The Leaders and Best Even in Afghanistan



MICH in the Middle east

This is going to be short and sweet. This picture was taken at Bagram Army Base in Afghanistan, where my younger brother is currently stationed. How Rad is it, that the maize and blue flies even over there? GO BLUE ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!! Adam we here at MM love and appreciate everything you do. Thank you for keeping it real.

6 Response to "The Leaders and Best Even in Afghanistan"

  1. Thanks Adam even though I am evil

    CMR says:

    Thank you Adam! and can we call it MICHistan now?

    Dark Blue says:

    I think MICHistan is perfect.

    SCS100 says:

    Excellent work Adam! Good luck!

    Seth9 says:

    Best of luck Adam and thank you for your service to our country.

    Anonymous says:

    Thank you Adam!!!!!GO BLUE!!!!!! Good luck and be safe over there....We love you

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