Fan Day 2010

The wife,brother and I headed to the Big House for fan day. We got there at 11:30am and the line for Denard was long. We were at the the fence of the entrance. Little did we know that it was the Denard only line and the O-line. I thought QB line meant all QBs and O-line. Well around 12:30 I figured I would go track down a team poster and found a even longer line going out just past the fence at the other entrance. I thought this has to be the Rich Rod line. I heard some rumbling by some people in the lines that this was a Forcier and Deven Gardner line. Than a staff event confirmed this. So I moved over to the Forcier/Gardner line to get my Punch Out art signed. I was a lot farther back than I was in the Denard line. My wife and brother stayed in the Denard line so we could grab both.

The staff guy said that the cut off maybe around our part of the line. I would lose it if I waited two plus hours and was cut off. Well after being in line since 12:30pm, I finally made it to Tate Forcier and Devin Garnder around 2:45pm. My wife met Denard and the o-line around 2:30 and ran over to the WR line since she is a Roy Roundtree fan. Once I got through the QB line I saw my wife and brother waiting on the WR line. I than ran over to the closest shortest line which was the LBs. Some D-bag kid(20-21) told me he was the cut off. I said well if someone who works at the BH kicks me out than so be it but I'll wait. Of course I met all linebackers and got them to sign my poster and Roh signed my photo of him.

Tate Forcier

Tate was very nice, he even recognized my work and show Devin who was setting next to him to check it out. It was pretty flattering but I know I have Mgoblog to thank more to that than Midnight Maize. I noticed he was really flying through the people before me but when he was with me he took his time signing my art and made it nice and big.

Devin Gardner

Devin was really having a good time. He was flexing for pictures and laughing with fans. This was at almost 3:00 pm after a long day already. He's got a great personality. When I came up he said "Finally my jersey!" He asked "dude where should I sign this thing?" I picked out the spot and he even wrote "GO BLUE" next to the auto which was awesome. I planned on having it framed once I get his name on the back.

Denard Robinson

My wife and brother said he was very nice and smiled the whole time. I can't really say much since I wasn't there.

Kevin Koger

Kevin was very nice and bald. His head is massive . Webb also was nice and signed my poster.

Wide Receivers

My wife and brother were the first cut off by staff.... She flipped since she waited there about 30 mins. She begged to just let her and my brother pass but staff wouldnt allow it. She said the staff got the WR out early at around 2:50pm which sucked since she thought she would be up to them with in 5 mins and make it.


All were great, I could tell the older guys like Obi and Jonas were tired. Roh was still very nice and was happy to see a photo of him. And yes his Eye Brows are even more magical in person. They stayed until 3:10 signing extra autos which was nice.

Random thoughts

-I thought being there at 11:30am would allow me to get the QBs pretty quick but I was way wrong.
-Many said it was the busiest Fan Day ever, which says how many people support this team and RR.
-Wal-Mart Wolverines were out in full force. God bless them.
-Wish I could have made it down to the field.
-It would be nice if all the QBs were in the same spot but I get why they do it.
-Some kid had Denard sign his cell phone.
-If it's possible to not have fans pose for pictures with player that would speed things up soooo much.
-A lady in front of my wife in the Denard line had him sign a picture of "Jake Long".... She said thats all she could find at Mden. Which I find funny.
-Wasn't hot, thank god.
-My feet hurt today.
-Next year I will get WR,RB and D-Line

A few random pictures

    My Bro with Denard.


Back home after a long day in lines. Chili is happy his master his home.

5 Response to "Fan Day 2010"

  1. Other Chris says:

    Some jort-tastic fans there!

    Six Zero says:

    Authentic MS Paint love from Tate. It doesn't get any better than that. Totally convinces me that we have real players on the blog.

    Congrats on what seems like a great day, Shred.

    MidMichWolverine says:

    So was the dog REALLY that happy to see you?

    Anonymous says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    aawolve says:

    Congrats on your rapidly expanding fame, thanks for the story and pics.

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