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Live Blogs Alive!

Just when I thought live blogs were gonna be extinct.. Shredder finds a way. I can't get into how but I got the Internet at work but begging may or may not have been involved. So Live Blogs will continue tomorrow. Here is what the schedule looks like.

All Start at 12am on the night of...(Thursday night.. Not Wednesday Morning.)
Sunday:Taking Krang to church
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: OFF
Thursday: 12am-2am
Friday: 12am-2am
Saturday: 12am-2am

Hope to see you all there tomorrow.

Recruiting site news
-Still looking for a expert
-Will be asking some local blogs if they wanna jump to MM
-Cross your fingers.

Michigan Preview at CFZ

This is the 2nd year I did the Michigan preview over at CFZ. I want to thank them for having me and thinking my opinion is worth something.

He is doing his best "Texas" impression in this 2012 class. Sucking up every talented Michigan high school player and has a whopping 16 commits right now. I think Michigan had 3 or 4 at this point last year. The midwest is loaded this year and he is cleaning house. Also grabbing kids from Ohio and one from Cal. He has left Michigan State in the dust in the recruiting race which is something RR struggled with or at least came out even with. 
Just a taste. Head over and read the rest.

I will now return back to my Casey Anthony trial on TruTV.

Bad Luck or Michigan God?

I have been simply amazed how Hoke has come to Michigan and the sky seems a bit brighter. The city seems a bit cleaner. Everyone has a jump in their step. Michigan basketball and Hockey turn their seasons into success..Whats going on? When Rich Rod was in town it rained for days. Bums laid outside the Big House. First born children were being taken in the night. Dogs and cats living together..

So did Rich Rod just have the worst luck ever or did the Gods not agree with the Michigan and Rich Rod marriage? This topic has been pretty interesting to me since I have blogged through hell(like everyone else) and been a part of the lowest of the low in Michigan football history. How could one man have the luck RR had? I know he brought a fare share on himself. There is no denying that. The defense was a mess due to his lack of care but the bad luck or gods... or whatever didn't help his cause.

At the moment Hoke sits on top of a thrown made of the best cheese in town and is grabbing recruits left and right. The press he has received has been nothing but glowing. OSU is either gonna get blown to the Moon or to Mars by the NCAA. Things couldn't be better for Hoke and Co.

Lets take a look at some of important events(not in order, randomly listed) for both.

Rich Rodriguez
-Freep digs and finds Michigan may have practiced wayyyyyy to much. Former players sound off(the ones that couldn't cut it). Freep takes current players comments out of context.
-Michigan and the NCAA find that Michigan may have stretched wrong(by not counting that toward the hours of practice). Even though this very minor the deed has been done. Michigan is put on probation.
-Rich Rod has messy divorce from WVU.
-Michigan Loses to Toledo some how(I saw it from row A..ugh).
-Corner hating god strikes Justin Turner and he becomes lazy and does nothing all off season and gains 11 pounds. The "next Woodson" with the Michigan Tat on his arm leaves the team for WVU... He then quits there too and now plays for the Irish... ahhh no.. Not That Irish. Notre Dame of Ohio..NAIA... I think.
-Tressel continues to get away with Murder.
-2009 season ends with a thud as Michigan misses another bowl year.
-Rich Rod opens the 08 season with a walk on QB.. at Michigan!
-Sam Mcguffie transfers
-David Molk goes down
-UMASS almost fires Rich Rod on 9-18-2011
-Tate Foricer is a giant pain in the ass(sorry Jen).
-Greg Robinson uses a teddy bear on the sideline to motivate grown men and has Michigan fans hitting rock bottom.
-Greg Robinson picks his nose.
-Corner Hating God shows no mercy and Boubacar Cissoko is sent to the other Big House for robbing taxis and pizza boys.
-Corner Hating God has now gone crazy and blows T-Wolfs ankle out of the state of Michigan.
-Corner Hating God loves watching Rich Rod cry as JT Floyd is lose for the season.
-Corner/Recruiting/All other schools God says there is no way in Hell "O lets do it" will be getting into school.
-Pryor beats RR and Michigan with out even sweating. Pryor is given Scrooge Mcducks Money Vault.
-Rich Rod gets desperate and pulls a awkward Josh Groban song and has all join hands.... Ok not bad luck but still.
-Brandon Minor is hurt... All the time.
-Mike Martin's ankles hate him.
-Basketball team sucks and chokes away the entire 2009 season.
I have to be forgetting more....

Brady Hoke
-Get labeled "Michigan Man"... Yay.
-Hokemaniacs run wild!
-Hires former Ravens DC... I mean it can't get much better then that.
-Sells toughness and finger pointing and the fans eat it up.
-Starts going all Texas on the State of Michigan. Gets all top prospects to commit early.
-2013 QB Morris commits. May be a giant stud.
-Jim Tressel is exposed in Tat scandal.
-SI and NCAA go after the NCAA
-Jim Tressel is fired.. or I mean quits. The start of the OSU melt down is on.
-NCAA goes after Pryor.
-Pryor leaves school as the most hated Buckeye ever.
-OSU now waits to be blown to the Moon or Mars by the NCAA.
-OSU Kyle Kalis decommits from OSU. Is now looking at Michigan seriously
-OSU commit Bri'onte Dunn is a shaky at best commit. Michigan has a chance at stealing him.
-Michigan basketball makes a nice run to close the season
-Michigan Hockey loses in the finals in OT. Still a great year.

I know its early in his coaching career at Michigan and he has yet to coach a game but his luck/god whatever has been amazing. OSU falls, Pryor leaves and commits are knocking his door down. While Rich had a former 5-Star DB just quitting football, local witch hunts and everything else under the sun to deal with.

This isn't meant to be a feel sorry post for Rich Rod but damn the dude didn't make all the right choices but to go along with that had the worst luck in the world or it was the Michigan Gods doing. Couldn't catch a break. Other men would have crumbled and jumped off a cliff.

I think Hoke is gonna do a good job. Even if he struggles a bit this year and eats some of the thrown of cheese. He's laying the foundation for a team that will be balanced and physically capable with competing for big ten titles.

Death Star almost complete

Been working pretty hard on the Midnight Maize over haul. Also getting the first 2011 MS Paint ready for Monday(or Tuesday).

New features
-Midnight Maize Classics
-MS Paint section with my entire collection and reader MS Paints
-Michigan youtubes
-Recruiting, still working out the kinks on this.(lots of them)
-A tell all bio on myself with tales of lies and deceit!(not really)
-Easier to read blog
-Working on and thinking about launching a possible message board.

Live Blogs are still on the chopping block until internet is restored to me at work.

Not all things are up and working. Only the MS Paint link works. The rest will take you to my bulls blog. I will work the rest of the kinks out by Monday I hope... Any feedback is welcomed.


EDIT: Also we now have a mobile version of the site. So if you access MM from the phone it should be easier to load.
-Also let me know if any issues come up with the MS Paint pictures. Not loading, wrong picture loading ect.

Under Construction

Cue 90s gif

Project Overhaul Midnight Maize

Well its been a while and for a few reason.
1.Baby Evan has taken over my life(for the good!) and it makes it pretty much impossible to blog at home. He demands me at all hours.
2.My internet at work has been swiped from me. I am in a battle to get it back(so far I am losing the battle).
3.Bulls played out of their minds this NBA season and I focused on that blog.

Now the NBA season is over and I am now getting into Michigan Football mode. I plan to redesign the whole site. A new fresh look. As of right now I using my Evo to hot spot me some internet but the service is weak at work for whatever reason(great service all over besides at work...blast you Sprint!). So it may take a while as doing things will take time with less then great internet speeds. If I get time at home and I can go faster but we will see.

I have gotten a few emails asking about any future art and I haven't done much. Again I did some Bulls ones but nothing for Michigan football. I will be getting to a few as the season draws closer.

I may go solo this year as well. I got great help from my friends last year who did some great things. But we have all gone our own ways this off season. This isn't a given but its something I am looking at. I still "heart" you all.

So that is where I am right now. Midnight Maize is on life support right now(if anyone cares)

If you don't want Midnight Maize to die then please clap your hands people! come on clap clap clap! Midnight Maize is built just like tinker bell.

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