We Remember Joepa in MS Paint Form

Joepa and Penn State have been used in a few MS Paints on this blog. I figure we might as well dig them up and recall the memories. I am not going to get into the whole PSU topic since I don't think my views will change the world or make this terrible situation better. Thanks for the memories Joe.

2009 PSU vs UM game. I really thought Michigan had a chance in this game. It was a giant wake up call. Our defense is a joke and not full of T-800s with living tissue over the endoskeletons.

Last year I thought the 2010 PSU team was a mess and we would win. Well it turns out I was wrong. Dark days are indeed ahead for PSU.
After the 2010 defeat I saw the writitng on the wall. Rich had just been beat by a elder man and he would soon be fired from Michigan. The PSU game was "that game" for me. This how the game looked to me in bar brawl form.

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