Notes and such

-I will not have a live blog again until Saturday night/Sunday morning. Try and make it out for the live blog to talk about.. A Michigan win?

-I have gotten some emails about any new art for this week or going forward. The anwser is yes and yes. This weeks movie will be "Sackinator". I have been working like a fool on OSU week. I plan on having a picture for everyday leading up to "The Game".

-Thanks to all who come out to the blogs. I also want to thank Mgoblog for being a spring board for much of my traffic and late night live bloggers.

-The poll question is posed to see what the masses prefer. My mixed in MS paints(with real pictures from movies and video games) or my free hands? I really like adding to pop culture such as movies and games but it seems over at Mgoblog the art that makes the most noise is the free hands. I just wanna know what people like.

-Final poll for who should have played the final down vs Iowa was Tate with 19 votes and coming in 2nd was Drob with 15. A bit closer than I would have thought but you just gotta play Tate Richy! He's one clutch mother. I told you so Hulk.

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