Mini Scouting Report:Devin Booker

Last weekend I got a chance to watch Devin Book play three games at the GRCC team camp. Take this report with the smallest grains of salt since it was only three games.

Let me just say the kids size is great. He looked a legit 6'4 and has room to grow. I could easily see his frame finish at 6'5-6'6. He looks the part of a major 5 star prospect. He came late to the event. The competition was alright with East Kentwood(huge school) and some other nice size schools there.

+He is just smooth. Handling the ball is just easy for him. Has a great stride when he runs. Can get to the hoop in very few dribbles.
+He pull up going to his right was great. He seemed most comfortable in his shot going right. Never saw him try and go to left and pull up.
+Vision was outstanding. Found people open all day. Was never selfish. His basketball IQ was great that he would never take a terrible shot and hit the open man. A lot of great high school players take bad shots since they think there always the best option. Even when a player is open. Booker didn't show any of that. He just made the right basketball play.
+Went to the post, didn't have the dominate the ball. Would also play off the wing. Willing to play anywhere on the court.
-Standing jump shot. Didn't make a lot of three balls. Seems like a better shooter off the dribble.
-Post game. He would be in the short corner or in the high post and couldn't convert. BUT I will say he made great back to the basket moves to get a good look. Just couldn't convert(not that he would post up in a coach B system).
-Shoot more. At times he would pass up open looks to drive or find others. Had a Lebron feeling to him that he would rather get others going first. Not always a bad thing but at times its a great open look. Not sure his shot is there yet and just goes back to him wanting to slash more because of it.

+Showed great lateral quickness on smaller players. There was a smaller PG that talked junk to him and all of a sudden he went into lock down mode. The kid pretty much couldn't dribble with out losing it and he was a decent senior PG. He also helped on defense by taking a few shots out of the air on layups. He seem to take pride in defense. He wasn't just waiting to get back to the offensive side.
-A big kid had his way in the post a few times on him but had a lot of weight on him. I doubt that would happen a whole lot in the B10.

+Windmill dunk with ease.
+Beat a kid back on defense who had a free layup to only wipe it out into the stands(at a summer camp..Shows he hates to lose)
+Picked a pocket for a easy two handed slam.

-Talked to much crap for my liking. When he made a great play he made sure to let the defender know about it. Yes you will be playing at Duke or Michigan next year. That kid will be taking Math 101 at GRCC.. You should score. He show great confidence which is good but would cross the line at times for no reason.

He looks like an elite guy. He will be a huge get for Michigan if they can reel him in. Lets hope they do. He spent most his free time with Drake Harris if that means anything.

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