The Nebraska Nihilists

I'm not even sure why Bo Pelini and the Nebraska Nihilists are even making the trip. I mean they believe in nothing. Why would this game matter? I think they play to just spread the word of Nihilism and Bo's band Autobahn.

Maybe he busted in on Hoke while in a bath and promised to cut off his "Chonson" on Saturday? "Sit Deeznard or vee will cut off your CHONSON! Ja, und maybe vee stamp on it und skvush it, Hoke!"
As long as Bo Pelini doesn't star in a Jackie Tree Horn movie named "LogJammin in Nebraska" and stays away from Hoke's "chonson" then I have no issue with him as a Nihilists. 
On a off topic note I did hear Bo's cousin was Big Z. Not sure if they are on speaking terms but interesting none the less.

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