The Lost MS Paints

Just a few I have done over the past few years. Most have nothing to do with Michigan.

 Teen Wolf Denard... Started it and was like...ehhhh not feeling this hairy beast.
I know I have posted this one but as I going through my paints I saw it and thought it deserved a second run

Weird Wednesday

Weird Wednesday brings us what really wonders in the Craig Roh's eyebrows... 

Midnight Maize's Photobucket Circa 2006

Alright Midnight Maize wasn't around in 2006. This blog wasn't my brain child until 2009 but I did run some other blogs that never really got off the ground(this blog hovers about 5 feet off the ground). I was rooting around my photobucket and found some oldies but goodies images I figured I'd share. Even some rare looks inside my nerd life and more things most won't care about.

Some early Midnight Maize Banners. Some never saw the light of day like the top one when I was going to name the blog "Maize at Midnight". 

I really can't remember if I made this or someone else did but this game was the start of the end for Brady Quinn's career.

I made this when all I did is day dream about Lamarr Woodley beheading quarterbacks. It was made with a very outdated PS.

Tony Clemons asked me to help spice up his "MYSPACE"... Yes for you young bucks there was this site called myspace. It was like a Facebook but with an STD. Now its just a abandoned carnival.

Some banners I made for aMAIZEing Ts. Of course Jason Meets did the awesome art. I just made the banners and site. RIP Blog.

 A peek into my geek life. Now of course this stuff in all packed up and I have been selling small bits of it off. Some I will never sell. Some I will just let my son have so he isn't stuck with terrible garbage like BEN10 or Bab blades or whatever the kids are into. 

The child of the 80s still burns deep inside of me. If you can't tell I have a huge problem with getting rid of things. All of that NES stuff is mine from my my child hood. 

I scanned this from an old ESPN Magazine(remember those?!?!). Its for the NCAA 2006 game. Its the best game in the series and I went back started playing it last year instead buying the new garbage that EA spits out every year. Pick this up instead of NCAA 13... I am dead serious. 

My black 98 GTP that I miss so much. But you know the story. Had a kid.. Had to get the four door. I now drive a Vibe.. Who wants a drink? 

Michigan vs Ohio State Game 2007. Chad Henne Arm was half attached that day.

Terrible Calvin Johnson banner I made. 

This was from "Man Day" at my old digs. We would wear jerseys or Karate attire on Wednesdays and get smashed. And yes I am wearing Bulls Zubaz pants. 
Not sure if this normal for a cat but its the norm for her.

That is just scary and un-human. 

A helmet I found in the garbage and decided to make into a Michigan helmet. I free handed all this. I wore it to the Toledo game and sworn to never let it pass through the Big House gates again after that loss. It was in the garbage for a reason.

My Fantasy Football Team.. And no Jackie Treehorn didn't sponsor the team. 

I think this explains its self. 

Daisy is not Impressed


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