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Thoughts at the end of the week.

Kill Ohio

Is it extreme? Yeah so what? Is it for the weak? Hell no. Its Ohio State week. I don't wanna beat them. I wanna kill,pillaged and dismember them. I am sick of the last 7 years.. Sick of the last 3 years. Its time to take back what is ours. I want our team to go out and hit them hard. So hard that heads pop off. As I scream at every kick off of every Michigan game "rip off their fucking heads!" I want this to happen. This game is for RVB,Mike Martin,Hemingway and all the other guys that have went to hell and back for Michigan. Its their time. As they say on MGBLOG... "When you're on... You're really fucking on"...This team is ON. KILL OHIO.

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Michigan-Nebraska Game Visitor List

Tomorrow afternoon, 18 Michigan will host 16 Nebraska at the Big House. This is one of Michigans toughest opponents that they will have to face all year. Michigan will also be visited by many 2012 & 2013 recruiting class commitments and prospects that will be in attendance.

Here is the confirmed list of visitors for the game:
2012 OL commit Caleb Stacey
2012 TE commit AJ Williams
2012 DE commit Mario Ojemudia
2012 TE commit Devin Funchess
2012 LB commit Kaleb Ringer
2012 RB commit Drake Johnson
2012 DB commit Allen Gant
2012 LB commit Joe Bolden (most likely will be there)
2012 DB commit Anthony Standifer 2012 K preferred walk on Kenny Allen
2012 WR preferred walk on Bo Dever
2012 OL Dan Gibbs
2012 RB Juwan Lewis
2012 RB Bri'onte Dunn
2013 QB commit Shane Morris
2013 DB commit Dymonte Thomas 2013 OL Kyle Bosch - pretty big deal that he's coming back for another visit. He now has an offer
2013 RB Deveon Smith (most likely will be there).
2013 DE Luke Maclean
2013 LB Karon Poole
2013 DB Jayme Thompson - says he will also be up at Michigan tomorrow (Tuesday) to take a tour.
2013 OL Poet Thomas
2013 RB Berkley Edwards - Braylon's brother
2013 OL Riley Norman - Will be there with his coach
2013 ATH Jalyn Powell
2013 OL Logan Tuley-Tillman
2013 WR Laquon Treadwell - Says he should be able to make it
2013 DE Matt Miller - Jack Millers brother.
2013 DE Elijah Daniel 6-4/230 Avon IN
2013 OL Nick Chappell 6-5/275 Fenton MI.
2013 OG Shaquon McWilson 6-3/290 Campbell OH

The Nebraska Nihilists

I'm not even sure why Bo Pelini and the Nebraska Nihilists are even making the trip. I mean they believe in nothing. Why would this game matter? I think they play to just spread the word of Nihilism and Bo's band Autobahn.

Maybe he busted in on Hoke while in a bath and promised to cut off his "Chonson" on Saturday? "Sit Deeznard or vee will cut off your CHONSON! Ja, und maybe vee stamp on it und skvush it, Hoke!"
As long as Bo Pelini doesn't star in a Jackie Tree Horn movie named "LogJammin in Nebraska" and stays away from Hoke's "chonson" then I have no issue with him as a Nihilists. 
On a off topic note I did hear Bo's cousin was Big Z. Not sure if they are on speaking terms but interesting none the less.

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Michigan vs. Illinois

Best Michigan basketball shirt ever..

I miss the 90s. The crazy pants and shirts were awesome and sometimes speechless. I was bumming around EBAY and found this. I would love to wear this to a Michigan basketball game. All the WTF looks would be amazing. How does this rag tag company get the OK to use the Michigan Logo? Must have been cheap back in the day.

Midnight Maize 363

Zook You!

I am still shocked that as of 2011 Ron Zook still has a job in the Big Ten. I will say the guy is a fun watch. I hope Michigan plays a Zooks them up.

He is also fun to google image search too..

Midnight Maize 362

We Remember Joepa in MS Paint Form

Joepa and Penn State have been used in a few MS Paints on this blog. I figure we might as well dig them up and recall the memories. I am not going to get into the whole PSU topic since I don't think my views will change the world or make this terrible situation better. Thanks for the memories Joe.

2009 PSU vs UM game. I really thought Michigan had a chance in this game. It was a giant wake up call. Our defense is a joke and not full of T-800s with living tissue over the endoskeletons.

Last year I thought the 2010 PSU team was a mess and we would win. Well it turns out I was wrong. Dark days are indeed ahead for PSU.
After the 2010 defeat I saw the writitng on the wall. Rich had just been beat by a elder man and he would soon be fired from Michigan. The PSU game was "that game" for me. This how the game looked to me in bar brawl form.

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Midnight Maize 360

Pick a door Lloyd

Some may have forgotten but Lloyd Carr took some heat back during the 2009 Michigan vs Iowa game. Leach was not happy..
“I saw an article that said Lloyd Carr was at the game in Iowa,” Leach told WTKA-AM (1050). “… No. 1, whose ticket did he go on? Whose private box was he sitting in, and whose university staff was in the box with him?
“As far as I’m concerned, as a former player that loves this program, I love our head coach, I love what they’re trying to do — our ex-coach flipped a huge middle finger right in our current coach’s face.”
Carr couldn’t be reached, and Michigan spokesman David Ablauf declined to comment on Leach’s comments.
 Do I think it is a big deal? No not really but it isn't good either. I just started reading Three and Out and even in the first 10 chapters my faith in Carr has slipped a bit. Carr had a great chance to become a Bo figure and support Rich through those tough years and tell anyone who is not doing so to shut their mouth and support the team no matter what. Instead he went into hiding. Never to been seen around the team or the Big House. He refused to back Rich. He let other former players run a muck on the team and Rich Rod. For a guy who preaches being a leader he lacked big time on all fronts of leading Michigan in a time of need.

Does him sitting with a bunch of Iowa dudes have much to do with this? No not really but it shows a lack of respect for Michigan. He showed enough of that while sending off a former fat player to Ohio State. So Lloyd? Gonna sit with some Iowa hacks or sit with your Michigan Peeps? Now that Rich is gone. Hell, maybe you just won't go. Be invisible is easier anyway these days.

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