Dark Days

10 things I hate about The Ohio State Buckeyes

10. BJ Mullens- I know his time at OSU was short(because he was an idiot and left early) but damn was he ugly and dumb. He also pissed off Michigan basketball fans with a youtube(which isn't up anymore) in which he said "Michigan Sucks" when asked how they would prepare for the Wolverines. The fat head did nothing at Ohio State and didn't even start. He left for the NBA after one year and avg 1.1 ppg last year for the Thunder. Good call.

9. David Boston- Really David? Did you think you could open your muscle face trap and expect Chuck to not make you look like a fool? I am pretty sure this dude was on the roid. He seemed like he was more into looking good than...you know, being good at football. He blew his body up with meats,cheeses and roids and called it a career. He played for five different teams and sucked on all five of them. He will always be remembered for being Woodson's Bitch.

8. 3rd Rock from the Sun- Oh my god this show was terrible. Another show on FOX that made me wanna take a dump on my TV so I wouldn't use it again. I know this has zero to do with OSU but the show was based out of Ohio so that's reason enough. French Stewart with his eyes closed all the time really killed it for me. Than Sally, she was like 6'8" and could dunk a basketball. Not to mention the bad guy from the old 80s Santa Clause Movie. It sucked for years but people watched it(people love bad TV). Go figure.

7. Buckeye- Wow you guys are "Nuts". Like thats the best you had? A nut? Why not use the state Bug? The Ladybug. Yeah I am very serious. That's the state bug or insect. I just gotta wonder how a nut can cause fear in another team? choking maybe? Like in the last few National Championship Games?

6. AJ Hawk- Ok he is like the ugliest dude in the NFL right now and thats hard to do. Not to mention he married Brady Quinn's sister who has Brady's head and face but with long hair. The dude is a straight up modern day Frankenstein. I am pretty sure the Packers have asked him not to come to any team photo shoots or do charity work in fear of him scaring off the public. Oh and he has sorta sucked for the Packers.

5.Brutus the Buckeye- This cheesy thin mascot got his ass handed to him at the start of a season by the mascot at Ohio. The Bobcat had his way as the players and cheerleaders watched and did nothing. It was a blood bath. I sometimes think he might be "special" since he spends most the game punching himself in his ugly head. Like isn't that a reason you would be the "resource room"?

4.The OSU Fans- Where to even start. They act obnoxious. Most the time they are in your a face giving you stats like how many days it's been since UM has beat OSU or how great Troy Smith might be some day for the 49ers. They are even stupid like when OSU loses to Purdue or Wisconsin and scream "Pryor can't play QB!! OMG!!! Move him to WR!" Great idea... Would love to see that car wreak of an experiment. They are just a sad bunch. But OSU is all they have since Ohio teams suck at everything else.

3.Beanie Wells's Toe- The dude hurt is toe in some scrub game and he acted like he just got shot. Suck it up and get off the field. I hate your toe. It's such a pussy.

2."Theeeee Ohio State"- It's so cool. "Theeeee Ohio State". I don't even have a picture since this is too dumb for pictures. Does it make you feel like a really important person? Like this one dude I met on a elevator and noticed he had a OSU shirt on and I said "Ohio State fan huh?" Nope he said... "THHHEEEEE Ohio State Fan" : rolls eyes : Yes I am sorry... I forgot to sound like a idiot.

1.Maurice Clarett - It's too easy isn't it? I mean really. I am more upset that this cat didn't break open a giant Reggie Bush like invesagation. Some how The Vest and OSU dodged that bullet. Speaking of bullets, he had a shit ton of them in his car when he was pulled over and put in jail for acting like an animal. He now plays back up RB for a Jimmy Johns sponsored team that plays in the Columbus football rec league.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Changed my mind, no top 10. It will be up tomorrow.

Happy Turkey day!

Look Ma!

I forgot to post this after the Illinois game. I am a sucker for being caught on TV. Nothing better than the Shredder in HD. Also the guy down in the right hand corner did the claw 90% of the game and it was 110% awesome. (see arrow)

Notes for the rest of the week and beyond.
-No live Blog tomorrow. I will be working on OSU Paint.
-Thursday, 10 things I hate about Ohio State(yes a post on the day of thanks)
-Friday, OSU MS Paint.
-Saturday, may have a OSU live blog but I know Mgoblog covers this well. If people request(in comments) than I will put one up.
-Monday, I start my vacation at work but will still post things through out the week. Most review stuff.

Midnight Maize 252

Midnight Maize 251

One Shreds Opinion

No reason to even talk about the first half since Michigan didn't even show up. Mistakes all over the field. They looked lethargic. Liked they expected to loose. It was a poor first half. I think we only had the ball 3-4 times as Wisc just sucked clock. They were booed going into the locker room. The 2nd half was better but it was frustrating since you know the game could have been closer if we show up in the first half. Denard had his best game in some time. 300 and some yards total. Running back didn't do much. V.Smith may have been knocked out for the OSU game as he was hit in the head by a knee. It's the kind of performance that makes your piss boil.

That's how that went. On the bright side they forced a TO but on the down side they were phyiscaly dominated for the whole game. At one point it got embarrassing as Wisc didn't even try to pass the ball. I think it was 29 straight runs to end the game. That's alarming... But at the same time the UMASS game gave us a peak into the future. We couldn't stop their run game so why in the hell would we stop Wisconsin's? I mean Wisconsin is a very good team, maybe the best in the B10. They start like 20 seniors or some crazy shit but it goes to show how far off this team is. I thought we would see more four down linemen and didn't. The 3-3-5 seems to be doom vs a pro style team which seems obvious to most(besides our coaches). Even the announcers made comments about it being a tough defense to defend vs such a huge physical team like Wisconsin. They are gonna have to pull out some pure magic to make OSU punt enough for us to win. Wisconsin never punted once.

Special Teams
A giant kick in the balls most the day. Gallon fumbled again and I have been pretty light on the kid as most have been pretty tough on him but that has to be it right? Stonum came in and did his thing that we knew he could. He is a great kick returner but we saw why he hasn't been doing it. Such a high risk in getting hurt and thats what happened. His Twitter said it would be hard to keep him off the field for OSU so we will see. The on side kick was a must and great call. Michigan just couldn't come up with it.

The Good
-Denard's best game in a while
-Oline was alright
-Kovac's sack...finally a blitz!
-Mike Martin is still a beast with no ankles.

The Bad
-Need to complete a pass? Just throw it to the middle of field.
-Gallon fumbles...again
-Denard's John like tipped passes.
-To Wisc D-lineman who run the other way.
-Ugly Mouton showed up.

The Ugly
-25..26...27...28...29 running plays in a row?!?!?
-Stonum being ripped into two.
-Starting to wonder if all the 3-3-5 worry wards were right?
-Dline was taken to the wood shed...as was the whole team.
-V.Smith may be out.
-Sammy Watkins picks Clemson...
-Seniors going out that way.
-Who needs a drink?


This was made before the move to DE for good. So forget the "All Linebacker".

Coming to a theater not near you!

M Basketball Tonight and going Forward

Well the team has started off 2-0 and looked pretty good in beating teams they should(BSGU & SC Up state). With a very young team you always worry about being beaten or winning close to teams that have no right being in the game with you. That may still happen this year but as of right now the team has looked solid. I am just gonna run down the guys on the roster and how I see them as we go.

Starting Five

PG Darius Morris
He has taken a big step so far. He has been finding the open man and making good choices(11 dimes to 3TO vs BSBU). His shot has looked better but still isn't there yet. Still has a way to go before he is a respect shooter or even an avg one. His D has was last year has been great. He uses his length very well, always bothering the PG. He may get some all B10 looks but next year should really be his money year. Starter until he is gone with out a doubt.

SG/SF Tim Hardaway Jr
Boy, this kid has a nice stroke. I always thought that about Lucas-Perry but he missed. Thus far this kid has knocked down his looks. He even has gotten to the cup a few times and finished well. He could work on his on ball defense and think before he makes a few silly fouls but the kids future is bright and should be starting for the rest of his time at Michigan.

SG/SF Zack Novak
Mr. Balls to walls you could say. He looked sharp doing all those dirty things that people dont wanna do. Hustle down balls, blocks shots like Lebron ect. I don't think Novak will get much better but he's a great leader and hits the boards hard for his size. His shot looked good tonight and I think will come up big this year for this team.

PF Evan Smotrycz
In the first game he didn't do much for me but vs Bowling Green he impressed a lot. I can now see the talent oozing from this kid. He got a great quick release and reminds me a bit of Dirk Nowitzki. He looked like he's done this before. He has a smooth release. Alright enough about the shot. He did rebound well and play defense alright even though he still needs some work on his footing. His passing had something left to be desired. He made some terrible passes to wide open players but nothing that won't come with some more time on the court. He's got the PF spot locked down for the next 4 years.

C Jordan Morgan
This kid has shocked me thus far. He didn't pass my eye ball test last year but you can tell he has worked hard in the weight room. He has done great with rebounding and finishing around the hoops with lay ups and dunks. He's the type of guy Michigan has needed for the last 2-3 years. It would be great if he could develop a back to the basket type of game but he maybe just a garbage man for the most part. Either way he is gonna be a huge help all season.

The Bench

SG/PG Stu Douglas
Oh Stu we love yea buddy. He looked sharp again tonight but he is sorta like Novack. Not sure how much better he can get. If he can make 2pt FGs that would be a start. He blew a lay up tonight but did finish on a left handed one later. Great to have him coming off the bench to provide so sort of upper class leadership and shooting. Seems like just yesterday you had the Lloyd Christmas bowl hair cut.

C Jon Horford
The kid came in and had a few nice plays but isn't ready yet. It a ideal situation he would have been red shirted but he has to get help with with rebounding and playing the big dudes. He is skinny as hell and needs weight bad but he has good genetics. I am not sure how he projects going forward. He is very raw but may end up starting down the road with Morgan at the PF and Evan at SF in 2012 after Novak is gone. He needs to be eating like Justin Turner at this point.

C/PF Blake McLimans
I don't have much of a read on this kid. He has a nice jumper but will he rebound for you? Play dirty defense? He seems a bit soft. He also needs some work and is a older..young player(makes sense?). He can be a nice spark of the bench and draw defenders out to the 3pt line but his big jump may come next year. Not sure if he will ever start at UM but he should be a solid guy going forward.

SG/SF Colton Christian
I think of him as a stopper. Maybe you put him on the best offense guy. He is very limited on offense. He did have a nice put back off a miss but dosn't have much of a game on offense. He maybe a great role player going forward since a team always needs a great defender. I could see him getting some nice PT one game and nothing the next as UM gets into the B10 play. As for the future, lets hope he can find a shot or something and build on that. I figure a role player for his time at UM.

SG Matt Vogrich
I was pretty frustrated with his play tonight. He turned the ball over on almost all his touches. He still looks very out manned at this level. He was pushed around a bit and found his lay ups blocked but he can still shoot lights out which makes him something and in coaches B offense a major something. He is like our Steve Kerr and will be his role going forward I am sure. He still struggles on defense but tries hard. As more classes come he may see less PT unless he grows out of that 15 year old body.

The outcome for 2010-11?

I see a ton of ups and downs. They could get clubbed pretty hard some nights in B10 play but what you gotta love about young teams is how hungry they are. They will go full bore and wanna get better no matter how bad things get. This team has upside but is still a year away. They will find them selfs in the bottom of the B10 for the most part but might find a few surprise wins if they have a good shooting night(thats all it takes in CBB). If this team can reach the NIT that would be a huge thing for these young guys to grow on. I don't really expect that to happen but it could. Expect a ton of growing pains but a team that will play hard to the end and may surprise you a time or two. Enjoy the season. 

Midnight Maize 250

10 things I hate about The Wisconsin Badgers

10. Ron Dayne- Sure he holds some NCAA records and could out eat John Candy in a Hot Wings contest but nothing was more frustrating than watching a guard play running back and do it so well. Like God took Barry Sanders feet and pasted them onto Ron Dayne for a sick joke. Oh well... Michigan got the last laugh.

9. That 70s Show- I know it doesn't have much to do with the Badgers besides the show taking place in Wisconsin... I still hate that show. Besides looking at Mila Kunis(Jackie) and watching the bad guy from Robocop it sucked. I never enjoyed Horse Face/Man Voice Donna and all the lame 14 year old pot head humor. I won't even get into the awful "That 80s show" that spawned from it and lasted a week or the fact that Fez.. never mind.

8.Bucky the Badger- I mean he is so top heavy and hooky. He doesn't even have a neck. He does push ups after touchdowns.. How original. He also looks like a furry candy cane. Maybe this is a reach but still...

7.The "W"- It's pure ugly. It's all squashed and....dumb. I mean it barley looks like a "W". Looks like Devil writing with all those points and red.

6.Camp Randell- Whats with naming the stadium after a camp ground? Sounds like a place my dad took us up north for our crappy family camping trips. Also whats with that Church/ware house? Looks so out of place. The place is a poor mans Horse shoe is some respects. Jump around isn't that cool either. It was better in Happy Gilmore.

5.The Perverted Band- "This one time in Camp Randell". In 2008 you sick loony pervs were suspended for the Ohio State game. I guess keeping the public safe from a bunch of hazing drunk super sex freaks was in order. Not that the OSU fans would have minded. They love hazing drunk super sex freaks. Next time take your sick little band games to the internet. At least you will make money. Oh and they lost because of you..

4. Orson Welles- Again didn't attend UW that I am aware of but I hate frozen peas.

3.Bo Ryan- Yeah... Alright he has been pretty good but... Boring! When you do the eye ball test on his basketball teams you think they look like the worst team in the Big Ten. A bunch of ugly white dudes who box out and and play defense... oh and take smart shots. How boring winning must be. His poor mans(yes that phrase again) Pat Riley looks awful. Pat would throw hair grease in his eyes for dishonoring his look.

Whats that shit on your face?
2.James Kamoku- You son of a bitch! You think you can put your god damn hands on Steve Breaston and get away with it? DO YOU!? This amateur during a 2006 UM vs UW punt return decided to try and rip Steve's ankle off. It was caught on TV. Karma is a bitch since last I saw you played for some fake football team called the "Wolf Pac". Guess what happened to this dirt ball for his busch league act? NOTHING! That brings me to number...one.

1.Bret Bielema- I know right? Predictable? Yes he's an easy number one. His fat ugly head has made him a pretty big D bag around the league. Last week he nearly killed a man. Alright he didn't but he did smash the poor Indiana people for 83 points for no damn reason. He also ran the score up on the handicapped Gophers. This dude is such a sleeeeze ball. He looks so creepy, like I would see him in the Golden Lion off of US-23 searching for his favorite adult magazine. So in closing he is a smug ugly man who is in favor of no sportsmanship and dirty play... oh and he hates Care Bears.... and I don't like him.

Midnight Maize 249


A lot of people since the 246 explosion vs ILL have began to talk about the number "1" with Roy Roundtree. I figured we should look at it from a stats point to see if statistically he is up to par with Carter,Terrell and Braylon.

Seeking the "1"
Roy Roundtree

What makes him a "1"?
-Came on late in the 2009 season vs MSU. Had a game-tying TD. Went on to have 434 yards and three TDs the rest of the 2009 year.
-246 Yards and Two TDs vs ILL in a 3OT Thiller.
-Huge clutch catch on 3rd down vs ND this year to set up the winning run by Denard.
-Had 86 yards and one TD vs ND in that same game and a 10 YPC avg.
-9 catches for 118 yards vs BG
-5 catches for 126 and one TD vs Indiana and an AVG of 25.2 yards per catch.
-Like able.
-Wants the Jersey and knows its....Aura...

What doesn't make him a "1"?
-UMASS two catches for 12 yards
-During the MSU,IOWA and PSU stretch Roundtree only caught 11 passes for 73 yards and 0 TDs.
-His size, many think you may have to be a big physical wide out(closest on the roster would be Hemingway)
-Rodriguez seems to be back and forth on the number since Braylon snapped at him for handing it to JT Floyd without knowing the importance.
Edwards: I'm glad you gave me a Go Blue question because Rich Rod gave the No. 1 jersey to an incoming freshman DB and the No. 1 jersey has never been worn by anybody outside of a wide receiver," Edwards said. "It dates back to Anthony Carter, (Greg) McMurtry, Tyrone Butterfield, Derrick Alexander, David Terrell, and yours truly. So I'm going to have a talk with him about that the next time I see him.
 RR: Roy likes the No. 12 and I think he’d be good just staying in that.
But he also said
“I won’t have it as a competitive situation,” Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez said Wednesday. “It has to be someone that has earned it on and off the field. Roy has earned the right to be considered with that, and we’ll talk about that in the off-season.”
 So who knows. Roy gotta be happy that it's even a topic.

The Comparison

Now lets stack Roy up with Carter,Terrell and Edwards. All from sophomore year stats.
Of course I am jumping the gun a bit since Roy's 2010 season has yet to conclude but you can see he will be close to 60ish catches,825-900 yards receiving  and 6-8 TDs.

Through 10 games
Roy Roundtree -2010-
51 catches 725 yards with a 14.2 YPC and 5 TDs.

Anthony Carter -1980-
43 catches 844 yards with a 19.6 YPC and 8 TDs.

David Terrell -1999-
71 catches 1038 yards with a 14.6 YPC and 7 TDs

Braylon Edwards -2002-
67 catches 1035 yards with a 15.4 YPC and 10 TDs

As you can Roy has some work to so stat wise in the final three games. It's pretty amazing what Edwards and Terrell did in such a run based offense as such young players. Roy's YPC is pretty good but he lacks in the other areas. But with a big final three games he could get close to some of those numbers. For the most part Roy seems to be right there.

So is Roy the next 1?
Hard saying with Rich's back and forth comments. Going on pure play.... It's a toss up for me. On one had he has had some great clutch moments and record setting days. He also seems to be a great leader and is a good student. Seems to be great off the field from what we know. On the other hand he was no where to be seen during some of Michigan's toughest games. The three game losing streak was his worst games thus far at Michigan while some of that had to do with other things such as Denard throwing behind him during most of the MSU game. So it's not all on him but he still wasn't a factor. The whole Roy not being this big jump ball WR is pretty dumb thing to hold on the "1" since I feel he is more in the mold of the Anthony Carter. Even his stats are Carter esk.

I think there is a good chance he finishes strong and uses that Roy charm in the off season to get Rich to pull the 1 out of the closet. I will revisit this once the season is over to see if my thoughts stick.

Good Luck Roy.

Midnight Maize 248

One Shreds Opinion

Well it wasn't pretty. Really it was down right nasty. Along with the weather. Maybe the spread doesn't work in nasty wet conditions with a natural crappy field? But anyway yeah it was ugly. Denard struggled for the second straight week. He had issue finding running lanes and when they did they closed quick. I'm not sure if Denard is just so banged up to the point where he has lost some burst or the O-line isn't getting to the second level but his running game has taken a step back. Passing wise he was shaky again. He once again he "FREAK OUT" moments where he just heaves the ball to the safety for a fair catch. His first INT I haven't watched yet but that didn't look much better. Denard hasn't gotten to that point where he just throws it away or... this novel idea... JUST RUN!! Denard use those magical legs that god gifted you with and run until tackled good sir!

The running backs again played alright. V.Smith had a nice day with 97 yards and a TD. He was a solid runner most the day. Doing nothing outrageous but was getting 3-4 yards on most carries. Michael Shaw took a hard hit and never saw the field again. Hopkins was pretty solid. Ran hard has always and had the winning TD to seal the game.

The WR had a alright day. Roundtree found the endzone and Hemingway moved the chains a few times but their were some drops out there. The offense has a whole just struggled most the game vs a pretty bad Purdue defense but the elements had something to do with it. I may have been the most frustrating performance this year since you knew that Michigan could just blow it open if it just did what it has done most the year and put up a lot of points. Whats the saying?  A win is a ...win.

The defense produced TOs and even scored. Than again Purdue is so mangled it almost laughable. Michigan did what they should have done. I mean Purdue was using its banged up QB has a running back... But he has some wheels. The Robinson kid was brutal and Michigan forced him into mistakes. Roh showed again why he should have been playing DE all year. He got to the QB at times and forced the fumble that Cam picked up and ran in. Cam again looked a lot better near the line and I did notice Vinopal had a few nice plays. Coming up and making tackles. He didn't ever seem out of position. Can he do is vs Wisc and OSU? ahhh I'm not sure. But the kid hasn't been awful. The D only allowed 9pts and had it best outing. Even if it was coming with a mangled Purdue team, this was a shot of confidence going into it's toughest tests. 

The Good
-Denard's 3rd down run
-V.Smith(he deserves it)
-D Line got some push for once
-Hagerup destroyed a football
-Lewan saves a drive
-Roundtree route running
-Cam to the house

The Bad
-Tate was so-so
-Obi was...ok!!!
-Shaw being knocked out
-Denard sacked?? Huh?
-O Line had it worst game

The Ugly
-Denard's pick 6
-Denard's missed tackle
-Denard's arm punt to the safety is still an issue
-Denards fumble
-Ahh he didn't play well.
-Purdue's QB Frankenstein
-Kicker? Kicker?
-Mouton and Martin still out...maybe longer?

Det News


Go Blue?

Midnight Maize 245

Midnight Maize 246


Welcome to... BIG TEN JAM!


Midnight Maize 245

Midnight Maize 244

One Shreds Opinion

67 points and I missed 7 of those since I got in the stadium late. It's pretty crazy to think what the score might have been had Michigan not TO the ball 5 times. 67 may have been the score at the end of regulation and a win. Denard had a good day passing with 300 and some yards before going out with a knock to the head. While in Denard improved a lot when he had time. There were moments when he had all day and didn't have a MSU/Iowa freak out bomb INT. He sat in there and threw down field with some very good accuracy. Illinois did a great job of holding Denard running the ball. Denard ran 19 times for 62 yards. Illinois seemed to dare Michigan and Denard to throw all day when he was in. Denard did have two INTs. One I feel was Webbs fault for not looking for the ball out of his break(who knows, it may have been Nards) and the other was tipped which was on Denard.

Tate came in and played pretty well but still has Tate Forcier moments. On his first play he had a wide open Hemingway and fumbled the ball when trying to throw it(slipped). At that point I just punched myself in the face since I had no idea why Denard wasn't in. Tate did come back to play very well(besides a INT) and lead Michigan to the dramatic win. Having him as our backup has been HUGE. I don't wanna think what we might be looking at with a true frosh back up in Devin. I just hope Tate sticks around but at the same time he deserves to play and wouldn't be surprising if he left. You gotta love Tate, he sticks in there and keeps playing. I have feeling that Tates growing pains maybe behind him at this point and "gets it" going forward.

The running backs played very well as a unit. The best of the year IMO. Lets take a look at the running chart with our backs.
-V.Smith 13 carries 73 yards(5.6)
-Hopkins 5 carries 45 yards(9.0 avg!) 1 TD
-Shaw 9 carries 44 yards(4.9 avg) 3 TD
Thats 27 carries for 162 yards at an avg of 6.0 per carry. Thats a great day as a whole. What stands out more than anything is we need more Hopkins and Shaw. It seems like Shaw came in late and made most his gains. If I had my choice it would be Shaw with 13 and Hopkins with the 9 but V.Smith had a good day and takes a ton of crap for being a steady back who won't wow you. 6.0 avg is outstanding and it came vs at the time the 15th best defense in the nation so no baby seal here.

The wide receivers played a great game, maybe one of the best I have seen since watching Michigan. I gave this group a lot of crap for not playing well last year and this year they maybe the most improved area of the team. Roundtree set records 9 rec for 246 yards for a 27 yard avg! He did have some drops which is a bit funny for him. Hemingway continues to surprise and amaze me. The dude had a gross move on his TD up the side line where he junked the pants out of three Illinois defenders. At his weight there is no way he should be doing some of the things that he does. Stonum also had a huge TD catch and still seems to be the 3rd option. I am starting to think we may have the best WR core in the Big Ten. It's great seeing the down field passing back at Michigan.

The line played very well as always. They did have a few bad moments with holding and false starts. Even gave up a sack when Denard went down which is rare. So all in all they did very well. The holes were there for the RBs all day.

I know 65 points in a lot but they looked so much better. We just attacked more. Sure it lead to some long scores but at least we are trying at this point and not just sitting back and being shredded(hehe). Even some young guys made some great plays in space. Avery's one on one tackle(where was that vs Iowa?) on the QB to force a 4th down and a missed FG. Cam looked more at home and blitzed well off the edge. I think Adam Patterson did better with Martin out. Even the most hated on recruit ever Ray Vinopal had a good day and had a huge stop to stuff Illinois on a 3rd down drive. Kenny Demons had a monster day from what I could tell. He should be pretty good going forward. The Defense just seem to never pack it in. They keep fighting no matter how bad they have been. They forced enough 4th downs in the end.

Did they crap the bed a few times? Yes. The Illinois wheel route to the RB happened twice. No one with in a mile of the RB. A few missed tackles here and there but man they can out and played their balls off and had a lot to do with that win. I didn't see much three down linemen and when I did they seem to bring CaM off the edge. So they just seem to attack more and say whatever happens with the secondary happens. I hope the effort continues.

The Good
-Denards long ball(it's getting there)
-Denard in the pocket
-RR putting Denard's health before his job.
-Free tickets from my cousin who was the side judge.
-Pick your poison at running back
-Pick your poison at wide receiver
-Best half time show ever! Thats right EVAAAR!
-Tate will not be denied
-FG is Good!
-Still fighting
-The crowd
-Moutons last stand...game!
-Defense looked avg at times(thats a GOOD!)
-Roundtree becomes elite

The Bad
-Five TOs
-Read option defense could have been better
-FG is missed
-Student section not full(Booooo!!)
-Maybe too aggressive on offense at times.
-Tate's fumble. Could have been a huge gain.

The Ugly
-Wheel route blues
-Denards head
-Martins bashed ankles
-Lions coaching..whoops...Oh well.
-Tackling on the perimeter
-Drunk Michigan fans fighting with Illinois fans all game. You embarrassed the whole fan base.

Det News

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