% Game

Here are a few chances to show how much I don't know.

61% Chance that Denard throws a INT vs DSU. I see him getting a lot of reps this week and his lack of understand and polish will lead to a INT. I hope not but this is a great learning game.

49% Chance Mike Cox has another impressive run in clean up duty. I think the kid has more talent than his depth chart rank says.

68% Chance that Michael Shaw runs for at least 60 yards this Saturday.

71% Chance Nick Sheridan throws a TD. He will see some reps in the 4th for sure.

10% Chance Tate plays more than one quarter.

11% Chance Denard throws a TD. He try's like hell to make me wrong.

89% Chance Denard runs in a TD. This about as close as 100% as it gets.

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