Death Star almost complete

Been working pretty hard on the Midnight Maize over haul. Also getting the first 2011 MS Paint ready for Monday(or Tuesday).

New features
-Midnight Maize Classics
-MS Paint section with my entire collection and reader MS Paints
-Michigan youtubes
-Recruiting, still working out the kinks on this.(lots of them)
-A tell all bio on myself with tales of lies and deceit!(not really)
-Easier to read blog
-Working on and thinking about launching a possible message board.

Live Blogs are still on the chopping block until internet is restored to me at work.

Not all things are up and working. Only the MS Paint link works. The rest will take you to my bulls blog. I will work the rest of the kinks out by Monday I hope... Any feedback is welcomed.


EDIT: Also we now have a mobile version of the site. So if you access MM from the phone it should be easier to load.
-Also let me know if any issues come up with the MS Paint pictures. Not loading, wrong picture loading ect.

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