Shredder's Mad Penn State Thoughts

What a train wreak.

-In all honesty we should have seen this coming after the Indi game. That game
was a sign that we were a 6-7 win team.
-More Minor please.
-Less TE TDs please.
-More TE catches please.. Koger.
-Speaking of Koger.. The drops are becoming a alarming.
-Put in Drob when he can succeed or mix him for one snap. Hoping he bails you out
with some magic play isn't gonna work.
-Brown's fumble was the nail.
-I have always been a fan of Shaw and in mind should pass Brown on the chart.
-Tate is who he is. He frosh who isn't used to the cold weather.
-The safty drive said a lot about the whole day.
-Why spike it again?
-Obi was benched.. says a lot.
-Next weeks Illi game is huge. We either pack it in or go bowling.

Live Blog tonight at 12am est. Come vent with me.

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