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Rock Bottom Is Where We Live

Rock bottoms where we live, and still we dig these trenches,
To bury ourselves in them, backs breaking under tension

I was going to do my regular Monday post of "One Shreds Opinion" but I figured whats the point? The whole thing would be full of the "ugly". All week leading up to The Game I had a terrible feeling that Michigan would be getting hammered in 08 fashion. It was just that funny feeling. I haven't had a good feeling in some time. My last great week leading up to The Game was in 2006. That was like 10 years ago in football years.

When you think things can't get worse and Rock Bottom was 08,09 or even 07 when we had zero chance due to Henne's arm being all sorts of fucked up(or the fact that Mario pulled a Roundtree all day) than life smacks you in the face and you realize that we haven't only hit rock bottom but it's where we live. The endless string of bad news about transfers,injuries,sad Lloyd Brady,NCAA violations,The Free Press,Dolphins being punched,RR hot seats,compliance issues,Roundtrees hands,family values,3-3-5 blues and it seems never ending. When will this end?

I got to thinking and may never end until Rich Rod is gone. I am not even saying that because I dislike Rich Rod or have an issue with how the defense as been turned to Goo. It's like the gods,karma,stars or whatever are angered by Rodriguez being at Michigan. I have never seen a coach with such terrible luck. The bad luck has been rolling in since day one with Rich at the helm. I am just starting to think it just isn't meant to be. The gods just don't agree. I wish it could work out. I think the offense can be amazing when it doesn't barf all over it's self in the red zone and think Denard could be a all time Michigan great under Rodriguez but at the end of the day it's about winning and the state of the program and at the moment I can't see Michigan and Rich Rod beating all this bad luck that has occurred over the past three years.

It hasn't been all bad luck. Rodriguez handling of the defense has been borderline careless. IMO he seems to be forcing Greg Robinson to run his style of the 3-3-5 which looks to be a flawed system at the moment. Whether that's more Rich's fault or Greg's I can't tell(or more to do with bad luck). Missing on defensive recruits from time to time hasn't helped either. Some these decisions have made an even bigger mess.

So do we jump ship? Start over? Wait another three years with another coach? Well that's why I bought the pizzas(I never buy Dominoes, its gross) and Brandon sold them. He has maybe the biggest decision of his career at Michigan. The problem is there is no right answer. Next year if the defense becomes avg and the offense can cut down on the giving the ball up we may have a very good team. At the same time I gotta wonder if even that team is any where near Ohio State. As we saw we are light years behind them. Even with all those things I mentioned for keeping Rich Rod, can he compete when it matters? With the big boys?  With all the terrible luck? Living at Rock Bottom? Will Harbaugh leave the half filled stadium of Standford to become a god? I would say yes. So lets say we do bring in Harbaugh. A lot of things will blow up. Denard becomes just another slot WR possibly? Whats Devin's thoughts and will he stay? I think Tate would benefit the most of any QBs. It will still kill our shot at 10 wins by taking Harbaugh imo. All the changes and player that may leave would hold us back for 11. I do think the defense would be handled with care again and we may have a great one by 2013(oh god that sounds like a long time). Like I said no easy thing to answer.

This post may come off as the sky has fallen or very down in the dumps but it's how I feel right now about the state of Michigan football. We haven't beat OSU in 100 years. We haven't beat MSU in three. We aren't just at rock bottom but are living in it. How do we climb out? Stay the course we chose three years ago? Or start over with the son of Michigan football? I just hope we move out of  Rock Bottom before we become it.

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