S is for Saints

I posted this on Mgoblog. I asked that if anyone could donate some Michigan basketball tickets for St.Johns Home. It's a home for teens who's parents have lost their rights. I didnt expect much but got a lot. The goal was to take one kid for his Xmas gift. I ended up getting six donated tickets! Now the whole house can go. It's truly amazing how giving some people are. Our house will be going to the Northwestern game on Jan 10th. I know the kids will be pumped. I will take lots of pictures.

I would like to give a special thanks to Simon,Scott and Shawn for donating tickets and making our kids Christmas that much better. I hope everyone has a good holiday. I will be back after the New Year with more live blogs and posting.

Beating on the Student Body since 2009

It all came out today.

You Love me! You really LOVE me!

The "Way too much time on your hands" award for Best Graphic Art goes to:

The Shredder (or The Shredded if you make a typo)– MS Paint

My speech on Mgoblog
I would like to thank the user for laughing.... Thanks for taking a chance on a new member who wears blades on his shoulders and who hunts Ninja Turtles.

It all started on a September day when the board was infatuated with the giant jumbo HD screens at stadiums. I figured why not draw the big house of the future. 2025 to be exact. I knew I would either be neg into outer space or made a champion of the MS Paint people. Well.. Many art pieces later and being linked to many great sites from NY magazine to ESPN I am the peoples MS Paint champ.

I would like to thank all of MGOBLOG and it's users. I hope y....(chunkums jumps on stage and steals the mic)

(Chumkums work)

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