mgoblog top 25

swarwick33 over at mgoblog had the bright idea of making a members top 25. Since I am a loyal poster I of course joined the poll. Here is how it turned out after one week.

Member's Poll
Coaches Rank AP Rank

Team Points

1 Alabama 391 3 3
2 Florida 383 2 2
3 Texas 376 1 1
4 Virginia Tech. 335 6 6
5 Boise State 322 5 5
6 Cincinnati 299 11 10
7 LSU 294 4 4
8 Iowa 264 17 13
9 Oklahoma 257 8 8
10 USC 253 7 7
11 Houston 252 15 12
12 Ohio State 231 9 9
13 TCU 223 10 11
14 Oklahoma State 167 12 14
15 Miami 163 21 17
16 Penn State 161 13 15
17 Oregon 153 25 16
18 Georgia 121 14 19
19 Michigan 105 20 22
20 Kansas 93 16 18
21 Brigham Young 72 21 20
22 California 52 19 24
23 Nebraska 48 24 23
24 Georgia Tech. 42 NR 25
25 Missouri 35 23 NR

You can see mine and all the 20 other posters picks here via google spread sheet. I look forward to making the college football world right with this.

Back to Spartan Stadium

Just out today into theaters! Back to Spartan Stadium! Starring Denard Robinson. Rated F for fast.

Denard is heading back to 2001 to makes things right. The clock at spartan stadium will stop before the ball is spiked! Can Denard stop the clock keeper before the lighting strikes the 01 UM team?

I didn't want to spoil the ending but ahh hell who cares. WARNING SPOILER BELOW!

The Past was made right. Michigan wins in 2001!

Hate! Hate! Hate!

Alright I know a lot of UM fans are hating folks so I figured I would measure the Hate! Hate! Hate! with my Hate-0-Meter. People who would have been on this list in the past include Morgan Trent,Gabe Watson,Jim Herrmann,All 2008 QBs ect...

Alright these four guys are taking a lot of Hate right now from the Michigan fan base.

1.Boubacar Cissoko-
Between getting torched in the ND game by a stud NFL prospect and
getting pulled during the Indi game Boo boo hasn't helped his stock much. I will say he has
struggled but he is taking a lot of heat right now from the Michigan faithful and I don't feel it's
very fair. He is almost up to Morgan Trent hate with a lot of fans and they just need to give the
kid a chance. CB is hard position to play, maybe one of the hardest and he is a true Sophomore.
I always say you really shouldn't take much heat unless you are a JR or SR. He only has
a hand full of starts under his belt, so lets be patient and not black ball Boo boo just yet.
As you can see the Hate-o-Meter is at it's highest level of "I hate yea GUTS!" for Cissoko.

2.Obi Ezeh
Obi has taken a lot of heat as of late for his terrible tackling, awful angles and many
other blunders. Obi does and should feel some hate, he has taken a step back in many area's.
You would think by year three he maybe it would start to click for him. I will say having three different
defense coaches in three years can't help and maybe the reason for his step backwards. Right now
he reminds me a lot of Prescott Burgess. We are all waiting for the potential to come out.
The Hate-o-Meter is high right now for Obi and rightfully so.

3.David Moosman
You know that kid that smells in elementary school?
You don't hate him but you have some dislike for him. That's David Moosman.
Moosman wouldn't even be near this list if wasn't for his Indi center performance.
We all watched in horror has one drive after another was killed from bad snaps. Fans watching
snaps flying over QBs heads does not help you and he could fall off this list if he makes
the proper adjustments.

4.Darryl Stonum
Stonum was higher on this list before we knew of his kick return
skills. The reason he was getting heat was due to rumors of bad attitude and wondering
if he would ever live up to his ranking. He has made jumps as a WR and should get
better but still has some ways to go to get into fans good graces.

Standby Mode

Might be the worst thing evah! Can't post comments on the CIL :/

Midnight Maize Issue 23

Midnight Maize Issue 22


-MM last two peices of art were featured on Mgoblog and on NY Maginzine. I am always a proud Papa when my art makes it on great blogs like Mgoblog or MSC but being put in the NY Maginzine sports section is a whole another honor. I hope I can keep the pace up because I really do love making Michigan art.

-I do have a new wall paper that I will be releasing on Monday or Wednesday. I go the video game route again and this NES classic starts with a "Z"...

-Live Blog tonight. Be there! 12:00am est.

-I got tickets to the UM vs MSU game. I am pretty excited. I did have to buy PSU vs MSU to get these so that sucks and I am looking to unload those asap! I also hate having to give money to MSU athletic department but getting MSU tickets at face value and seats on 35 are to good of a deal.

-My latest collecting habit... Michigan football cards. I will post it once I get close to completing my collection.

% Game

27% chance Brandon Minor makes every game from MSU to the rest of the season.

I wish Minor's ankle wasn't made of glass but it is. He will be lucky to play in half the Big 10 games this year.

75% chance that I learn and remember one of the walk on's names.
Every week one gets on the field and I am like.. "Who the hell?" What who's that? By the end of the year I will have one of them figured out.

79% Chance that Indi rushes more than 100 yards. Only WMU was stopped and they didn't that often. Looking back I bet they did.

47% That Obi becomes the next Stevie Brown.
In terms of how many times he will make you do a "Homer"... DOH!

61% Chance that Tate sits out one of the games due to injury.
The QB takes some hits in RR system. We saw the horror vs EMU. He will find a way to get hurt in b10 play. I hope my % is way off and it more like 0%.

Midnight Maize Issue 21

Midnight Maize Issue 20

Charlie Weis' s Punch Out

I was playing Mike Tyson's punch out last night for some old time kicks and I happen to unlock a secret that I didn't know about. I beat King Hippo is record time(first round 1min knock out) and then some text came across the screen "congratulations! You have unlocked King Hippo's Brother ND head football coach Charlie Weis! Good luck Mac and don't love a glove!". I was shocked. I got to choose between Mouton or Forcier for playing characters. I then beat Charlie Weis to a pulp and knocked him out with a 11 seconds left. Not sure how this made it into the game. Maybe back in the Day Nintendo had a way of going into the future or had their own Denard Robinson.

HD Versions:

Programing Note: This should be my last fat joke at Charles for the year.. I think. Also Live Blog tonight at 12:00am EST.

Midnight Maize Issue 19

Midnight Maize Issue 18 EMU

Lets put this to rest..

Well I am sick of all this was he or wasn't the foot out of bounds crap. Since I was standing right there I went ahead and drew what I saw. At the moment he stepped out I just so happened to drop one of my delicious Doritos. I saw it plain as day. The kid was out. Bad karma comes to those who take awful profile pictures(if you saw the game on TV you know what I mean, he stands side ways and sticks his chin out and smiles).

Midnight Maize Issue 17

Midnight Maize Issue 16

Programming note

I will not be on tonight(sorry Hulk). I will be out of the house most the night doing checks so I will be back tomorrow! Starting at 12:00am.

Touch the Banner

This what really happened on Saturday. Not only did Zoltan get trampled but Martin switched over to the Hulk, three Slot ninja's deployed all over the field, The Force was felt and Denard was dropping snaps and turning them into blurs.

HD Version:

Also if you missed my ugly mug on the boards..

Class Acts

A few days ago I posted the "Assumptions full of wow" about a few Mgoblog posters who said some things I wasn't sure how to take or how to interpret them. Five comments later and people prove to be class acts. That can be a hard thing to find on the internet these days. Especially when being called out.

Dex said...
September 8, 2009 4:39 PM
your mspaint pics make my day, every time.

Brodie said...
September 8, 2009 5:01 PM
Hey Shredder... I never meant my comments to be offensive. I like you a lot, you're a cool guy who posts a lot of great stuff. When I say I go out of my way to be nice to you, what I really meant was that I'll usually plus one your posts, etc. I don't look down on you or anything of the sort.

I'm especially sorry for making it sound like you were somehow destined to be middle class if you didn't go to Michigan or imply you're not a fan. I'm not one of those people, I'm sorry that comment seemed that way.

I really like you, I didn't mean any offense.

Brodie came out and really sold me on him as a fan and as a person with a lot of class. I easily put the most heat on his comments and he showed nothing but class. I can now say I have a friend and his name is "Brodie"... man.

ShockFX said...
September 8, 2009 5:09 PM
Shredder, don't take Brodie or $am seriously. They were making wild assumptions based on nothing, and neither went to Michigan, nor are official WLA writers.

I didn't expect anything from ShockFX since I really didn't post any of his comments or have had any talks with him before or chats. Just shows more class.

ShockFX said...
September 8, 2009 5:13 PM
Also, your MSPaints are freaking epic.

Brodie said...
September 8, 2009 5:29 PM
I actually did go to Michigan, Shock... but yeah, don't take what I say seriously.

And more Assumptions FTW!! I just wanna say thanks to all who cleared the air. If any of you guys wanna link up our blogs shoot me a line. GO BLUE!

Midnight Maize Issue 15

Midnight Maize Issue 14

Assumptions full of wow

I was wondering around through my "Internet Highway!" links. I found this little gem where people make assumptions about "The shredder" and people "go out of there way for me?".... Hmmm lets dig a bit deeper. I will shoot through some of these comments and help answer and show how when you just assume you end up looking like an imbecile.

CiL up at The Shredder's blog. I like the dude, but if you want to crash it with the funny but nice, here you go...

CPS4Maize | 09.06.09 - 1:12:23 a.m. EDT

Please do come "crash".

Also: don't crash the shredder's liveblogs. I feel bad for that dude. He works nights and clearly doesn't have enough work to keep him busy.

Or he's a lazy asshole. Either way, I feel bad for anyone who works the third shift.

$am | 09.06.09 - 1:32:21 a.m. EDT |

Well $am to clarify I am not a "Lazy asshole". I work for a non-profit company that houses kids who are in between their crappy homes and foster care. Like the middle man. My job at night is to ensure saftey by keeping crazy parents off the campus along with paper work that goes along with each child. I do love my job. I do have down time like anyone who works these hours.

Holy shit. The Shredder's a grown-ass man with kids. I thought he was younger than me working at a convenience store or some shit.

$am | 09.06.09 - 1:33:45 a.m. EDT

Am I grown ass man? Yes I am 25. Do I have kids? No.

The fact that someone who may very well be 30+ gave us that mspaint majesty puts a smile on my face

$am | 09.06.09 - 1:34:20 a.m. EDT | #

Not 30 yet, but I do enjoy MSpaint.

I feel bad for Shredder, he reminds me of a lot of people I know. I go out of my way to be nice to him.

Brodie | | 09.06.09 - 1:34:44 a.m. EDT | #

This one I don't get. Why the hell would you feel bad for me? Who do I remind you of? Go out of your way? Why thank you all mighty Brodie with 2187399123 points. I don't even recall ever talking to you.

I don't take Shredder for the white trash two-kids-at-20 type.

$am | 09.06.09 - 1:35:34 a.m. EDT | #


Shredder is probably just the average lower middle class dude doing what it takes to make it in life. It seems weird against the backdrop of a board where ~60% of members are Michigan alums, but he's good people.

Brodie | | 09.06.09 - 1:38:24 a.m. EDT | #

Ahh I get it. One of those if you didn't go to UM than you must be "middle class". Did I go to UM? No. My 3.4 GPA and extra's weren't enough to get in. I ended up at WMU. Do I love UM just as much as you or any alum? Yes and even more. Well I am glad I am "good people".

I'd say The Shredder is better than most of the alums, regardless of what he's done in his life. He seems like good people.

CPS4Maize | 09.06.09 - 1:39:51 a.m. EDT | #

Thanks again.. I guess.

I really don't even know what to make of this. Are you guys like the elites of Mgoboard or WLA? I am not even pissed off just sorta bewildered, like whats the point? Maybe this post will help people learn a bit about me. You might find out I am not a 20 something middle class loser with two kids. That's the hope anyway.

I will be back Monday night/Tue morning(8th) at 12am with a live blog.

Midnight Maize Issue 13

Midnight Maize Issue 12 XMAS BABY!

Jihad Justice

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have inside info that Jihad Justice has been served. Those who were responsible for stealing this week leading up to WMU have been punished to the fullest.. By firing squad. I was lucky enough to be on hand to illustrate the event(like someone who draws pictures in court). Everyone can sleep easier now knowing that justice was served outside Al Glick Field House this morning at 5:00am. Enjoy...

Full HD shot can be found here

Midnight Maize Issue 11

Midnight Maize Art Responses

Sean over at Michigan Sports Center(Its way better than ESPN's SC) enjoyed the the last art of David Cone losing his number. Just another honor for me to mentioned on another great UM blog.

Here are a few responses from the Mgoboard about the David Cone MM art piece.

Is Shredder gonna hafta ms Paint a bitch?
please do

I took Shredder's latest masterpiece, printed it out, wrote "RichRod.Own.Shit" on it in my blood, scanned it and sent it.

I hope Denard makes it back from 1955 in time for the game.

Where'd you get the gun? LOL great work after the jihad shit this post was much needed. Don't let rosenberg see this though, that looks like a competitive race, the freep will print this as proof to the story.

david from wyoming:
I love how you labeled the fire.

A Case of Blue:
You may just be giving LSUfreek a run for his money, my friend.
Also, Cone looks like a duck, which might explain a lot.

Seriously that Feagin/gun joke literally made me LOL and wake my fiance up from deep sleep.

I fucking love you.
That is all.
EPromise: I will personally up-vote every single one of your comments from now until I forget, even if said comment is a naked picture of my grandmother.

Live Blog tonight and new art

I will be on tonight a bit after midnight. The Practice Gate MS Paint will be released at some point late tonight. I also used the Midnight Maize time machine to go back to 1998 and signed up for a email account. If you wanna drop me a line you can reach me at

How David Cone Lost The Number 16

The full size HD version

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