Tasty Tidbits from Todays Scrimmage

JC ended up getting into todays scrimmage and was feeding me a few tidbits so I am here to pass them on. Enjoy they are tasty...

-Will Hagerup was booming punts. Kickers missing kicks...eh

-Fitz making guys miss, Cox looks real good.

-Austin White IS THERE. Was mistaken but JC heard he did ask to return to the team.

-Odoms,Dileo and Gallon fielding punts.

-Denard started, passing looking sharp. Devin also playing with the 1s and looks legit.

-Defense looks fast.

-Tate had some nice moments.

-Shaw had a huge TD run

-Corners are OK... I would take OK at the moment.

-Froshs playing nervous.

-Exact quote from JC "They're mixing it up(all qbs getting 1 time). Devin looks like a starter for real."

-Marvin picked off Devin

-JC is drooling over Devin the most. His man crush is evident

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