Momma said these shoes would take me anywhere!

I stumbled on these bad boys. I might buy them.. Well only wear them on game day. I will admit that they are not awful(like the buckeye version). I am bit confused.... How does Nike have the the right to make these magic UM shoes? Here are a few facts(not many).

Yesterday we presented to you the OSU Nike Blazer High which is part of an upcoming College Football Helmet pack. Today we feature a pair of Nike Vandals which are also part of the College Football Helmet pack. Inspired by the rivals of the Ohio State Buckeys these Nike Vandals carry a design on the upper taken straight from the Michigan Wolverines helmets and uniforms.

The Michigan Wolverines Nike Vandals feature an upper constructed from mostly patent leather in blue and yellow, with a touch of dark blue suede on the toe-box, ankle strap and lace panels. The Nike Swoosh is finished in some sort of transcluent mesh material and the midsole is 100% white with a blue outsole. Lastly the number 72 was added to the ankle strap in yellow.

We dont have an extact release date for these or the Ohio State Nike Blazers but they are expected to hit retailers around the 3rd quarter of the year during the Fall 2009 season. Stay tuned for further updates.

Link to article.

And now for some ugly!

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