A lot of people since the 246 explosion vs ILL have began to talk about the number "1" with Roy Roundtree. I figured we should look at it from a stats point to see if statistically he is up to par with Carter,Terrell and Braylon.

Seeking the "1"
Roy Roundtree

What makes him a "1"?
-Came on late in the 2009 season vs MSU. Had a game-tying TD. Went on to have 434 yards and three TDs the rest of the 2009 year.
-246 Yards and Two TDs vs ILL in a 3OT Thiller.
-Huge clutch catch on 3rd down vs ND this year to set up the winning run by Denard.
-Had 86 yards and one TD vs ND in that same game and a 10 YPC avg.
-9 catches for 118 yards vs BG
-5 catches for 126 and one TD vs Indiana and an AVG of 25.2 yards per catch.
-Like able.
-Wants the Jersey and knows its....Aura...

What doesn't make him a "1"?
-UMASS two catches for 12 yards
-During the MSU,IOWA and PSU stretch Roundtree only caught 11 passes for 73 yards and 0 TDs.
-His size, many think you may have to be a big physical wide out(closest on the roster would be Hemingway)
-Rodriguez seems to be back and forth on the number since Braylon snapped at him for handing it to JT Floyd without knowing the importance.
Edwards: I'm glad you gave me a Go Blue question because Rich Rod gave the No. 1 jersey to an incoming freshman DB and the No. 1 jersey has never been worn by anybody outside of a wide receiver," Edwards said. "It dates back to Anthony Carter, (Greg) McMurtry, Tyrone Butterfield, Derrick Alexander, David Terrell, and yours truly. So I'm going to have a talk with him about that the next time I see him.
 RR: Roy likes the No. 12 and I think he’d be good just staying in that.
But he also said
“I won’t have it as a competitive situation,” Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez said Wednesday. “It has to be someone that has earned it on and off the field. Roy has earned the right to be considered with that, and we’ll talk about that in the off-season.”
 So who knows. Roy gotta be happy that it's even a topic.

The Comparison

Now lets stack Roy up with Carter,Terrell and Edwards. All from sophomore year stats.
Of course I am jumping the gun a bit since Roy's 2010 season has yet to conclude but you can see he will be close to 60ish catches,825-900 yards receiving  and 6-8 TDs.

Through 10 games
Roy Roundtree -2010-
51 catches 725 yards with a 14.2 YPC and 5 TDs.

Anthony Carter -1980-
43 catches 844 yards with a 19.6 YPC and 8 TDs.

David Terrell -1999-
71 catches 1038 yards with a 14.6 YPC and 7 TDs

Braylon Edwards -2002-
67 catches 1035 yards with a 15.4 YPC and 10 TDs

As you can Roy has some work to so stat wise in the final three games. It's pretty amazing what Edwards and Terrell did in such a run based offense as such young players. Roy's YPC is pretty good but he lacks in the other areas. But with a big final three games he could get close to some of those numbers. For the most part Roy seems to be right there.

So is Roy the next 1?
Hard saying with Rich's back and forth comments. Going on pure play.... It's a toss up for me. On one had he has had some great clutch moments and record setting days. He also seems to be a great leader and is a good student. Seems to be great off the field from what we know. On the other hand he was no where to be seen during some of Michigan's toughest games. The three game losing streak was his worst games thus far at Michigan while some of that had to do with other things such as Denard throwing behind him during most of the MSU game. So it's not all on him but he still wasn't a factor. The whole Roy not being this big jump ball WR is pretty dumb thing to hold on the "1" since I feel he is more in the mold of the Anthony Carter. Even his stats are Carter esk.

I think there is a good chance he finishes strong and uses that Roy charm in the off season to get Rich to pull the 1 out of the closet. I will revisit this once the season is over to see if my thoughts stick.

Good Luck Roy.

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