Pick a door Lloyd

Some may have forgotten but Lloyd Carr took some heat back during the 2009 Michigan vs Iowa game. Leach was not happy..
“I saw an article that said Lloyd Carr was at the game in Iowa,” Leach told WTKA-AM (1050). “… No. 1, whose ticket did he go on? Whose private box was he sitting in, and whose university staff was in the box with him?
“As far as I’m concerned, as a former player that loves this program, I love our head coach, I love what they’re trying to do — our ex-coach flipped a huge middle finger right in our current coach’s face.”
Carr couldn’t be reached, and Michigan spokesman David Ablauf declined to comment on Leach’s comments.
 Do I think it is a big deal? No not really but it isn't good either. I just started reading Three and Out and even in the first 10 chapters my faith in Carr has slipped a bit. Carr had a great chance to become a Bo figure and support Rich through those tough years and tell anyone who is not doing so to shut their mouth and support the team no matter what. Instead he went into hiding. Never to been seen around the team or the Big House. He refused to back Rich. He let other former players run a muck on the team and Rich Rod. For a guy who preaches being a leader he lacked big time on all fronts of leading Michigan in a time of need.

Does him sitting with a bunch of Iowa dudes have much to do with this? No not really but it shows a lack of respect for Michigan. He showed enough of that while sending off a former fat player to Ohio State. So Lloyd? Gonna sit with some Iowa hacks or sit with your Michigan Peeps? Now that Rich is gone. Hell, maybe you just won't go. Be invisible is easier anyway these days.

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