Midnight Maize Art Responses

Sean over at Michigan Sports Center(Its way better than ESPN's SC) enjoyed the the last art of David Cone losing his number. Just another honor for me to mentioned on another great UM blog.

Here are a few responses from the Mgoboard about the David Cone MM art piece.

Is Shredder gonna hafta ms Paint a bitch?
please do

I took Shredder's latest masterpiece, printed it out, wrote "RichRod.Own.Shit" on it in my blood, scanned it and sent it.

I hope Denard makes it back from 1955 in time for the game.

Where'd you get the gun? LOL great work after the jihad shit this post was much needed. Don't let rosenberg see this though, that looks like a competitive race, the freep will print this as proof to the story.

david from wyoming:
I love how you labeled the fire.

A Case of Blue:
You may just be giving LSUfreek a run for his money, my friend.
Also, Cone looks like a duck, which might explain a lot.

Seriously that Feagin/gun joke literally made me LOL and wake my fiance up from deep sleep.

I fucking love you.
That is all.
EPromise: I will personally up-vote every single one of your comments from now until I forget, even if said comment is a naked picture of my grandmother.

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