M Basketball Tonight and going Forward

Well the team has started off 2-0 and looked pretty good in beating teams they should(BSGU & SC Up state). With a very young team you always worry about being beaten or winning close to teams that have no right being in the game with you. That may still happen this year but as of right now the team has looked solid. I am just gonna run down the guys on the roster and how I see them as we go.

Starting Five

PG Darius Morris
He has taken a big step so far. He has been finding the open man and making good choices(11 dimes to 3TO vs BSBU). His shot has looked better but still isn't there yet. Still has a way to go before he is a respect shooter or even an avg one. His D has was last year has been great. He uses his length very well, always bothering the PG. He may get some all B10 looks but next year should really be his money year. Starter until he is gone with out a doubt.

SG/SF Tim Hardaway Jr
Boy, this kid has a nice stroke. I always thought that about Lucas-Perry but he missed. Thus far this kid has knocked down his looks. He even has gotten to the cup a few times and finished well. He could work on his on ball defense and think before he makes a few silly fouls but the kids future is bright and should be starting for the rest of his time at Michigan.

SG/SF Zack Novak
Mr. Balls to walls you could say. He looked sharp doing all those dirty things that people dont wanna do. Hustle down balls, blocks shots like Lebron ect. I don't think Novak will get much better but he's a great leader and hits the boards hard for his size. His shot looked good tonight and I think will come up big this year for this team.

PF Evan Smotrycz
In the first game he didn't do much for me but vs Bowling Green he impressed a lot. I can now see the talent oozing from this kid. He got a great quick release and reminds me a bit of Dirk Nowitzki. He looked like he's done this before. He has a smooth release. Alright enough about the shot. He did rebound well and play defense alright even though he still needs some work on his footing. His passing had something left to be desired. He made some terrible passes to wide open players but nothing that won't come with some more time on the court. He's got the PF spot locked down for the next 4 years.

C Jordan Morgan
This kid has shocked me thus far. He didn't pass my eye ball test last year but you can tell he has worked hard in the weight room. He has done great with rebounding and finishing around the hoops with lay ups and dunks. He's the type of guy Michigan has needed for the last 2-3 years. It would be great if he could develop a back to the basket type of game but he maybe just a garbage man for the most part. Either way he is gonna be a huge help all season.

The Bench

SG/PG Stu Douglas
Oh Stu we love yea buddy. He looked sharp again tonight but he is sorta like Novack. Not sure how much better he can get. If he can make 2pt FGs that would be a start. He blew a lay up tonight but did finish on a left handed one later. Great to have him coming off the bench to provide so sort of upper class leadership and shooting. Seems like just yesterday you had the Lloyd Christmas bowl hair cut.

C Jon Horford
The kid came in and had a few nice plays but isn't ready yet. It a ideal situation he would have been red shirted but he has to get help with with rebounding and playing the big dudes. He is skinny as hell and needs weight bad but he has good genetics. I am not sure how he projects going forward. He is very raw but may end up starting down the road with Morgan at the PF and Evan at SF in 2012 after Novak is gone. He needs to be eating like Justin Turner at this point.

C/PF Blake McLimans
I don't have much of a read on this kid. He has a nice jumper but will he rebound for you? Play dirty defense? He seems a bit soft. He also needs some work and is a older..young player(makes sense?). He can be a nice spark of the bench and draw defenders out to the 3pt line but his big jump may come next year. Not sure if he will ever start at UM but he should be a solid guy going forward.

SG/SF Colton Christian
I think of him as a stopper. Maybe you put him on the best offense guy. He is very limited on offense. He did have a nice put back off a miss but dosn't have much of a game on offense. He maybe a great role player going forward since a team always needs a great defender. I could see him getting some nice PT one game and nothing the next as UM gets into the B10 play. As for the future, lets hope he can find a shot or something and build on that. I figure a role player for his time at UM.

SG Matt Vogrich
I was pretty frustrated with his play tonight. He turned the ball over on almost all his touches. He still looks very out manned at this level. He was pushed around a bit and found his lay ups blocked but he can still shoot lights out which makes him something and in coaches B offense a major something. He is like our Steve Kerr and will be his role going forward I am sure. He still struggles on defense but tries hard. As more classes come he may see less PT unless he grows out of that 15 year old body.

The outcome for 2010-11?

I see a ton of ups and downs. They could get clubbed pretty hard some nights in B10 play but what you gotta love about young teams is how hungry they are. They will go full bore and wanna get better no matter how bad things get. This team has upside but is still a year away. They will find them selfs in the bottom of the B10 for the most part but might find a few surprise wins if they have a good shooting night(thats all it takes in CBB). If this team can reach the NIT that would be a huge thing for these young guys to grow on. I don't really expect that to happen but it could. Expect a ton of growing pains but a team that will play hard to the end and may surprise you a time or two. Enjoy the season. 

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