One Shreds Opinion

No reason to even talk about the first half since Michigan didn't even show up. Mistakes all over the field. They looked lethargic. Liked they expected to loose. It was a poor first half. I think we only had the ball 3-4 times as Wisc just sucked clock. They were booed going into the locker room. The 2nd half was better but it was frustrating since you know the game could have been closer if we show up in the first half. Denard had his best game in some time. 300 and some yards total. Running back didn't do much. V.Smith may have been knocked out for the OSU game as he was hit in the head by a knee. It's the kind of performance that makes your piss boil.

That's how that went. On the bright side they forced a TO but on the down side they were phyiscaly dominated for the whole game. At one point it got embarrassing as Wisc didn't even try to pass the ball. I think it was 29 straight runs to end the game. That's alarming... But at the same time the UMASS game gave us a peak into the future. We couldn't stop their run game so why in the hell would we stop Wisconsin's? I mean Wisconsin is a very good team, maybe the best in the B10. They start like 20 seniors or some crazy shit but it goes to show how far off this team is. I thought we would see more four down linemen and didn't. The 3-3-5 seems to be doom vs a pro style team which seems obvious to most(besides our coaches). Even the announcers made comments about it being a tough defense to defend vs such a huge physical team like Wisconsin. They are gonna have to pull out some pure magic to make OSU punt enough for us to win. Wisconsin never punted once.

Special Teams
A giant kick in the balls most the day. Gallon fumbled again and I have been pretty light on the kid as most have been pretty tough on him but that has to be it right? Stonum came in and did his thing that we knew he could. He is a great kick returner but we saw why he hasn't been doing it. Such a high risk in getting hurt and thats what happened. His Twitter said it would be hard to keep him off the field for OSU so we will see. The on side kick was a must and great call. Michigan just couldn't come up with it.

The Good
-Denard's best game in a while
-Oline was alright
-Kovac's sack...finally a blitz!
-Mike Martin is still a beast with no ankles.

The Bad
-Need to complete a pass? Just throw it to the middle of field.
-Gallon fumbles...again
-Denard's John like tipped passes.
-To Wisc D-lineman who run the other way.
-Ugly Mouton showed up.

The Ugly
-25..26...27...28...29 running plays in a row?!?!?
-Stonum being ripped into two.
-Starting to wonder if all the 3-3-5 worry wards were right?
-Dline was taken to the wood was the whole team.
-V.Smith may be out.
-Sammy Watkins picks Clemson...
-Seniors going out that way.
-Who needs a drink?

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