Project Overhaul Midnight Maize

Well its been a while and for a few reason.
1.Baby Evan has taken over my life(for the good!) and it makes it pretty much impossible to blog at home. He demands me at all hours.
2.My internet at work has been swiped from me. I am in a battle to get it back(so far I am losing the battle).
3.Bulls played out of their minds this NBA season and I focused on that blog.

Now the NBA season is over and I am now getting into Michigan Football mode. I plan to redesign the whole site. A new fresh look. As of right now I using my Evo to hot spot me some internet but the service is weak at work for whatever reason(great service all over besides at work...blast you Sprint!). So it may take a while as doing things will take time with less then great internet speeds. If I get time at home and I can go faster but we will see.

I have gotten a few emails asking about any future art and I haven't done much. Again I did some Bulls ones but nothing for Michigan football. I will be getting to a few as the season draws closer.

I may go solo this year as well. I got great help from my friends last year who did some great things. But we have all gone our own ways this off season. This isn't a given but its something I am looking at. I still "heart" you all.

So that is where I am right now. Midnight Maize is on life support right now(if anyone cares)

If you don't want Midnight Maize to die then please clap your hands people! come on clap clap clap! Midnight Maize is built just like tinker bell.

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  1. MidMichWolverine says:

    Clap, clap, clap CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!.....hope the new MM is up and humming along soon Shredder!

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