One Shreds Opinion

Well it wasn't pretty. Really it was down right nasty. Along with the weather. Maybe the spread doesn't work in nasty wet conditions with a natural crappy field? But anyway yeah it was ugly. Denard struggled for the second straight week. He had issue finding running lanes and when they did they closed quick. I'm not sure if Denard is just so banged up to the point where he has lost some burst or the O-line isn't getting to the second level but his running game has taken a step back. Passing wise he was shaky again. He once again he "FREAK OUT" moments where he just heaves the ball to the safety for a fair catch. His first INT I haven't watched yet but that didn't look much better. Denard hasn't gotten to that point where he just throws it away or... this novel idea... JUST RUN!! Denard use those magical legs that god gifted you with and run until tackled good sir!

The running backs again played alright. V.Smith had a nice day with 97 yards and a TD. He was a solid runner most the day. Doing nothing outrageous but was getting 3-4 yards on most carries. Michael Shaw took a hard hit and never saw the field again. Hopkins was pretty solid. Ran hard has always and had the winning TD to seal the game.

The WR had a alright day. Roundtree found the endzone and Hemingway moved the chains a few times but their were some drops out there. The offense has a whole just struggled most the game vs a pretty bad Purdue defense but the elements had something to do with it. I may have been the most frustrating performance this year since you knew that Michigan could just blow it open if it just did what it has done most the year and put up a lot of points. Whats the saying?  A win is a

The defense produced TOs and even scored. Than again Purdue is so mangled it almost laughable. Michigan did what they should have done. I mean Purdue was using its banged up QB has a running back... But he has some wheels. The Robinson kid was brutal and Michigan forced him into mistakes. Roh showed again why he should have been playing DE all year. He got to the QB at times and forced the fumble that Cam picked up and ran in. Cam again looked a lot better near the line and I did notice Vinopal had a few nice plays. Coming up and making tackles. He didn't ever seem out of position. Can he do is vs Wisc and OSU? ahhh I'm not sure. But the kid hasn't been awful. The D only allowed 9pts and had it best outing. Even if it was coming with a mangled Purdue team, this was a shot of confidence going into it's toughest tests. 

The Good
-Denard's 3rd down run
-V.Smith(he deserves it)
-D Line got some push for once
-Hagerup destroyed a football
-Lewan saves a drive
-Roundtree route running
-Cam to the house

The Bad
-Tate was so-so
-Obi was...ok!!!
-Shaw being knocked out
-Denard sacked?? Huh?
-O Line had it worst game

The Ugly
-Denard's pick 6
-Denard's missed tackle
-Denard's arm punt to the safety is still an issue
-Denards fumble
-Ahh he didn't play well.
-Purdue's QB Frankenstein
-Kicker? Kicker?
-Mouton and Martin still out...maybe longer?

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