Shredder's Mad Juice Thoughts

Wow.. That was fun.

-If you can't score from the one with four tries than you deserve to lose.
-Minor one carry in those four tries? Maybe Kevin Grady anyone?
-Packed it in.
-6 wins will be tough.
-I have backed RR for a long time. It's starting to be shaken a bit.
-Idiots calling for RR to be fired are just that.. IDIOTS! You want to send us
back to the stone age?
-Total lack of heart.
-No leaders on the field besides Graham.
-Two blocked punt from Graham and two back to back fumbles after the block in two
-We fumble more than punt.
-Oline is ahh bad? eh.. Horrible?
-Devin will get a real shot next year(sorry red shirt lovers).
-Maybe 2010 is a bit quick. More like 2011+?
-We are not much better than last year.
-If only Roundtree was faster.
-Who needs a drink?
-Is it basketball season yet(wow did I just say that?)?

Live blog tonight 12am est.

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