I did two pieces of art earlier in the year. I didn't feel they were up to standards and never posted them. Well with Zoltan moving on and Weis getting the boot I figured why not Honor both and post them. The Weis Picture(his coaching staff) was done a day after the UM-ND game. I do wonder if they will promote Ronald Mcdonald to head coach. It may keep Clausen in ND.

With the Zoltan piece... Just hail baby.

Paid Leave

I am gonna take a few weeks off from live blogging and drawing my pictures. I will start back up some time in December. When I do start back up I may cut the Live blogs down to once or twice a week. With no bowl game and Michigan the way it is right now there just isn't much to talk about. The nights in Ann Arbor are very cold right now. See you all in a few weeks.

Side Note:The results from "Will UM keep it close" poll. A total of 90 votes. The most ever. Looks like only 13% of people were right.
Yes we keep it close
12 (13%)

No.. Blow out.
41 (45%)

Yes we win!
27 (30%)

What? We packed it in.
10 (11%)

Midnight Maize Issue 41

The Game Wars: A new Hope(Friday's OSU MS Paint)

This is it.. It all comes down to this. May the Forcier be with us tomorrow.

Midnight Maize Issue 40

Buckeye Man(Thursday MS Paint)

[In a Locker room with the door closed]
Pryor: Uh oh fart. Uh oh fart.
Tressel: Did you fart, Pryor? Did you fucking fart?
Pryor: Fart.
Tressel: [Trying unsuccessfully to open the door] How can you stand that?
Pryor: I don't mind it.
Tressel: How can you stand it?
Pryor: Ten minutes to Wapner. We're definitely locked in this locker room with no TV.

[In a phone booth]
Pryor: It's definitely very small in here.
[Tries to leave]
Tressel: Small, and safe. Don't wanna miss the party. You know that, there's a party in your honor Pryor. When we get to LA, there'll be a little Corvette. Lawyers are setting it up right now. Know why there's a party for you? Because you're the $3,000,000 man.

Pryor: Of course I don't have my underwear. I'm definitely not wearing my underwear.
Tressel: I gave you a fresh pair of mine to wear. Where are they?
Pryor: They're in the pocket of my jacket. Here.
Tressel: I don't want them back.
Pryor: These are not boxer shorts. Mine are boxer shorts. These are Hanes 32.
Tressel: Underwear is underwear, Pryor.
Pryor: My boxer shorts have my name and it says Pryor.
Tressel: All right, when we pass the store, we'll pick you up a pair of boxer shorts.
Pryor: I get my boxer shorts at K-Mart in Cincinnati.
Tressel: We're not going back to Cincinnati, Pryor, so don't even start with that.
Pryor: Gotta get my boxer shorts at K-Mart.
Pryor: K-Mart!
Tressel: You know what I think, Pryor? I think this autism is a bunch of shit! Because you can't tell me that you're not in there somewhere!
Pryor: Boxer shorts. K-Mart!

[Pryor throws a INT to Stevie Brown]
[Tressel grabs him by the neck]
Pryor: OW!
Tressel: Don't make a bad read!
Pryor: OW!
Tressel: Stop acting like a fucking retard.
Pryor: UH-OH!
[Pulls out red play book and writes in it]
Tressel: What are you writing?... What the fuck is this? "Serious Injury List"? *Serious* injury list? Are you fucking kidding me?
Pryor: Number eighteen in 2008, Jim Tressel squeezed and pulled and hurt my neck in 2008.
Tressel: Squeezed and pulled and hurt your neck in 2008?

ESPN Likes some Midnight Maize.

I am still in shock and isn't a big deal at all but I was linked to ESPN from the noon round up. I really have to thank Brain at Mgoblog for posting the picture.
Here is the link to the Big Ten Lunch links. Adam Rittenberg of espn.com really liked the picture.

This picture made me want to dust off the old NES. Good stuff.

Also this from the comments section.

Haha, Tate "Little Mac" Forcier. One thing though, wouldn't he have needed to beat the other "B10 Boxers" to have gotten to that metaphorical "last level"?

I am glad people get a kick out of what I do. I feel it is such a simple thing that maybe anyone could do it. I am just glad to give Michigan fans a few chuckles when there isn't much to be happy about. The funny thing is that I didn't think much of the picture I made. I felt I have done much better. I was wrong. Now that football season is almost over it will be sad not to have anything to draw. I always challenge myself to top the previous week and now I can just relax a bit. I do plan on hitting the hard wood once I get a bit of a break.

I hope people are enjoying the OSU week pieces. I spent the last two weeks working on them. To think this all started with me making a mock of what the Big House would look like in 2025. It's been fun this year. Even if the team has been disappointing.

There will be a live blog tomorrow at midnight 12:00am est. I may have one Friday too if possible. I really wanna get some good numbers since its the last big game. I hope to see you all there.

OSUBUSTERS(Wednesday MS Paint)

Anyone gonna go see the newest OSUBUSTERS this weekend? Starts Saturday at 12:00pm. All Theaters.

No one thought the Ghostbusters could do it.

Tate Forcier's Punch Out(Tuesday's OSU ms paint)

I know I have done the punch out before but it just made so much sense to merge Pryor with Tyson. Also like in punch out, Tyson is one hard mother. Same will be for the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday. This years theme has to be the underdog story. It's all we got. Believe in Michigan.. GO BLUE.

Midnight Maize Issue 39

Tate and Pryiath (Monday OSU MS Paint)

Note: I will be posting a MS paint for everyday of the week for OSU week.

The Ohio State army had gathered for war against Michigan. The two armies faced each other, camped for battle on opposite sides of a Big House. A Ohio State giant measuring over six feet and six inches tall and wearing full armor came out each day for forty days, mocking and challenging Michigan to fight. His name was Pryiath. Rod, the King of Michigan, and the whole army were terrified of Pryiath.
One day Tate, the youngest son of Michael Forcier, was sent to the battle lines by his father to bring back news of his brothers. Tate was probably just a teenager at the time. While there, Tate heard Pryiath shouting his daily defiance and he saw the great fear stirred within the men of Michigan. Tate responded, "Who is this uncircumcised Ohio State QB that he should defy the armies of God?"

So Tate volunteered to fight Pryiath. It took some persuasion, but Rod finally agreed to let Tate fight against the giant. Dressed in his simple Blue Jersey, carrying his play book, Football and a pouch full of stones, Tate approached Pryiath. The giant cursed at him, hurling threats and insults. Pryiath yelled out: "Everyone does -- kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me."

Tate said to the Ohio State imbecile, "You come against me with sword and spear and football, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Michigan, whom you have defied ... today I will give the carcasses of the Ohio State army to the birds of the air ... and the whole world will know that there is a God in Michigan ... it is not by football or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord's, and he will give all of you into our hands."

As Pryiath moved in for the kill, Tate reached into his play book and slung one of his footballs at Pryiath's head. Finding a hole in the armor, the football sank into the giant's forehead and he fell face down on the field. Tate then took Pryiath's sword, killed him and then cut off his head. When the Ohio State saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran back to Columbus. So the Michigan pursued, chasing and killing them and plundering the Shoe.

Anything is possible Michigan. GO BLUE!

Live Blog tonight also!
I would also like to credit Michael Bailey for this great idea!

Midnight Maize Issue 38

Midnight Maize Issue 37

Midnight Maize Issue 36

Midnight Maize Issue 35

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