Midnight Crazy?

The Last few Midnight Maize's have been a bit out there. We have had a few themes. Star Wars,Big Lebowski and Wild Animals. Last night there was no theme but we had Jen(Mgojen) from Mgoblog board drop and was a bit drunk. All the UM football talk turns into crazy talk and hit's a feverish pitch when user bouje shows and goes head to head with Jen over lots of issues but lot them having to do with women. If you wanna check it out read the last Midnight Maize live blog. I will be back Wednesday with another live blog. Here are a few of the great names over the past few live blogs..

Star Wars
Darth SCSdious
imperial stormtripper
Lupe Skywalker
Boren the Hutt
Admiral Yakbar
Darth Shredder

Big Lebowski
The Shredder Abides
The Big Fiasco
Irish and his marmot
Tenpin tater

The Wild
The Shredder Liger
drama llama
TTUwolverine Manbearpig
Irish LepreCat

Midnight Maize 47

Midnight Maize in the wild! 46

Midnight Maize abides 45

Midnight Maize 44

Do you dare to Rush the court?

Midnight Maize 43(Star Wars Theme)

Star Wars Handles please tonight!

Midnight Maize 42

What ever happened to the Captain of the SS Troy?

I could have swore that if you are a Captain of a very large and famous ship you are suppose to go down with it. It's like an honor.. Right? Not so for Captain Carroll who was saved by the Sea Hawk helicopter. Captain Carroll let his crew and players go down into the cold dark water. They were all devoured by viscous NCAA Sanctions.

Can you believe that another company hired Captain Carroll to lead the Sea Hawk ship?

HD VERSION http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m32/RTA24/sshollywoodtroy-2.jpg

Back to the Blog

Well back after my little break. I will have a live blog at midnight on Thursday night/Friday Morning starting at Midnight as always.

I took the kids to the basketball game(NW) and the kids loved it. Thanks to Simon,Shawn and Scott from donating tickets to the kids. They had a blast even though UM lost. I was gonna take a picture of the kids standing in front of the court but I was told by work that we can't shoot pictures of the kids unless they are on campus. I did get a few game shots but I couldn't include the kids. Once again thanks to all who gave. It was awesome to see the kids go crazy during the game.

I do have a small story from the game. As we got into the game we lost 13 year old Angus. He got so excited when he saw the court he ran into the arena while we were still getting our tickets scanned. I found him at halftime sitting down close to the floor in a random seat eating nacho's and cheese..lol He didn't want to move.

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