Assumptions full of wow

I was wondering around through my "Internet Highway!" links. I found this little gem where people make assumptions about "The shredder" and people "go out of there way for me?".... Hmmm lets dig a bit deeper. I will shoot through some of these comments and help answer and show how when you just assume you end up looking like an imbecile.

CiL up at The Shredder's blog. I like the dude, but if you want to crash it with the funny but nice, here you go...

CPS4Maize | 09.06.09 - 1:12:23 a.m. EDT

Please do come "crash".

Also: don't crash the shredder's liveblogs. I feel bad for that dude. He works nights and clearly doesn't have enough work to keep him busy.

Or he's a lazy asshole. Either way, I feel bad for anyone who works the third shift.

$am | 09.06.09 - 1:32:21 a.m. EDT |

Well $am to clarify I am not a "Lazy asshole". I work for a non-profit company that houses kids who are in between their crappy homes and foster care. Like the middle man. My job at night is to ensure saftey by keeping crazy parents off the campus along with paper work that goes along with each child. I do love my job. I do have down time like anyone who works these hours.

Holy shit. The Shredder's a grown-ass man with kids. I thought he was younger than me working at a convenience store or some shit.

$am | 09.06.09 - 1:33:45 a.m. EDT

Am I grown ass man? Yes I am 25. Do I have kids? No.

The fact that someone who may very well be 30+ gave us that mspaint majesty puts a smile on my face

$am | 09.06.09 - 1:34:20 a.m. EDT | #

Not 30 yet, but I do enjoy MSpaint.

I feel bad for Shredder, he reminds me of a lot of people I know. I go out of my way to be nice to him.

Brodie | | 09.06.09 - 1:34:44 a.m. EDT | #

This one I don't get. Why the hell would you feel bad for me? Who do I remind you of? Go out of your way? Why thank you all mighty Brodie with 2187399123 points. I don't even recall ever talking to you.

I don't take Shredder for the white trash two-kids-at-20 type.

$am | 09.06.09 - 1:35:34 a.m. EDT | #


Shredder is probably just the average lower middle class dude doing what it takes to make it in life. It seems weird against the backdrop of a board where ~60% of members are Michigan alums, but he's good people.

Brodie | | 09.06.09 - 1:38:24 a.m. EDT | #

Ahh I get it. One of those if you didn't go to UM than you must be "middle class". Did I go to UM? No. My 3.4 GPA and extra's weren't enough to get in. I ended up at WMU. Do I love UM just as much as you or any alum? Yes and even more. Well I am glad I am "good people".

I'd say The Shredder is better than most of the alums, regardless of what he's done in his life. He seems like good people.

CPS4Maize | 09.06.09 - 1:39:51 a.m. EDT | #

Thanks again.. I guess.

I really don't even know what to make of this. Are you guys like the elites of Mgoboard or WLA? I am not even pissed off just sorta bewildered, like whats the point? Maybe this post will help people learn a bit about me. You might find out I am not a 20 something middle class loser with two kids. That's the hope anyway.

I will be back Monday night/Tue morning(8th) at 12am with a live blog.

5 Response to "Assumptions full of wow"

  1. Dex says:

    your mspaint pics make my day, every time.

    Brodie says:

    Hey Shredder... I never meant my comments to be offensive. I like you a lot, you're a cool guy who posts a lot of great stuff. When I say I go out of my way to be nice to you, what I really meant was that I'll usually plus one your posts, etc. I don't look down on you or anything of the sort.

    I'm especially sorry for making it sound like you were somehow destined to be middle class if you didn't go to Michigan or imply you're not a fan. I'm not one of those people, I'm sorry that comment seemed that way.

    I really like you, I didn't mean any offense.

    Anonymous says:

    Shredder, don't take Brodie or $am seriously. They were making wild assumptions based on nothing, and neither went to Michigan, nor are official WLA writers.

    Anonymous says:

    Also, your MSPaints are freaking epic.

    Brodie says:

    I actually did go to Michigan, Shock... but yeah, don't take what I say seriously.

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