Big Ten Basketball Crap you wouldn't buy on Ebay

I give you the single most terrible cardigan ever knitted in history of man..

I mean wow. Just terrible. The only thing that it is missing on this thing is a couch on fire. If I felt $19.77(odd price) was worth spending on Spartan apparel then I would buy it and knit "WE ON" in highlighter yellow on the front and back and sport it on Tuesday.

I can't even tell where the  coat ends and his face starts. "Is my face red enough for this picture?" "Sure is coach".
Have you been looking for the Bobby Knight's 50th birthday party VHS? Well lucky for you.. I found it! 
This 1989 photo of Northwestern basketball pretty much sums up their tournament participation history.

Nebraska great David Hoppen had great size. I can't believe he didn't make it in the NBA.

Looks just like Talor Battle... If he were white. I do like the sellers comments. "I'll be honest:  I've never heard of this guy so I'm not sure why he warrants a stature, but here it is. Someone likes him." 

This 1980s $59.99 Minnesota Gophers sweat shirt has every inch of every space being used. Nothing is wasted here.

Evan Eschmeyer basketball card. Picture of Jean Keady with his autograph on his junk. This Chief Illiniwek sweat shirt is offensive.

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