ESPN Likes some Midnight Maize.

I am still in shock and isn't a big deal at all but I was linked to ESPN from the noon round up. I really have to thank Brain at Mgoblog for posting the picture.
Here is the link to the Big Ten Lunch links. Adam Rittenberg of really liked the picture.

This picture made me want to dust off the old NES. Good stuff.

Also this from the comments section.

Haha, Tate "Little Mac" Forcier. One thing though, wouldn't he have needed to beat the other "B10 Boxers" to have gotten to that metaphorical "last level"?

I am glad people get a kick out of what I do. I feel it is such a simple thing that maybe anyone could do it. I am just glad to give Michigan fans a few chuckles when there isn't much to be happy about. The funny thing is that I didn't think much of the picture I made. I felt I have done much better. I was wrong. Now that football season is almost over it will be sad not to have anything to draw. I always challenge myself to top the previous week and now I can just relax a bit. I do plan on hitting the hard wood once I get a bit of a break.

I hope people are enjoying the OSU week pieces. I spent the last two weeks working on them. To think this all started with me making a mock of what the Big House would look like in 2025. It's been fun this year. Even if the team has been disappointing.

There will be a live blog tomorrow at midnight 12:00am est. I may have one Friday too if possible. I really wanna get some good numbers since its the last big game. I hope to see you all there.

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