end of the world. To be clear, I think this is a dumb policy and an inconvenience, but it's not something I'm going to get up in arms about.

Also, Brian should throw octopi at idiots. That would be vastly more entertaining than water bottles.

SCS100: A few, but not many. Just be smart and chug a bottle before entering the stadium if it's really hot. And even without the policy, people still have heat issues occasionally, so this is getting way overdone. Brain will find away to get marshmallows filled with quarters into the stadium, just like the students used to do.

Shredder: Maybe 3-5k may die. Cook may have to sneak in left over food from tail gates. I wouldn't mind throwing a old beef patty at some of our fan base. Maybe even a burnt hot dog.

Hulk:  3. and Brian will throw asses cuz Brian Cook is all about the ASS.

JC: A few. Brain will likely allow his cronies or the WLA to punish the fools.

Dark Blue: People will die, Brain Cook should throw mgoidiots at other idiots effectivley killing two birds with one idiot.

Midnight Maize Reader Paint

Live Blog user wolverineNick submmited this MS Paint to Midnight Maize. I find it pretty fun. It has the man Joey Chessnut and my old favorite Buffet place Old Country(which shut down in!). I also love how his face mask looks like face paint and his head is like a cone head. His teeth makes me wanna put ice cubes in my Coke thats setting in front of me. If this picture is accurate to whats going on with Justin Turner than he has a bigger problem than eating too much... He's gotta be preago.

This MMRP comes in with a score of Seven Turkey dinners out of ten!
 Out of 10!

He beat me to the punch as I was working on my own "CB U" MS Paint which of course has JT featured in it. Thanks for submitting the art Nick. If any other readers wanna submit any MS paints I will welcome them with open arms. I can than rate them but not out of Chicken Legs. Just hit me up on my e-mail.

Midnight Maize 186

Countdown to Kickoff Day 23

Midnight Maize 185

Countdown to Kickoff Day 25 & 24

MM Sits down with Justin Turner

Today after news of Turners Transfer broke, I had the opportunity to make up an interview sit down with Justin and discuss the reasons behind his transfer. 

Me: Justin I'd like to thank you for sitting down with me today, and discussing the reasons behind your impending transfer from the University of Michigan.

JT: No problem DB, its my pleasure and I'd like to take the time to prove to people I am not a useless sack of shit.

Me:  So lets start this off with a bang, Why Justin have you decided to transfer from the University of Michigan?

JT: Well, there was lots of things that factored into the decision, the first was that Tate Forcier has leprosy, and I didn't want to catch it. Think of what I would look like walking around with my skin falling off and shit, it wouIld be terrible. The second reason was obviously  I wasn't good enough last year to play, I was behind walk ons and shit. Finally the last and most important reason I've decided to transfer, is I am extremely jealous of GERG's illustrious mane. I want this guys hair, and he told me I couldn't have it. So yeah time to hit the dusty trail.

Me: Have you given any thought to where you'll go?

JT: I was thinking about transferring to O$U but If I'm not good enough to start at MICH, why would I be good enough to start at O$U? Then I thought about U$C because lets be honest, Lane Kiffin's wife is HAWT. But again if I'm not good enough to start at MICH, how can I expect to make it at a fine, strictly by the book institution like U$C. Honestly I'll probably make my way to the University of Ohio RAWRCATZ. Frank Solich is a fine upstanding corch, and I think I may have the opportunity to prove that I'm not a bust there.

Me: Justin what is your favorite food?

JT: I would have to say my favorite food is pizza. Mike Gittleson told me during the offseason to eat as much Pizza as I possible could, this as helped beef me up into a fine strong gentleman.

Me: JT, describe to me your appearance?

JT: Well I am one of the best looking gentleman in the world, You may call me fat, but I'm not, I'm just big boned. When my fat rolls jiggle the ladies go wild.

Me: Why didn't you put up a Facebook status update regarding your transfer?

JT: Well I'll be perfectly honest with you here, I didn't want any MGOIDIOT facebook stalkers to commit suicide. I didn't want that on my conscience you know? I figured I'd let Brain Cook break the news and then calm everyone done with pictures of kittens

Me: JT, since we all know you don't like chocolate milk, do you still like cookies?

JT: Oh hell yeah I like cookies, how the hell else do you think I gained so much weight. Before bed each night I eat a package of Oreo's, unlike TWolf O shaped things don't piss me off.

Me: Which one of your former team mates had the best looking ass?

JT: Thats a tough one to answer. I really liked the way Taylor Lewan's ass looks, but I think best overall has to go to Jordan Kovacs. That guy has a fantabulous ass. Walk on or not, his ass is a 5 star.

Me: Did you third string guys, get the same equipment as the first teamers?

JT: Hell no. We had to wear leather helmets, which kind of sucks when my head is way to big to fit into one. Most of the time I didn't get to wear pads because I was way too fat to fit into them.

Me: Alright Justin, last question. How many games will MICH win this year?

JT: Well I think that if I had gotten a serious opportunity to play Michigan would have won 10 games, however since stupid Dick Fraud thinks its better to play walk ons ahead of 5 star recruits, they'll probably only win 3 games.

Special thanks to Justin Turner for allowing me to make this up sitting down with me. In all seriousness we wish this young man nothing but the best. Not everyone is cut out for MICH FOOTBAW.

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