Shredder's Mad Iowa Thoughts

-We beat Iowa without 5 TOs(duh!)
-The bootleg! WATCH OUT!
-The D is coming around.
-3RD AND 25? AHHH!
-Warren is a stud.
-Brandon was a 1st half nightmare.
-Tate can't play these games like video games(just throw it up!)
-I love me some old school power I.
-I love me some Minor when he doesn't fumble.
-Kevin Grady is a team player.
-Big hits all night
-Zoltan punted like a mo fucker.
-2008 team showed it's ugly head tonight(TO wise).
-Butch's kid can play CB.
-Iowa isn't the 12th best team.
-We can beat PSU
-I love RR but the benching of Tate was dumb. Do you bench Bird or Jordan? Yes I know it happened to Manny!
-We are still on pace for the season we expected.
-I love this team

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