Who needs a Drink 34?

Shredder's Mad Juice Thoughts

Wow.. That was fun.

-If you can't score from the one with four tries than you deserve to lose.
-Minor one carry in those four tries? Maybe Kevin Grady anyone?
-Packed it in.
-6 wins will be tough.
-I have backed RR for a long time. It's starting to be shaken a bit.
-Idiots calling for RR to be fired are just that.. IDIOTS! You want to send us
back to the stone age?
-Total lack of heart.
-No leaders on the field besides Graham.
-Two blocked punt from Graham and two back to back fumbles after the block in two
-We fumble more than punt.
-Oline is ahh bad? eh.. Horrible?
-Devin will get a real shot next year(sorry red shirt lovers).
-Maybe 2010 is a bit quick. More like 2011+?
-We are not much better than last year.
-If only Roundtree was faster.
-Who needs a drink?
-Is it basketball season yet(wow did I just say that?)?

Live blog tonight 12am est.

Happy Halloween

Sorry about the lack of live blogs as of late. I have been very busy at work.
I will have a live blog tonight at 12am est. I hope we all have good things to
talk about. I feel the Blue will get this one. GO BLUE! Have a good Halloween.

Midnight Maize Issue 33

Shredder's Mad Penn State Thoughts

What a train wreak.

-In all honesty we should have seen this coming after the Indi game. That game
was a sign that we were a 6-7 win team.
-More Minor please.
-Less TE TDs please.
-More TE catches please.. Koger.
-Speaking of Koger.. The drops are becoming a alarming.
-Put in Drob when he can succeed or mix him for one snap. Hoping he bails you out
with some magic play isn't gonna work.
-Brown's fumble was the nail.
-I have always been a fan of Shaw and in mind should pass Brown on the chart.
-Tate is who he is. He frosh who isn't used to the cold weather.
-The safty drive said a lot about the whole day.
-Why spike it again?
-Obi was benched.. says a lot.
-Next weeks Illi game is huge. We either pack it in or go bowling.

Live Blog tonight at 12am est. Come vent with me.

% Game

Back with the % Game. Last week I hit it on the head that Mike Cox would have a nice run. See how I do this week.

68% Chance Tate plays the whole game.

35% Chance Michael Shaw starts taking carries away from Minor and Brown.

55% Chance the D-line can get to Clark 3+ times.

9% Chance Drob throws a TD.

88% Chance Minor goes all RAGE on PSU.

100% chance Lloyd Carr will be in the Michigan box.

The Sackinator

Opening this Saturday! Starring Brandon Graham! Brandon Graham is a sacking DE cyborg sent back from the future to sack and destroy his target Daryll Clark. Coming to a Big House near you.

Notes and such

-I will not have a live blog again until Saturday night/Sunday morning. Try and make it out for the live blog to talk about.. A Michigan win?

-I have gotten some emails about any new art for this week or going forward. The anwser is yes and yes. This weeks movie will be "Sackinator". I have been working like a fool on OSU week. I plan on having a picture for everyday leading up to "The Game".

-Thanks to all who come out to the blogs. I also want to thank Mgoblog for being a spring board for much of my traffic and late night live bloggers.

-The poll question is posed to see what the masses prefer. My mixed in MS paints(with real pictures from movies and video games) or my free hands? I really like adding to pop culture such as movies and games but it seems over at Mgoblog the art that makes the most noise is the free hands. I just wanna know what people like.

-Final poll for who should have played the final down vs Iowa was Tate with 19 votes and coming in 2nd was Drob with 15. A bit closer than I would have thought but you just gotta play Tate Richy! He's one clutch mother. I told you so Hulk.

Midnight Maize Issue 32

Midnight Maize Issue 31

Midnight Maize Issue 30

The Shredders Happy DSU Thoughts

Well they were who we thought they were.

-My prediction was correct about Mike Cox(see my % game).
-V.Smith looked Mike Hartish.. Slow but great vision.
-I still love Michael Shaw.
-There will be a hell of a battle next year for the starting super back.
-Denard proved me wrong and did not throw an INT and hit WR when open.
-The D did it's job
-The 4th string held their own.
-Why did DSU punt so much? Just goooooo!
-I wonder how much the DSU coach was getting paid per hour?
-What would the score be if Carr was still the coach?
-Graham looked great...as he should.
-Love me some block punts.
-Love me some Corner.. wait.
-Tate looked cold.
-New record for total yards(741?)

Side Note: Zack Novak can dunk!!!

% Game

Here are a few chances to show how much I don't know.

61% Chance that Denard throws a INT vs DSU. I see him getting a lot of reps this week and his lack of understand and polish will lead to a INT. I hope not but this is a great learning game.

49% Chance Mike Cox has another impressive run in clean up duty. I think the kid has more talent than his depth chart rank says.

68% Chance that Michael Shaw runs for at least 60 yards this Saturday.

71% Chance Nick Sheridan throws a TD. He will see some reps in the 4th for sure.

10% Chance Tate plays more than one quarter.

11% Chance Denard throws a TD. He try's like hell to make me wrong.

89% Chance Denard runs in a TD. This about as close as 100% as it gets.

Midnight Maize Issue 29

Hate! Hate! Hate!

I got out the old hate-o-meter to see who fans are hating on at this point in time.

1.Boubacar Cissoko
Still sitting at number 1. I think after being suspended until further notice just
throws more gas on the fire for Boo. Weather it's grades,attitude,performance or whatever he needs to step up big time. I think it maybe a combo of all those mentioned above and basically from what I understand he needs to get his head out of his ass. Good luck Boo, I will be rooting for you to pull through and not throw in the towel. We need you buddy.

2.Rich Rod
I think he took his first heat from the true fan base who supports him 100%. Even Brian at MGOBLOG had a "WTF" with pulling Forcier on the final drive as did I. We both have had RR back since he has been in AA. I said it after the game and I say it now. YOU PLAY REGGIE MILLER WITH THE LAST SHOT OF THE GAME! I think RR can get off this list quick with a win vs PSU which is looking more and more likely. For the record I got your back Rich.

3.Obi Ezeh
Obi has dropped down on the hate-0-meter but still has a long way to go on the field. He isn't there yet but hasn't been making the mistakes he was earlier in the year. He maybe off this list by the end of the season. I hope..

4.Mike Williams
Safety has not been a strong part for Michigan in about 8-10 years. Not much has changed. Mike struggled a lot playing Iowa. He gave u a 3rd and 24 and was burned on the TE 1997 UM money play twice. I just chalking this up to a bad game and hope the young player can get his Mojo back. Stonum fell off this list fast and Mike can too.

Midnight Maize Issue 28

Midnight Maize Issue 27

Shredder's Mad Iowa Thoughts

-We beat Iowa without 5 TOs(duh!)
-The bootleg! WATCH OUT!
-The D is coming around.
-3RD AND 25? AHHH!
-Warren is a stud.
-Brandon was a 1st half nightmare.
-Tate can't play these games like video games(just throw it up!)
-I love me some old school power I.
-I love me some Minor when he doesn't fumble.
-Kevin Grady is a team player.
-Big hits all night
-Zoltan punted like a mo fucker.
-2008 team showed it's ugly head tonight(TO wise).
-Butch's kid can play CB.
-Iowa isn't the 12th best team.
-We can beat PSU
-I love RR but the benching of Tate was dumb. Do you bench Bird or Jordan? Yes I know it happened to Manny!
-We are still on pace for the season we expected.
-I love this team

The Triforcier

I got a new Wallpaper for you Tate/Zelda fans. I figure why not combine one of the greatest games of all time with a time less hero who keeps becoming more clutch/legend each week. If he becomes anything close to Link than we will have a true winner on our hands.

HD Wallpaper version: http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m32/RTA24/zeldatate.jpg

Midnight Maize Issue 26

Midnight Maize Issue 25

Midnight Maize Issue 24

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