-MM last two peices of art were featured on Mgoblog and on NY Maginzine. I am always a proud Papa when my art makes it on great blogs like Mgoblog or MSC but being put in the NY Maginzine sports section is a whole another honor. I hope I can keep the pace up because I really do love making Michigan art.

-I do have a new wall paper that I will be releasing on Monday or Wednesday. I go the video game route again and this NES classic starts with a "Z"...

-Live Blog tonight. Be there! 12:00am est.

-I got tickets to the UM vs MSU game. I am pretty excited. I did have to buy PSU vs MSU to get these so that sucks and I am looking to unload those asap! I also hate having to give money to MSU athletic department but getting MSU tickets at face value and seats on 35 are to good of a deal.

-My latest collecting habit... Michigan football cards. I will post it once I get close to completing my collection.

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