You Love me! You really LOVE me!

The "Way too much time on your hands" award for Best Graphic Art goes to:

The Shredder (or The Shredded if you make a typo)– MS Paint

My speech on Mgoblog
I would like to thank the user for laughing.... Thanks for taking a chance on a new member who wears blades on his shoulders and who hunts Ninja Turtles.

It all started on a September day when the board was infatuated with the giant jumbo HD screens at stadiums. I figured why not draw the big house of the future. 2025 to be exact. I knew I would either be neg into outer space or made a champion of the MS Paint people. Well.. Many art pieces later and being linked to many great sites from NY magazine to ESPN I am the peoples MS Paint champ.

I would like to thank all of MGOBLOG and it's users. I hope y....(chunkums jumps on stage and steals the mic)

(Chumkums work)

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