What Doesn’t Kill You….


Michigan’s journey towards the land of greatness kicks off in about 10 days. It has been a hard road these last two years. Michigan has suffered its worst stretch ever. We have seen countless injuries, terrible losses, self imposed sanctions, it has been 6 years since we last beat Ohio State. This is a road that no one ever wants to travel down, but friends remember that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Coming into the 2010 football season, fans had modest expectations, 7 wins seemed to be the common theme. Then Troy Woolfolk fucked up his ankle, Justin Turner and Austin White decided Michigan that Michigan wasn’t the right place for them, and Tate Forcier showed up not having put in the work that was expected of him. The OMG DOOM crowd took over, and although I disagree with their sentiment, I understand it completely. However before I digress down this slippery slope of DOOM, don’t we as fans have a duty support our team, and hope for perfection? Isn’t that okay to do? This has nothing to do with drinking the Kool-Aid, and everything to do with being a passionate fan.

A while ago I predicted 9 wins for MICH this year. I am changing that prediction right now, to a 13-0 season, finishing by beating Boise State for the National Championship. If Michigan falls short of this goal, obviously I will be sad. Yet I will be so proud of these young men, who every Saturday will strap on that famous Winged Helmet and go out there and give 110%. These are 18-22 year old kids, they deserve our support and our unbridled optimism.  This team will shock and amaze people, I promise you that.

One man does not make Michigan Football. One guy is not worth 3 or 4 additional wins.  Bo Schembechler taught us that.


It is all about the Team. This young, talented Michigan football team has dealt with an awful lot of adversity these last couple of years, but let us not forget, what does not kill us makes us stronger. All of this adversity has turned these young men, into football machines. They will be stronger, faster, and more prepared than anyone they face this year, or for the rest of their lives for that matter. We should all be proud of these young men, they do this institution that we all love so much proud.

So I predict 13 wins. 13 of them, if you’re not on board with this I don’t want to talk. If we do not make this lofty goal, I will be disappointed but more than that I will be proud that these men took the field wearing that Winged Helmet and giving it their all each and every week.


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