Big House 2025

With all the HD Jumbo screen talk(and with my boring 3rd shift) over at Mgoblog, I figured I would draw it using my awesome skills. Now every one can see it. The future of the Big House. Around 2025 I am guessing. I did remove the one press box so you could see the field, so just pretend it's there. I also added seats above the HD screens and on top of the press box. Bringing the total seating to 125,000. In the year 2025 we will have be playing night games and using Maize jersey's. Welcome to the future! Great Scott!

Feel free to use it as a background for your desktop.

2 Response to "Big House 2025"

  1. CGC says:

    Hey man not sure if you are aware of the WLA but most nights there are some regulars over there talking football (well...sometimes football..must times dick jokes). Anyway, you should try posting a link to your CiL over on UniScorn their commenting system....I'd bet you get some CiL participates that way.

    Thanks for the tip. I just don't like trying to hawk other peoples traffic. I may give it a go. Thanks again.

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