% Game

27% chance Brandon Minor makes every game from MSU to the rest of the season.

I wish Minor's ankle wasn't made of glass but it is. He will be lucky to play in half the Big 10 games this year.

75% chance that I learn and remember one of the walk on's names.
Every week one gets on the field and I am like.. "Who the hell?" What who's that? By the end of the year I will have one of them figured out.

79% Chance that Indi rushes more than 100 yards. Only WMU was stopped and they didn't that often. Looking back I bet they did.

47% That Obi becomes the next Stevie Brown.
In terms of how many times he will make you do a "Homer"... DOH!

61% Chance that Tate sits out one of the games due to injury.
The QB takes some hits in RR system. We saw the horror vs EMU. He will find a way to get hurt in b10 play. I hope my % is way off and it more like 0%.

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