The Shredders Happy DSU Thoughts

Well they were who we thought they were.

-My prediction was correct about Mike Cox(see my % game).
-V.Smith looked Mike Hartish.. Slow but great vision.
-I still love Michael Shaw.
-There will be a hell of a battle next year for the starting super back.
-Denard proved me wrong and did not throw an INT and hit WR when open.
-The D did it's job
-The 4th string held their own.
-Why did DSU punt so much? Just goooooo!
-I wonder how much the DSU coach was getting paid per hour?
-What would the score be if Carr was still the coach?
-Graham looked he should.
-Love me some block punts.
-Love me some Corner.. wait.
-Tate looked cold.
-New record for total yards(741?)

Side Note: Zack Novak can dunk!!!

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