Did anyone know that Michigan had a girls club football team? I didn't. That can be the only thing that explains this. Looks like something from one of those women football leagues. Of course the colors are wrong. I have no idea how you can list this as "Michigan Wolverines Jersey"

Yet another Maize Jersey by some no name company. Its not even the worst part of the auction... Its this dudes gross.. Minger looking fingers.

Garbage Michigan Jerseys litter Ebay. We need to have a call in marathon so fat cat Michigan alums can donate money and then we can buy all of them off ebay. Need a Big Gray Michigan Jersey for a Maize Out?
How bout a "Vintage" Michigan jersey? Maybe a Starter Michigan jersey? That company was cool in 1993.

Chris Hunter Rookie for $0.27? It might be worth $0.25 next year. Bernard the longer you wait... The harder I am going to hit Bernard!

MY GOD! I have no idea how it found me... But it found me. My mom bought me this shirt in the 4th grade... And yes I did wear it to school. I think once. Even at a age when you aren't really caring what you wear I found it a bit embarrassing. Its a time I rather forget. Lets never mention this.

Where on earth can I get a Diane Dietz signed basketball card? And pay a low price of $14.99? Oh wait Ebay has one you say?!?!?! I want one of those jerseys....

Cool Michigan Shit I would buy on Ebay

This thing is about as Holy Grail of Michigan Jerseys as it gets... If it was signed and framed it would have went for even more then $860!! Its got the a legit back name plate and the roses on the shoulders. Even has the Big Ten logo on the front. I never saw these ever for sale. This is GOAT. 

This is a vintage Starter Jacket from the mid 90s. If you grew up in the 90s you know these things were a must have if you were cool. I have and still have my red Bulls Starter jacket(I was cool). The pull over jacket was all the rage. The girls always had the Charlotte Hornets one since they liked the colors... I saw this one around school a lot. These things cost around $60 or more dollars if I remember right. I kept Slap wrist bands and Chris Webber rookie cards in the front pocket... Oh and can of Clear Pepsi.

Game worn Shawn Crable Jersey. I know he isn't a all time great or anything but I was always a huge fan. The dude was a freak and I will never forget that play in the 2007 MSU game where he missed Ringer in the back field to only catch him down at the 5 yard line.. Saving a TD. It showed what kind of man child he was. I thought for sure the dude would be a NFL stud.. So did the Pats.. Not so much. This jersey is a bit over priced IMO but still a cool piece for a collector. 

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