Kill Ohio

Is it extreme? Yeah so what? Is it for the weak? Hell no. Its Ohio State week. I don't wanna beat them. I wanna kill,pillaged and dismember them. I am sick of the last 7 years.. Sick of the last 3 years. Its time to take back what is ours. I want our team to go out and hit them hard. So hard that heads pop off. As I scream at every kick off of every Michigan game "rip off their fucking heads!" I want this to happen. This game is for RVB,Mike Martin,Hemingway and all the other guys that have went to hell and back for Michigan. Its their time. As they say on MGBLOG... "When you're on... You're really fucking on"...This team is ON. KILL OHIO.

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  1. hahaha I think that the depiction is a little 12+ hahaha but I find it too funny! :D

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