Baby Wolverine born

Evan the Sweet baby Wolverine was born on Feb 26th at 5:03 am. He weighed 6lbs and 7 ounces. I will be at the hospital most the week. So no live blogs until next Wednesday. So life is good. Bulls are back on top of the NBA again and my first Son was born perfect.... We get Michigan football back on track and life might explode.

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MgoZubaZ vs Maize n Brew

In this corner in the MgoZubaz Michigan pants we have Brian Cook of Mgoblog weighing in at 27,000 page views(I have no idea) a day and in this corner in a glass bottle we have Dave from Maize n Brew weighing in at 7,000 page views(I have no idea)! Lets get ready to rumble!!!!!

Dave over at Maize n Brew had some choice words for Brian about his negative view with the Hoke hire and how the "process" was handled. He even got a bit salty which makes it all the more fun.

I'm sorry if "The Process" didn't turn out the way you wanted it. I'm sorry if "The Process" means we're going away from the yardage rich, scoring poor spread offense. I'm sorry if "The Process" means we're going back to the old pro-set, boring Michigan football you didn't like. I'm sorry if "The Process" means you're going to miss telling us how many yards Michigan racked up in the second half of games in an attempt to scream "REMAIN CALM! ALL IS WELL!" I'm sorry if "The Process" means you'll miss all those things.
You know what I miss?
You go right to for heart. Or to the core of me Baxter! He's got a point. At some point you just have to move and accept the new coaches and what they are trying to do. Even if they come in with a 47-50 record. I understand Brian's frustration also. I see his side. Yes the process sucked. Its sucked hard. Leaving Rich out to dry like that was bush league. Rich wasn't given a fair shake from day one... So why would he be given one post OSUANDMSUSMASHINGUS? Also The Hoke hire didn't set the world on fire. I understand the frustration man but the negative vibes that killed the RR era from the start can kill the Hoke one too. Mgoblog is huge. It's Wal-Mart and I am a mom and pop shop called "Food Shed". So Mgoblog has a lot of pull(and Food Shed has none) with people and yes even recruits. You know they read the site. What people post about them. Brian is important figure. I feel like it can have a small.. Yes small impact on their perception of  whats going on in and outside of Michigan.

As big as Mgoblog is it needs to sell Michigan to a certain extant. I am not saying to go all main stream with no "Lets be real" moments because those are the best things that Brian posts but don't throw Michigan and the coaching staff under the bus before the bus even turns the engine over. At least give the dude a chance. If Hoke goes 6-6 and than 7-6 and team looks "meh" or "why god?!?!" than do your thing. At least you gave him a chance. You didn't just doom him from day one like Rich was by others. What did Harvey Dent say in Batman? Not even sure if this applies... "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." 

Brian fought for Rich to be treated fair. He turned mgoblog into a pro Michigan site no matter how bad things got. Most Mgoboard users always had the blue and maize blinders on(myself included). I think a lot of that had to do with Brian's pro Michigan out look on the RR era.While other news sites and blogs were calling for Rich's head and other Michigan message board wanted mass change. Brian always had mgoblog going forward with positive vibes for the direction of the football team. He needs to keep doing the same. For the sake of Michigan(a bit dramatic?). He is really Michigan's Batman, he needs to be whatever Michigan needs him to be and no he's not the lame Super Fan who runs a web site from 1999 who CAPS LOCK "THINGS MUST CHANGE!" and has a wall of text rambling away.... I have really gotten off track...

Dave at Maize n Brew took some harsh shots at what many people called "whining" from Brian. Was it whining? Yeah probably, but it was out of frustration. I hope he can find himself to become fan of the Hoke hire sooner than later. Hoke kept Denard at Michigan. Hoke hired what we think can be a pretty solid DC in Mattinson. Hoke went out and got maybe the best class he possibly could for the time bind he was put in. I think the "under whelming" hire is off to a pretty good start. I gotta hand it to Brian for speaking his mind and not holding it back. But it has to be off the chest by now. Give Hoke a chance Brianman. Michigan needs you. 

Zubaz Pants? 
I lived during a time period where these were publicly acceptable to wear... 
Might be asking your self why would Brian wear MgoZubaz Michigan pants? I myself own a pair of Bulls Zubaz pants. They are very small since I used to wear them in the 3rd grade. I still wear them and even upset my wife with them. They have the perfect comfort for my long legs(they dont fit well but feel great). I know if I had the Wal-Mart of Michigan blogs and did it for a living I would be sitting in those suckers everyday just blogging away. I have a feeling that Brian maybe doing the same. Its only nature to want to. Hell, he should have MgoZubaz in his Mgostore. Would sell millions with out a doubt. 

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No Live Blog Tonight

I was stuck at work until 2:30pm today due to the snow so I worked like 16 hours. I was far too tired to show up for work. Terrible timing with NSD but I am crazy tired. Check out my twitter for some NSD/sotiredIwascrazy tweets from earlier today when I was stuck at work. I will be back Friday Night.

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