Midnight Maize Issue 10

Live Blog tonight and new art

Tonight I will be having a live blog so if anyone wants to voice about all the bullshit coming out of the freep. Please drop by and talk about how pissed you are and how you wanna rip off Rosenberg's head. I will also show off some new art. Maybe people will get some joy out of it and get a break from practice gate. I also am working on some new MS art that does include Mr.Rosenberg. I just can't help myself. See you tonight 12:00am.

Mgoblog visits the future.

Brian at Mgoblog posted my art of my 2025 big house. It's an honor for my art to show up on such a great blog. Check out Brian's post and the thread where the 2025 big house lives. I also just finished my lastest MS Michigan paint. I will let it out next week I am guessing. I will be back with a live blog Sunday night, Monday morning at 12:00am.

Midnight Maize Issue 9

Big House 2025

With all the HD Jumbo screen talk(and with my boring 3rd shift) over at Mgoblog, I figured I would draw it using my awesome skills. Now every one can see it. The future of the Big House. Around 2025 I am guessing. I did remove the one press box so you could see the field, so just pretend it's there. I also added seats above the HD screens and on top of the press box. Bringing the total seating to 125,000. In the year 2025 we will have be playing night games and using Maize jersey's. Welcome to the future! Great Scott!

Feel free to use it as a background for your desktop.

Midnight Maize Issue 8

Midnight Maize Issue 7

Midnight Maize Issue 6

Midnight Maize Issue 5

Much work to do!

I just have to much work tonight. So no Live blog but I will be back Friday(Saturday morning) night at 12am. So I hope to see someone.. Anyone! GO BLUE!

Midnight Maize Issue 5

Midnight Maize Issue 4

I just want to thank all who showed up to the last live blog during the BTN practice. I hope to see you all again. Thanks.

Midnight Maize Issue 3

Midnight Maize Issue 2

Midnight Maize Issue 1

But wait theres more!

Now you can have your very own Tom Brady! Yes thats right you put him in the living room,the bath room and even the bed room. He stands tall in the pocket throwing a TD wearing the Maize and Blue. Here's how to order!

I gotta pose this question, would this figure even be released if Tom Brady didn't go on to win super bowls? No, his UM career wasn't off the charts and he pretty much made his name in the NFL. At UM it seemed like everyone was on the Henson wagon. I will pick this up but I always feel like Tom Brady is more of an NFL icon then he will ever be at UM. No matter how much we love him "now".

Momma said these shoes would take me anywhere!

I stumbled on these bad boys. I might buy them.. Well only wear them on game day. I will admit that they are not awful(like the buckeye version). I am bit confused.... How does Nike have the the right to make these magic UM shoes? Here are a few facts(not many).

Yesterday we presented to you the OSU Nike Blazer High which is part of an upcoming College Football Helmet pack. Today we feature a pair of Nike Vandals which are also part of the College Football Helmet pack. Inspired by the rivals of the Ohio State Buckeys these Nike Vandals carry a design on the upper taken straight from the Michigan Wolverines helmets and uniforms.

The Michigan Wolverines Nike Vandals feature an upper constructed from mostly patent leather in blue and yellow, with a touch of dark blue suede on the toe-box, ankle strap and lace panels. The Nike Swoosh is finished in some sort of transcluent mesh material and the midsole is 100% white with a blue outsole. Lastly the number 72 was added to the ankle strap in yellow.

We dont have an extact release date for these or the Ohio State Nike Blazers but they are expected to hit retailers around the 3rd quarter of the year during the Fall 2009 season. Stay tuned for further updates.

Link to article.

And now for some ugly!

Late Night Maize

I wanna welcome all late night fans to Midnight Maize. I happen to work 3rd shift and have a lot of free time on my hands. I will have live blogs most nights where anyone can come talk some Maize with me. I will post a few things here and there(game reviews) but most of it will be live blogs on my 3rd shift. I will start most live blogs at 11-11:30pm est until whenever or 2am if no one is around.

Been a UM fan my whole life and I like going by internet alias so I choose The Shredder since I grew up watching TMNT and his helmet makes one bad ass Winged helmet. My first live blog will be Wed Aug 12th at 11:30pm est. All Michigan and football fans are welcomed to join. Hope to see all you late nighters. GO BLUE!

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